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End of the Year Space Marine "All Pro" Selections

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So, after another year of gaming (probably less than usual for most, due to COVID restrictions), for all the Space Marine players out there, what Astartes units make your "All Pro" roster from 2021?

My made-up, home-brewed, totally-not-official "All Pro" categories are as follows msn-wink.gif --

1 - "Defensive Player of the Year" -- Best Space Marine unit at being durable, getting/holding Objectives, and just generally not dying not matter what your opponent throws at it.

2 - "Offensive Player of the Year" -- Best Space Marine unit at reliably inflicting lots of damage on your opponent, either by melee, shooting, or psychic means (or all three)

3 - "Special teams Player of the Year" -- Best Space Marine unit at doing something besides absorbing/inflicting damage, i.e. like units that buff others, heal, or impact the game in major way without killing enemies or suriviving attacks

4 - "Rookie of the Year" -- Best Space Marine unit that was released after the start of 9th edition (i.e. all the new Primaris kits in the Indomitus box, new Storm Speeders, new Gladiator tanks, new Invaders ATVs, etc. etc.)

5 - "MVP of the Year" -- Best overall unit in the Codex!

Here are my votes:

1 - Defensive Player of the Year - Black Templar Primaris Chaplain on Bike with "Tannhauser's Bones" Relic and "Iron Resolve" WL Trait

2 - Offensive Player of the Year - Dark Angel Hellblasters with Assault Plasma Incinerators (and "Weapons of the Dark Age" Strat)

3 - Special Teams Player of the Year - White Scars Chief Apothecary with "Selfless Healer" WL Trait and "Plume of the Plains Runner" Relic

4 - Rookie of the Year -- White Scars Bladeguard Veterans (and "Fierce Rivalries" and "Strike for the Heart" Strats)

5 - MVP of the Year -- Iron Hands Redemptor Dreadnought with Macro Plasma Incinerator (and "Mercy is Weakness" and "March of the Ancients" Strats, plus "All Flesh is Weakness" WL Trait)

What about the Frater out there... what are your "2021 All Pro" votes for an Astartes army from your year of gaming?

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1. Bladeguard: My sgt told a Demon Prince to back off after his crew weathered a 10k Son mortal spam strike.

2. Vanguard Vets: I don’t play Firstborn but sadly Primaris don’t have an equivalent

3. Outrider Chaplain: Versatile as a tank or cannon and can buff

4. Assault Intercessors: My personal favorite for Raven Guard alpha strike.

5. Plasma Redemptor: Not a fan visually but there’s a reason they were in every tournament list.
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1. Stalker Intercessors. They're not that tough but everything is made if paper and they have the best track record of surviving to the turn three concession by virtue of hiding and not being much of a threat.

2. Dakka Redemptor. That thing consistently does more ranged damage than every anti-tank gun in my army.

3. Librarians. I kind of want to give this to the Redemptor for Wisdom of the Ancients but the only reason my Redemptors live long enough to do anything is Psychic Shield.

4. Gladiator Reaper, and boy isn't that a surprise.

5. Dakka Redemptor. See above.

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War of the Eagle

War of the Eagle


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1: Primaris crusaiders squad - FnP litany on them, trans human strat, and posible 5++ on a squad of 20-40wounds.
2: Gladiator Reaper - my tech marine just follows it around and it blaps units off the table. Also T8 and smoke screen stray make it survive more than it should sometimes.
3: chaplains - from shooty buffs to cqc buffs to fnp buffs I never leave home without one of some flavor.
4: Bladeguard Vets - supper tough and D2 swords make them great all rounders.
5: Redemptor dread - can do anything, enough said

Black Blow Fly

Black Blow Fly


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1. Iron Hands Intercessor squad (5 strong)… master-crafted thunderhammer and stalker bolt rifles. Versus a Thousand Son Scarab Occult Terminator unit (5 strong) they weathered an intense psychic phase shrugging off a ton of mortal wounds… followed up in the enemy shooting phase they shrugged off a lot of AP2 wounds then survived a charge from the terminators - only lost 1.5 Intercessors… sergeant then swung back and literally dusted four of the terminators. I’ll admit I burned through a lot of CP but it was key to winning the game. 

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