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The Lockwarden

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Captain Idaho

Captain Idaho


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I've been theorising a scary Lockwarden for Shadow Keepers and I think I've come up with a dangerous build:

Cor playing around with some dirt with the Custodes...

Alarus Shield Captain:

• Shadow Keepers
• Obliteratum Relic
• Warlord Trait - Lockwarden (enemy characters can't take Invulnerable saves against his attacks)
• Victor of the Blood Games - Champion of the Imperium (6" Heroic Intervention but more importantly reroll all hits)
• Captain-Commander - Bane of Abominations (+1 wound against Monsters, Vehicles and Characters)

There is an alternative idea running in my brain of giving him Gatekeeper instead, since he can cause a lot of automatic hits on those large targets and with Salvus that is around 4 wounding hits on a vehicle a turn, but only AP-2.

The idea of this guy is to drop in with his crew and blast a vehicle with that Relic every turn. He hits on rerollable 2s and wounds on a 2+ with a reroll against characters (whom don't get their Invulnerable save).

He can follow it up with charging into combat and if in Rendax stance (which can be used as a Strategum) he can effectively wound T7 monsters and vehicles on a 2+ with a Spear! Toughness 8 he wounds on a 3+. If any of those are characters (say a Knight, Tyranid, Daemon or Primarch) he reroll wounds and ignores their Invulnerable with AP-3!

With 6 attacks in melee he is quite dangerous, especially if he shot his target on the way in. Don't forget even his Bolter will be wounding T7 on beasties on a 4+, so that's potentially an extra 4 damage available alongside a charge.

His biggest weakness is people not wanting to get into combat with him and simply moving away, but then they can't flee forever and you could still make a charge on the drop and use a Command Point Reroll.

There is another way to stop your quarry from escaping (depending on who it is) and that's to use Tanglefoot grenades! If someone wants to move away from your attack you only need to stick a single unit close enough to charge and you've move 6" plus your charge closer to all enemies anyway - there's only so much room on a board!

This build won't be breaking a tournament necessarily, but he's mean, interesting and actually quite effective in most match ups.

Edited by Captain Idaho, 16 January 2022 - 09:19 AM.

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