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Just a quick and stupid question

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Kinda been out of the loop for a number of years.


Anyway, I like the new Captain with Master-Crafted Bolt Rifle model. And I like the new Heavy Intercessors. 


However, it seems that the Heavy Intercessors are five models minimum, and since they take up two slots in a transport, there is no way for the Captain to join them in a Repulsor, is it? 


I guess people prefer to footslog these days, I just like the idea of my boys having rides.




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Short of the Heavies suffering a casualty, no. Transport capacities are what they are.

Still, you could have him accompany a unit of Intercessors (assault or otherwise) or any other unit that leaves enough space left of the 10 capacity for him to fit alongside them.

But delving into those options would be deviating from rules into tactica, so discussing it should happen elsewhere.

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Eddie Orlock

Eddie Orlock


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...  there is no way for the Captain to join them in a Repulsor, is it? 

There are some provisions for understrength squads in the core rulebook that may be worth looking into depending on the competitiveness of your games.

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