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New 'Dex, New List

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Dr. Clock

Dr. Clock


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  • Faction: Doom Weasels

Loving this Codex!


List 1 for Sunday:


Rusted Claw


10 CP (Leaders of the Cult and +1 Relic)


Patriarch - Warlord: +1 A and T - Mass Hypnosis, Psychic Stimulus


Primus - 9" Auras - Meticulous Planner - Amulet of Voidwyrm


Magus - enemies -1 to hit - mantle of the nomad - Might from Beyond, Mind Control


Sanctus - Rifle


20 Nephytes - Icon - 4 mining lasers


15 Neophytes - Icon - 2 Seismic Cannons


10 Neophytes - shotguns - 2 flamers - 2 heavy stubbers


15 Acolytes - Icon - 2 drills, 2 saws, 2 cutters


2x5 Acolytes - 1x5, 1x4 hand flamers


9 Stealers


10 Stealers - They Came From Below


2x Ridgerunners


4 Jackals + Incinerator quad - 2 demo charges


Goliath Truck


2x Rockgrinders (one seismic, one incinerator)



Pretty sure this is a decent mix of mass and upgrades... Wish I could afford a few more speshul weapons, but feeling like if it's not a proper horde, it's wrong.




The Good Doctor.

These are the droids we are looking for.

Dr. Clock

Dr. Clock


  • 576 posts
  • Faction: Doom Weasels



Second game;


(-) dropped 4 Stealers for MSU 3x5


(-) dropped 5 Acolytes and icon from the big unit


(-) dropped Primus


(+) added another 5 Neophytes and 2 seismic cannons (for 2x20 blobs)


(+) added a demo charge to each 5x Acolyte team


(+) added Iconward and Clamavus to make Neophytes extra sticky


(+/-) swapped some psychic powers and warlord traits; not sure extra Warlord traits that helpful here, and gave the Crouchling and Gift from Beyond a whirl.




Still solid. Enemy (Sisters) increased aggression, throwing Celestine up one flank and Canoness + Dominions + Retributors on other.


Played stand off turn 1 except for stellar contesting work from combo of bikes, Ridgerunner and seismics a) ruining the immolator on the objective and B) killing 4 Sisters down to 2 with a Reckless Demolitions charge from the bikes.


Turn 2 throttle was lackluster, only 2 of 5 units making it into combat. Only opponent's poor rolls and two clutch 4++ rolls saved Patriarch, who started munching enemy rear alongside final 10 Acolytes.


Although one Rockgrinder died instantly, the other just sat on 2 Paragon suits for three turns, even after 5 Stealers came over to give some swings... Patriarch had to double back to mid board to kill the last one in the last turn, again having to make some serious 4++ saves.


On Celestine's flank, was able to kill Celestine (the first time) and then the hand flamer Seraphim almost smoked the Neophytes over there, but seismic cannons are brutal, and Magus Smites + Ridgerunner Blast laser forced them off. Celestine then just sat on her mid-field glowering at me. I got 5 Acolytes and 5 Stealers behind that flank and murdered 10 Novitiates, but then an Inquisitor and Crusader came and slowly whittled the Stealers they. Good contest tho.


On final turn I was able to Raze one of his objectives and even though Reserved Arcoflagellants made it in to kill one of the 20xNeophytes supported by Canoness on one rear flank, I eked it out with the single Raze and a couple points on Engage and as the difference.




I feel like I need maybe just one more charge roll from Ambush here. May go to Iconward and Ambush Primus next; the Magus usually does 'something', but I think Clamavus + Iconward are sufficient support for the Neos on their own and Amulet Primus as Overwatch counter lets Patriarch at least try and get it with Psychic, which I have not yet learned to leverage fully.




The Good Doctor.

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These are the droids we are looking for.

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