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Blade Champion Tactica

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Captain Idaho

Captain Idaho


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Let's pool theoretical and practical resources for using the Blade Champion in our games.

I'm a little concerned he isn't particularly competitive simply because he so slow moving and let's be honest - paying for transports that die easily can be a liability in an army already super expensive.

But I love the concept and the model is pretty cool, especially the 2 bladed version for me. That's reason enough to try and get the best out of him!

He's pretty decent in melee, getting them is the issue so perhaps paying 1CP for a deep strike option could be essential but I'm not sold on it really. To be honest I've agonised over this really since a footslogging Captain is a direct rival and moving on foot relies on a lot of factors. Aim for the objectives, I guess!

Martial Ka'tah Calistus first turn might be essential here.
To get him up the table quicker for a turn 2 charge.

Now, for escort I feel he works quite well with Sisters of Silence. They're cheaper and can provide fire support (such as Witchseekers) whilst he provides the melee power.

Cheaper numbers and will protect him somewhat from Mortal Wounds by Psykers, the Sisters/Blade Champion combo could provide a cheaper attack force in an army low in numbers.

Any other thoughts on this subject?

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