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Chaos Soul: Chaos Mortal from 25k ends up in Dark Souls

Chaos Daemon Crossover Age of Strife Dark Souls Dark Age of Technology

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The world was on fire. The Galaxy suddenly found itself in strife and calamity unlike anything seen before in the last 60 Million years. This was an unrivaled catastrophe in human history.


Humans and their various warmachines fight their rebelling automations in brutal warfare from the ground to the skies and throughout local space. Various projectiles of death pierce, maim or obliterate flesh, bone, wires and metal without mercy or pause. The land bore various craters and crashed spaceships while entire forests and Hive Cities burn and gutted of life.


Worst of all are the anomalies. Tears in space, reality being altered beyond comprehension while spectral beings manifest in droves tearing man and machines apart, twisting insides with strange incantation, spreading all-killing filth or using sharp-unnatural weapons to painfully dismember their victims. Their voices echo through the battlefields and the minds of all fighting in this world.


Madness spreads throughout humanity. The humans of this world fighting desperately against the Manchines and Spectral Ghosts now turn on each other. Some have lost all sanity and started killing anything they could find, including themselves. Others are fighting alongside the ethreal beings and some of the rebelling automations, those with strange marks and deformations all over their metallic bodies.


Soon me and my fellow squadmates found out the truth. The twisted voices and strange sensations came for us, what little resistance we tried to form against the temptations easily fail. We too embraced the madness and started attacking everyone else that did not follow the truth of the Four True Gods. Thirteen of us, each Gene-enhanced Cyborgs wearing mighty Power Armor, armed with various weapons, rip and tear to show our devotion to our new patrons.


A being of Golden Light started attacking all of the followers of the Dark Gods. With simple thoughts entire hordes are ignited and burnt asunder. Over a dozen of the mightiest Chaos Daemons, Iron Men and Human Champions fly to confront the Unbeliever known as Neoth. A climatic battle ensues as they fought like blitzing lights moving faster than even cyborg eyes could perceive.


The leader of our squad convinces us to teleport and take over a nearby 'science outpost', butchering any enemy combatants or civilians in the way. A blast blowing a gigantic hole in the wall allowed us to see Neoth hovering, staring at us. Just as he was going to blow us up a dark magical blast hits him from nowhere. Manifesting from the shadows is a Daemon with grey skin, unique amongst the others.


"Belakor." The voices whispered to us. He was once a Xeno tens of millions of years ago, the first mortal to sell his soul to Chaos, first to become a Daemon Prince. And the voices promised us the similar glorious rewards once we've done the ultimate act of devotion. Some of our squadmates are confused, thinking we've taken this facility to enhance our abilities or find a way out of this world. It is then that our leader activated the experimental weapon that would annihilate the entire world and everything in it to dust.


Some of the Thirteenth refused to go along, their puny minds unable to comprehend and accept the will of the Gods. Gunfire ensues, the five of us plus our leader gunning down our former comrades instantly without hesitation. Up high above the being of light and ethreal shadow unleash. Realiizing the plan is in motion, Belakor closes in and wrestles Neoth before the weapon activates and cosigns this world into oblivion.


Everything lit up in an instance before my sight turned dark. Though near death the miracuolous Warp saved me and my true comrades and gave us the rewards we were promised. Our leader became a Daemon Prince of Undivided while my four comrades became Daemons themselves, each worshipping one of the Four. As for I, I felt untold power coursing through my veins as I quickly lost consciousness. Belakor managed to teleport out of the planet just in time while Neoth felt the full blast from the weapon, severely injuring him. He would not be an annoyance for the next couple of millenia.




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Infinite Blackness void of senses. My eyes finally opened, light and vision appears in my sight. Groggy and confused I slowly stand up and measure my surrounding. Gothic-styled concrete walls and floors everywhere, though broken and dilapidated. Sound of flowing water echoes in the area.


Checking on myself I see everything is operational. Dented and dirtied Power Armor intact and operational, energy levels still green. Weapons operational. Surprise dose of adrenaline flows through me turning my view and...


(BLAM!) The first of the attackers thrown to the wall, hole in his chest from the Rapid-Lasgun's shot. Looked human but with bare dying flesh, wielding a sword and shield. Pinpoint-rapid fire kills the rest of the horde, each killed with a single shot. As their bodies die something strange occurs.


Strange white-magical particles emerge from the dead, floating and gravitating towards him. A sixth sense he didn't realize he had awakened for the first time. He felt the lifeforce emanated from the particles coming into his body. A faint feeling of the Warp echoed in his mind, a few timid voices return telling him what needs to be done.


The Champion of the Dark Gods carves a path of carnage through the area, slashing countless foes with his Lightning Claws or blasting them asunder with his shoulder-mounted Plasma Gun or Rapid-fire Hellgun. Rooms-full of white soul particles enter his body enabling him to commune with the Warp and gain more and more blessings. Five Rings of Strength and five more of Speed are worn by his fingers increasing his power. The constant firing and clashing of blades made him unaware of the evergrowing cracks on the ground until...


CRACK! The ground breaks apart and he falls down under. Dust clouds blind his vision, slowing down his efforts to clear the rubble. Standing up he sees a giant being ready to charge. Dodging out of the way, a glancing blow struck and dented his right shoulder plate temporarily staggering him. Retaliates with a wild swing from his claw, flesh rend and blood gushes to the floor. The monster screams in pain...


Five-shot Laser burst blinds the beast, seconds bought and spend to charge his Plasma Gun for a massive shot. Large blazing light blows out of the gun and strikes the monster's chest, the monster howls its last sound as the inferno envelopes and turns it into ash. Countless souls burst from the ashes and swarm him. He finally understood what his sixth sense is.


The Dark Gods have blessed his genes with the rare Psyker mutation. Untold power courses through his veins, mutating his very body. Armor and Weapons glow with rawpower. He smiles, knowing the one final act that would reward him immortality. Teleporting to the Fire Shrine, he ignites the Fire Link and imbues the taint of Chaos in it. As an act of fealty, he offers all the White Soul Particles and Humanities he has gotten to the link to the Warp. Soon Warp Rifts open up in the Sky.


The world is consumed by Chaos, feeding and growing their power a dozen fold. The Champion becomes a Daemon Prince and leads a mighty host of Daemons to conquer the Milky Way and kill Neoth.


The Multiverse's doom has come



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