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2000 points Daemon Engines

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Ahoy hoy!


I'd like some C&C on my list please. It's been a while since I've played and was hoping the following list would be able to put in some work:



Outrider Detachment - Death Guard, Poxmongers


[175] Daemon Prince - hellforged sword, plague spewer, explosive outbreak

[95] Malignant Plaguecaster 


[80] 16 Poxwalkers


[205] 5 Blightlord Terminators - flail of corruption

[160] Decimator - 2 butcher cannons


[135] Foetid Bloat Drone

[135] Foetid Bloat Drone

[135] Foetid Bloat Drone

[140] Myphitic Blight-Hauler

[140] Myphitic Blight-Hauler

[140] Myphitic Blight-Hauler


[175] Plagueburst Crawler - entropy cannons, heavy slugger

[180] Defiler - reaper autocannon, twin heavy flamer



That should leave just enough room to summon up Epidemius and maximize the daemonic goodness. What powers should I give my psykers? What warlord trait(s)? Should I have the MBH in one unit of 3, or three units of 1? Advice please!

Fluff: Naval Operations of Ultramar. Also includes all known named ships for all chapters, as well as ship sizes and assorted information.

Personal: The Renegade Hobbyist. This is where I do things! Also, follow me on Twitter at @Atomic_Hamsters.

Post link for all the instances in which Reanimation Protocols doesn't activate, but should. 

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