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10th edition wishlisting/"How do we fix this mess?" thread

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Oh yeah, I also want twinlinked rules back if not exactly as they were, then at the very least something like 1 extra attack per weapon, so exterminators would get 6 attacks, hydras 12, Baal preds 14, etc.

They are? Twin Heavy Bolters have 6 shots over a regular 3, for example.

It's actually another sign of the dice creep. Twin linked used to mean reroll misses, now it's double shots, so when you get easy access to rerolls you are now rerolling up to 6 dice rather than 3 for a heavy bolter.
In terms of performance, I'm not sure the efficacy of one is much better than the other - heavy 3 with full rerolls gives you reliable damage output, but heavy 6 gives you potentially higher damage output.

There's too many dice being rerolled throughout the game, and exploding sixes only compound that issue.
That, and there are too many abilities in play at any one time which can be game changing if forgotten. Forgetting to fire a unit is poor generalship, forgetting that that unit has a reroll this aura, a reroll that ability, ignores -1 to hit, gets exploding 6's, is AP-2 this turn but wasn't last turn, has a psychic power on it that does this, a litany that does that whilst the enemy unit has also debuffed it is, frankly, poor games design.
that’s two heavy bolters for 6 shots, aka 3 a per weapon. I propose a twin HB should be 8 shots
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8 shots would sure as sure justify the price of twin heavy bolters v single

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