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GK 2000 (The Psychic Onion)

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Disclaimer: there will be a lot of onion puns involved in this list concept. Enter at your own risk!


Alright, here's the list idea...


Alright, so this list says censored.gif: you to including Dreadknights and most of the elements being in a brotherhood, although generally speaking you still need to be in a brotherhood to apply for tournaments, so here we are. I call this list the psychic onion for two reasons - crack razorbacks like an onion before getting to the purifiers, and prepare for the smell of the many many MW coming your way.
Plan - load the pungent elements (yes I am going overboard with the onion puns here) on the razorback, pop smoke on one, slap sanctuary on another, if in range. Paladins/Ancient/Librarian in deepstrike. Two strikes on the points, and use the redeploy through the foretelling of locus to slap the third strike squad in deepstrike as well, or according to your needs. Use the strike squad in reserves to do RoD, and take engage on all fronts and grind (as the MW spam this list can do is insane). The razorbacks are there to deal with threats such as volkite contemptors etc through lascannons/hunter-killer missiles and the paladins to take care of big threats with Kaldor. 
Combat squad both purifier squads and put the melee element in razorbacks and roll them up on to an objective mid-board, which would then be protected typically with the L shape buildings in a typical tournament format. The psycannon element stays behind where the Chaplain/Kaldor until either T1 or T2. One squad will benefit from the Kaldor CM re-rolls, the other from the litany of the chaplain to hit on 3's. In the psychic phase slap warding incantation through hector on the purifiers squad 1, and sanctuary on the other, if the razorback is too far away. Rain psychic artillery on them through purifying flame/fatal precognition. 
Now here is where the beauty of this list shines through: you have a way to gain 3CP a turn through Hector, Divination and the new phase CP refresh, so you can keep protecting the PAGK units through the untained and unbowed/transhuman/sanctuary and hector's 5+ invuln. T2 when everything is nice and close you drop the pungent onions through the Paladin Ancient and the Librarian's abilities and go to town spamming MW. Finish any distant elements off though the ranged purifiers cleansing flame/vortex and smites. Obviously, you would disembark the melee purifiers and to the same for any units threatening their points. 
In summary: this list deals a censored.gif ton of MW, nets you high CP, and is also fairly tactically flexible in how you play it. You could play it defensively, offensively or mid-board (recommended). What do we think? It's unconventional for sure, but I think it should work.

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I like the list alot, other than the character overload I think it has potential. Personally I go for paladins when I bring heavy weapons for AR and cover cheese but with the razorbacks and character saturation I guess you don't have the points. I like the way you're using the chaplain especially with all the dense terrain on the tables. The mw output should carry this list really hard but I have a hard time seeing you get up close and personal quick enough against gunlines like admech. Let me know how it works out I'm a huge fan of purifiers.

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