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Iron Warriors 1,000 pt Zone Mortalis

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Thought I should do a ZM force as the new Dominators seem to be a perfect fit for ZM. 


Iron Warriors 1,000 points Zone Mortalis
HQ- Legion Centurion
Legion Centurion
Cataphractii Terminator Armour
Combi Melta
102 points
Heavy Support- Iron Havock Support squad
x5 Iron Havocks w/ Heavy Bolter + Shrapnel Bolts
185 points
Elite- Dominator Cohort
x5 Dominators
x5 Chainfists
x1 Multi Melta
x4 combi melta
328 points
Elite- Legion Dreadnaught Talon
Legion Dreadnaught
Plasma cannon
Replace DCCW + TLB w/ Twin linked Heavy Bolter 
(shrapnel bolts)
135 points
Troops- Legion Tactical Support squad
x5 tactical space marines
x5 Flamers
100 points
Troops- Legion Tactical Squad
x10 Legoin Tactical Space Marines
Sarge w/ power fist, Articifer Armour
150 points
1000 points
I'm hoping its a viable list as I already have most of the models and am looking forward to making the Iron Havocks, dreadnaught and Dominators. 

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Looks good, maybe some minor tweaks to consider:

  1. 5x chainfists are unnecessary in ZM (or regular games as well) on the terminators. Since terminators have two attacks each you get 6 attacks from three chainfists which is enough, statistically you will hit with 4-5 of them and they since you roll two dice you will at least glance with all those 4-5 hits (most likely penetrate) dreadnoughts in ZM to death. 4-5 chainfists is overkill and waste of the points (also consider that you might lose one or two terminators before they get into CC with vehicles. 5x chainfists might come in handy in the rare occasion you get into CC with a Leviathan.
  2. You need to get in charge range to benefit from the melta-rule of the multimelta. since the rest of the meltaguns neeed to be within 6" for melta-rule, the one shot mulitmelta will be more aligned with the bolters due range. So I'd suggest to switch out the mulitmelta to a heavy weapon that is more inline with the botlers (longer range, more dakka against infantry. You will face more infantry in ZM and therefore you will get more mileage out of dakka guns than one shot short range anti-vehicle weapons. So a reaper autocannon (or a heavy flamer) is more useful on those terminators than a multimelta (in regular 30k games armoured ceramite is quite prevalent so meltaguns is less useful than other anti-vehicle weapons (lascannons, grav, long range S8 missiles etc).

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