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Combat squadding Eradicators

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Just tinkering with an idea. Even with the price increases, Eradicators are still a solid source of anti-tank/monster firepower. The rise of elite infantry like Gravis, Terminators, Custodians etc mean they often have viable targets, even in lists without conventional vehicles.

Normally it is tricky to decide whether to opt for the Assault or Heavy versions. We have Keen Senses to mitigate the move-and-fire penalty but only once per turn. This got me to thinking of taking a unit of 6 Eradicators with 2 MMs and the Assault melta rifles. Then combat squad them but put both MMs in one squad. Then you have a squad that is an obvious target for keen senses and the other that is more mobile, they can even Advance and still fire if necessary.

Why do it this way? The idea of 2 MMs per squad, each of which can fire twice with no penalty when moving thanks to Total Obliteration and Keen Senses. That is 10 melta shots per turn from 3 models, pretty tasty! Is it worth the effort or is it easier to just take a 3-man squad with heavy melta rifles and 1 multimelta?
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Interesting theory hammer...never thought of combat squad and double MM together


I only take heavy eradicators.  Minimum 3 damage at long range and +4 up close is soooo good into the current meta.  


Drukhari thicc city and Crusher stampede don't like heavy melta



I buff with keen senses and chaplain stuff so 1 unit doing the work is what I prefer

My sweet spot is 4 eradicators in a squad to get nice odds of killing something (1 is a MM so I get 10 shots)

IMO 6 is overkill and combat squadding drops them below the minimum threshold I am comfortable with



Curious to hear how your experiment performs

2 MM and a heavy in 1 squad is the 10 shots I like...seems like it has potential

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Interesting tactics.

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