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The Iron Inspirit, Introduction lore post

Iron Warriors

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Iron Inspirit

Iron Inspirit


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  • Faction: Iron Warriors
Iron Inspirit Symbol True

{Inspirit}: To infuse new life or spirit into; to animate; to encourage; to invigorate.


~The Iron Inspirit, small lore summary~


The Iron Inspirit are a completely custom legion of my own creation, successors to the Iron Warriors. They are a very significant force, being over 12,000 points fully painted at time of writing, and a continual passion project of the last 2 years. They were started in the last months of 8th edition, and flourish now as quickly as I can kitbash, print, and paint. I hope such an extensive post will encourage others to share their own legions, headcannon, and model lore. I am not joking when I say this is the “small” part of the lore. I really tried to keep it to just bare details.


Legion Name: Iron Inspirit

Legion Leader: Tyrant Tarkus Tyranis

Legion Symbol: The Iron Symbol, with multiple prismatic eyes, a streak of blue crystal, and brass highlight.

Legion Colors: Old Iron with brass trim, red hazard stripes, and blue highlight.

Homeworld: Wraithion

Location: Within The Eye Of Terror

Notable Planetary Assets: :Wraithium: :Planetary Fortress 001: :Homeworld of the Iron Inspirit:

Notable Fleet Assets: The Flagship, The Gloriana Class; "In-Iron-Clad" Bombardment Battleship.

Notable Ground Assets: An STC for Legion Fellblade Chassis.

Legion Size: Grand Legion Strength + Multiple Legions.




During the Horus Heresy, the Iron Warriors Stor-Bezashk, Tarkus Tyranis, followed Perturabo throughout the Heresy. Through some of the worst horrors of the warp, to Terra, and left with his Primarch when he left the siege of Terra in disgust at what their legion was forced to become. Tarkus would be extremely effected by Perturabo's hatred of being manipulated by outside powers, and his hatred of chaotic corruption. This would persist, and form the heart of the legion once Perturabo left the Iron Cage and retreated to the warp to plan his next great siege in Midrenguard.


Post Horus Heresy, Tarkus, as with many other warsmiths during this trying time, found their legion a bitter, unfocused, chaotic place, without the leadership of their Primarch. Lord Tyranis, as he was now known, would take a small group of like minded legionnaires and renegades, who's desire for the legions glory to be returned, regardless of the galaxies perception of them. They left Midrenguard and made for the warp, with Tarkus instructing with only an Iron Warriors methodical attention to detail, the many threats of the warp, and the beings within it. As such, chaos corruption is violently snuffed out where it is found, and specific training regiments keep new and old Astarte from turning into mindless warp puppets, as so many of their kin have welcomed. Daemon Engines and warpspawn are kept very minimal, and under heavy containment if needed absolutely. [See Article on Vladmir Kushkin, and warp experimentation.]



The Legion would spend over 10,000 years raiding, growing, and consolidating power. In M34, Wraithion is discovered, a planet seemingly made of a blue crystalline substance that pervades every material and being on the planet. Massive resources are poured into research and development of this crystalline substance, now named: "Wraithium" [See Appendix: Wraithium]


M34 The Great Schism of Iron and the Second Decimation.

A civil war that erupted within the span of a single terran hour, and lasted one terran year. Upon footage and audio of Perturabo upon the Siege of Terra, where he admonished all chaotic influence upon his legion, brothers, and all chaos, and left Terra mid siege with his entire legion. When Tyranis first viewed this footage, he called the Iron Knuckles, the five warsmiths who command the legion under him for an emergency meeting, and allowed them all to view the lost, extremely private footage and information. Within minutes after, a "Order 66" level event was enacted, and all chaos corrupted individuals were systematically annihilated by the legion. 10% of the legion was lost. Only two individuals, marked by Slaanesh, and heavily corrupted, are allowed to exist within the entire legion, and any corruption that does show is quickly and violently erased. This is the Second Decimation. {{See Documents on Subject: "La'Laska", and Subject: "Faust" respectively}}


M34-Current: The Renaissance of Iron.

With Wraithion now fully under non-daemon control, Fortress 001's construction began, and would continue for 6,000 standard years (Time Unknown within the Warp). The Iron Inspirit would see a resurgence in brotherhood, recruitment, construction, raiding, art, and research and development. The Emperors Children Battleship, The UltraViolet, would be allowed to sustain orbit for use as a multi-grand theater, arena, and a great source of restricted, but expansive art and music. Astarte and mortals of sufficient rank were given a portion of their time over for personal projects, and this lead to massive orchestral works of music with alien instruments, to a single solo performance by a Daemonette, to mortal Auxilia who have formed their own bands, or styles of music.


The Legion would further expand through its raiding and deep, mutual contracts with the Dark Mechanicus, Alpha Legion, Thousand Sons, and dozens of mortal factions who seek the forced order the Iron Warriors exhibit on their surroundings, even within Chaos.


~~Fortress 001~~


Consists of a planetary and subplanetary facility made with Wraithium Resistant Material: {{Extremis Classified}} coating of no less than {{Classified}} thickness. F001 has exactly 100 wraithium "grown" support towers laced with adamantine reinforced plating and structure. These towers each reach up into lower atmosphere, and connect with Orbital Plate 001, a secondary orbital fortress 10,000 km's wide. Its mass is (10^24kg) 6.0000. The Orbital Plate, Towers, and Fortress 001 are all equipped with omnidirectional orbital defense cannons, plasma obliterators, and batteries of nuclear and wraithium liquid crystal missile silo's, providing 300% area saturation to any force attacking the surface. See Subsection 001 for details.}




The "Tyrant" Tarkus Tyranis: Always at the forefront of the assaults, and known for his oddly cheerful disposition (For an Iron Warrior). He leads with great passion and fire, preaching of Iron, and of Strength. His unwavering devotion to Perturabo's spirit of the legion has kept it somewhat stable for many millennia, and see's it through a great expansion well into the 42nd millennia.

The Iron Knuckles;

Alexander Archun: A young Astarte fleet commander who puts his heart and soul into the Iron Inspirit.

Vladmir Kushkin: The Keeper of Corruption, and Apothecary Prime on Wraithion.

Garl Vinland: A defender of Iron, and of beauty unyielding.

Koparnos: A warsmith survivor of Tallarn.

Faust: Sorcerer of Slaanesh, entombed in grey knight armor.


Discovered in M34 within the eye of terror, Wraithion seemed to have been a fully functioning imperial world, at some point. Some time in the past, due to unknown sources, it experienced, or was the epicenter of the substance now called; “Wraithium.” There are multiple city population centers, animals and plant life on Wraithion, but it is believed that the entire planet even down to its core has been converted to Wraithium. Significant research and development had to go into special materials to halt Wraithium corruption from destroying all that comes into sustained contact with it, and so Fortress 001 could begin upon the planet, where Wraithium production would be essentially infinite, as its creation is simple, due to its nature.




An highly energetic parasitic warp substance resembling a partially transparent blue crystal. Wraithium will convert most known materials [See Article 1827-Alpha Extremis Hazardous Materials] into itself, at a rate that varies depending on several factors; Material Density, Material Type, and Warp Energy within any given area. Wraithium will "grow" when reaching sufficient mass, or when sufficient mass is added to it, forming extreme spikes and points, in all instances.


Wraithium has been crafted, due to its unique material into many forms of weaponry, as detailed in extreme shorthand below:

Liquid: Extremely explosive.

Vapor: Extremely explosive.

Liquid Crystal: Much more stable explosive. Used in high yield explosives.

Gel: Controlled burn, useful in Incendiary purposes. Burns upon water as is converts water into itself as fuel.

Crystalline Plasma: Extreme Heat, longer burn than standard plasma by 15%


~~Wraithium Hazards~~


Wraithiums main hazard and environmental effect is its parasitic qualities. Wraithium residue leftover from explosives, flame weapons and crystalline plasma will seep into other materials and biological hosts through water, vapor, or direct prolonged contact with Wraithium crystal. Wraithium turning any sufficiently sized body of water into Wraithium liquid is usually a point of no return for a planetary body, as removal of Wraithium corruption once it seeps down into the planets mantle is nearly impossible. Using any high-temperature or explosive weapon will turn the gel or liquid into a vapor, or in extreme mass cases, a cataclysmic Wraithium explosion, which further spreads the corruption through the atmosphere. This characteristic is what ultimately gave Wraithium its name, and classification as an Alpha Extremis Hazardous Material. Wraithium has been theorized to have been tainted by Slaanesh influence, and offered to the legion in the warp as a cursed weapon in an attempt to convert them to the god of excess.


Wraithium, due to its relative ease of use as a weapon (When ignoring all ethical and moral issues with Scorched Earth policy, which Iron Warriors excel in) holds particular cultural significance in the legion. As such, all units within the legion don some part of their armor in the Wraithium coloration, giving the legion a drastic mark of blue in an otherwise drab legion of brass and iron.


~~Wraithium Effects on Biological Matter~~


{{Extremis Classified Information}} ~~See Tyrant for Access~~


~~Treatment of Mortals~~


The Heavy Auxilia:

Mortals in the Iron Inspirit, whether through capture in raids, or willing entrance to the legion are treated somewhat differently than in the Iron Warriors, and chaos as a whole. While the weak, ineffective and chaos maddened individuals are still used as flesh and fuel in the worst possible ways, those who are particularly driven, gifted or effective are upraised to a status of respect and a place in the Heavy Auxilia. These are the mortal storm-troopers of the Iron Inspirit, given armor, weapons, and privileges that see their lives significantly improved above the other rabble. Forces are allowed a once yearly celebration upon the UltraViolet, and one celebration upon earning Heavy Auxilia status. This has proven ~extremely~ effective in motivating mortals.


~~The UltraViolet~~


The only Emperors Children allowed within range of Wraithion, and consisting of a single battleship hollowed out to house grand cathedrals, colosseum, feasting halls and museums of art and history. Only a few shackled and controlled Emperors Children still walk its halls still, and only to keep the more exotic machinations inside working. Astarte and mortals alike are allowed upon the ship as a sort of vacation and reward, when their efficiency in the factory, accolades in battle, or large raids of resources, weapons and armor. In stark contrast to the methodical precision of Iron Warriors vessels, the ship is a constant heartbeat of music, color, food and exotic drugs. Mortals and Astarte mingle freely here, and with far less structure and regulation. Deaths due to excess happen but are within tolerance levels, and multiple countermeasures are in place to make sure no greater corruption extends outside the ship.


~~Legion Philosophy~~


The Iron Inspirit saw how paranoia, bitterness, and resentment were holding back the legions overall growth and efficiency. Tarkus in particular was heavily effected in his time with Perturabo, and seeks to heal the damage done to their Primarch through efficiency, output, and destruction. The Iron Within, and the Iron Without remain the motto of the legion, unchanged from pre-heresy, regardless of their status as traitors. Music, art, song, and other projects would see moral, teamwork, and brotherhood boosted further. See Appendix: The Renaissance of Iron for more details.


Armor: The Iron Inspirit places particular importance upon the Iron Without, here taken very literally to mean ones personal protection. Everyone, Astarte and Mortal alike in any role that may come into combat, is required and expected to fabricate, craft, modify, and improve their armor on a regular basis. The Tyrant himself wears terminator plate with extra armor plating stripped from an imperial fist dreadnought, and a cloak made of adamantine chain. Their Dour Duty, is to survive and flourish even when given the worst the universe can throw at the Iron Warriors.


~~Deniers of Chaos~~


After the Second Decimation, the legions allowance of chaos corrupted individuals was relegated to two specific individuals. A Greater Daemon of Slaanesh named La'Laska, and a Sorcerer of Slaanesh named Faust. while both are heavily corrupted, they are kept in extreme order, through force if necessary. These individuals are kept in the highest security vaults within Fortress 001 unless Faust is allowed out on patrol with normal forces. La'Laska is never to be allowed outside of Wraithion space. {{See Classified Articles 34-4560 for details on the exact natures and duties of La'Laska and Faust}} Aside these two exceptions, the legion treats corruption and any "Inefficient behavior" to the extreme, and deal with it as such. This has lead to several large scale battles on Wraithion against Daemons, though so far, it has only been against Tzeentch, and Nurgle forces. Slaanesh's opinion on the Iron Inspirit is unknown, as La'Laska coyly refuses all inquiry about her god.


~~Allies and hated foes~~


(With nearly 100 Mono-Iron Warrior battles under my belt in 9th edition, they have encountered many interesting friends and foes. The more significant forces who will be met constantly in the future are detailed below, some in their own words.)


The Thousand Sons: Magnus and Perturabo were close, and this will continue as if they are still our brothers.


The Thousand Sons: The Cabal of Twilight: A subfaction in the Thousand Sons, who the Iron Inspirit deal with on a constant basis. Most conflicts are violent, but respectful, live fire testing engagements. They are distrustful of the remaining few Slaanesh elements in the legion (Faust and The Cabal often come to blows psychically), but willing to work with them on greater projects. They acknowledge the usefulness of the Iron Inspirits overwhelming firepower and ability to shatter their enemies spirit.


Alpha Legion: Three separate Alpha Legion sects assist the Iron Inspirit with information, from equipment manifests on imperial planets, to Drukhari movement patterns. These legions are provided assistance against "hard" targets where extreme firepower displaces deception.


Imperial Fists: Unlike most of the 4th legion, the Iron Inspirit look at the Imperial fists with amused pity, and have never lost a battle against them.


The Emperors Children: Aside from The UltraViolet, the Emperors Children are treated just like World Eaters, as uncontrolled, untrustworthy dogs who have fallen forever. Fulgrims betrayal of Perturabo will never be truly forgiven.


Iron Hands: The Iron Consuls: Though they inflicted horrendous casualties upon the Iron Hands at Istvaan during the Horus Heresy, a chapter within them, The Iron Consuls, have found a begrudged respect for the Iron Inspirit, and receive such in return. Battles are sharp tests of tactical skill and heavy firepower, and they have even fought side by side with them against a Tyranid Invasion.


Dark Mechanicus: The Conclave of Arithmetica Philosi: A large Dark Mechanicus force consisting of three Ark Mechanicus who work extensively with the Iron Inspirit, and other chaotic forces. They fully embrace tech heresy, and share a part of their Forges output in return for seeing their weaponry utilized and tested with footage.


Adepta Sororitas: Order of Broken Wings ~ "Identified as splinter faction of Traitoris Extremis IVth Legion elements. Regards their grim resolve and calculated and grinding advance towards objectives with a surprised modicum of respect. This attribute identifies the Iron Inspirit as a serious and almost uniquely dangerous threat among the myriad forces of the Heretics. That cannot be allowed to propagate further as their continued existence and expansion are not only a threat to the Imperium but an abominable perversion of their once glorious purpose. Purgation on contact has been sanctioned by The High Abbess and blessed by the Ordo Hereticus. Disgust is our armor, contempt is our shield, and hatred is our sword. In the name of the Emperor, let none survive."


Tau Empire: N'Dras Collective: Encounter data has constructed thorough profiles in combat capability and force disposition. Recent voluntary expulsion of extra-planar influence evinces a higher possibility of convenience-aligned joint operations. All forces to be kept at "arms length" regardless of operational conditions. Initiate cooperation only when tactically valuable, engage in hostility only when tactically imperative or as matter of self preservation. Neither accept nor transmit any exchange or donation of technology, personnel, or materiel.


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Iron Within, Iron Without




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Don't forget to check out the Liber for the home of DIY lore and more :tu: Can we expect some pictures of your forces?

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Iron Inspirit

Iron Inspirit


  • 85 posts
  • Faction: Iron Warriors
There will absolutely be many pictures incoming, and updated as the forges continue to create engines of destruction. 

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Iron Within, Iron Without

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