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Army List Review Guidelines

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This area is dedicated exclusively to the review and discussion of army lists, unit configurations, and composition issues. It is our intention that this forum be open for discussion and analysis of any Marine, Inquisition, Adeptus Mechanicus or SOB army. Armies using the "Lost and the Damned" list from Codex: Eye of Terror are also allowed.

When you are trying to construct an army list, it generally isn't helpful for folks to just respond "add this and that" and provide the random sort of commentary that is often in evidence as a result. In fact, beyond being unhelpful, reading responses of this sort when you are trying hard to solve a pressing problem is downright discouraging.

To ensure that this area promotes productive discussion, we are establishing special rules for posts in this forum. These special rules will be enforced as an official addenda to the general B&C Rules posted in the Rules section of the Board. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in notices from the mods to make corrections or, in some cases, closure or deletion of the thread.

In addition to making it easy to navigate to what you would like to read, adherence to these Special Rules will make posts in this forum much more constructive and helpful to new players seeking guidance and vets that are looking for new insights and nuances of playing the armies that are discussed.

Special Rules for the Army List Review Forum include:

The Lord Giveth, but he also Taketh Away
When responding to an army list with suggestions about adding a unit, make a suggestion on where the points should come from. Nothing is more aggravating than to have folks make a good suggestion for an addition and then be faced with trying to figure out what should come out to make it happen. (On the flip side of this...if you can't think of where the points could come from, maybe the idea isn't so brilliant afterall...)

Experience is a Mentor Most Wise
If you are offering suggestions for tweaking units within an army, provide some insight into the practical experience behind your suggestion. (re: I have found 8 man assault squads to be ideal...they can take a good amount of damage...they can bring on a decent amount of fire...etc.) If you can not provide practical advice of this sort...come out and say that this is just your preference and you have no reason other than 'it just looks so cool', 'this is what I field because it is what I have', 'I have no idea why I am suggesting this, but I have been compelled to type this through the beneficent guidance of our Lord and Emperor', etc.

The Inquisition Requires Tags
To make it easier for the Inquisition to ferret out heresy, tags will be required in the subject line of posts in this forum. This will make it easy for readers to zero in on topics of interest and will keep things nice and tidy, the way the Emperor likes it.

The list of tags may evolve over time. To begin with, we will establish the following subject line tags:

Name of the army for which the list pertains. For our purposes, army names will be based off of the title of the army list as it appears in the appropriate codex or as it is listed in any special, non-codex rules (re: Index Astartes).
Example: A subject line with [Salamanders] would have a Space Marine list assembled around Salamander special rules.

Total points included in the army list.
Example: A subject line with [1500] would have a list that included up to 1500 points.

This is to help those who intend to reply to understand the type of environment or situation for which the army is intended. Since, for time being, we will assume 3rd ed. rules, this will include: RTT (Rogue Trader Tournament), GT (Grand Tournament), TOURNEY (Shop special rules that aren't GT or RTT), and FRIENDLY (Casual, non-tournament gaming).

Example: A subject line with [GT] would have a list intended for use in Grand Tournaments and one with [FRIENDLY] would be for casual games at home or local shops. This can also include the type of input that you would like to receive. The types of feedback that can be requested can include: HELP (General guidance and advice for use in intended environment), VS. <opponent> or <army type> (Guidance and advice on how to use list against specified <opponent> (NIDS, CHAOS, GUARD, ELDAR, ORKS, MARINES, etc. or <army type> (ASSAULT, HORDE/SWARM, ARMOR, etc.)
Example: A subject line with [CHAOS] would indicate that the poster wants advice on how to configure the army list to be more efficient/effective against Chaos forces and [VS. ASSAULT] would be a request for anti-assault guidance and advice.

These tags should be incorporated together in the subject line of a post to ensure that readers can zero in on what they would like to see or comment upon and that posters receive the feedback and advice that they would find most useful.

An example of combining these tags would be:
This would let anyone reading the heading know that the list in this post was a 1700 point Black Templar list assembled under the GT guidelines...and that the poster would like feedback related to engaging GT horde/swarm armies. (easy, ain't it?)

Do not violate intellectual property rights
'Intellectual Property’ is a big phrase, usually abbreviated to ‘IP’, but the concept is enforced strongly here. Respect Games Workshop’s IP rules, as posted at GW's site and repeated here. This means no posting of rules from the Codex, White Dwarf, Citadel Journal, etc., except as is reasonable for purpose of discussion.
Related to this, when posting army lists, please DO NOT post fully tree'd out army lists such as:

Imperial Death Chicken Librarian 1 5 5 4 4 2 5 4/5 9 2+  165pts
Psychic Power: Cock-a-doodle doo psychic scream; 3D6 inches; Unit taking
casualties from this power must make a morale check or fall back.
Stupidity; Imperial Death Chicken Marines THINK they can fly, but really can't. Should a stupidity roll fail, the Marine cannot shoot that turn as he is attempting to take to the skies.
Beak of Death: 10 pts Counts as a power weapon and the model can still carry
two other weapons.
Cluck of Doom: 45 pts Flamer template Str 5 Ap 4 Assault 3
Silken Feather Hood: 30 pts Model must be targeted using the night fighting rules
Red Rooster Beard: 25 pts 4+ Inv save

That, whether it be you just posting up your AB file or what you have on paper, is a bit too revealing. What we would ask that you post is something more like so:

Imperial Death Chicken Librarian: Beak of Death, Cluck of Doom, Silken Feather Hood, Red Rooster Beard: 165pts

This applies to ANY forum that you plan on posting your army list too. Better
safe than sorry here folks.
Here's a new bunch of rumors that I decided to completely make up.

If only more rumor posting people would use this disclaimer...




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You can find a free trial version of Army Builder here.
This will allow you to build a list with three units. You can register the software to get full access. Once you have downloaded it read the FAQ for information on how to download the 40k files. If you have the official IAL CD you can create army lists then import to RTF format and simply paste.

For those of you with Army Builder, if you are interested in formatting your army list easily, follow these instructions:

1) Output your army list using the XML format from AB's file menu.

2) Open the army list XML file in notepad (or other text o­nly editor - NOT WORD!) and paste the following line o­n the second line of the file:
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="http://wh40k.thatpla...marytxt.xslt"?>

Use this line instead of the previous one, there is a working file at Chaplain Desmodus' website:

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="http://flesheaters.n...mmarytxt.xml"?>

The top of your file should look something like this:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="http://wh40k.thatpla...marytxt.xslt"?>
<document signature="Army Builder XML Roster">

3) Save the XML file with this change.

4) On most Windows* systems, IE will be the default viewer for XML files, in which case just double click the file to view the output. If IE isn't the default viewer, right click the XML file and select Open With\Internet Explorer.

5) You can now copy and paste the results and share them.

* if you aren't using Windows, you will need to look to someone within your own community o­n how to best view XML through XSLT...

I don't have the GW Army List tool, so I don't have a version that will work on its XML output. If you find this useful and want to see a version for GW's tool, let me know.

Sample Output:

Space Marines: Dark Angels: 1850Pts - 60 Models
[1] [147] Grand Master Kyriel(IC): Sword of Secrets;Iron Halo;Frag Grenades;Bolt Pistol (x1);
[4] [201] Sqad SolisBolter (x3);Flamer (x1);
[1] Apothecary NestorNarthecium;Bolt Pistol (x1);Close Combat Weapon (x1);
[1] Brother ZaulTerminator Honours;Bolt Pistol (x1);Power Fist (x1);
[1] Techmarine HephaestusSignum;Auspex;Detach from Command;Storm Bolter;
[1] [58] Rhino APC: Extra Armour;Smoke Launchers;Storm Bolter;

[1] [131] Brother Crepusculum: Extra Armour;Searchlight;Dread. CC Weapon;Heavy Flamer;Plasma Cannon;

[1] [141] Brother Priscus: Extra Armour;Searchlight;Missile Launcher;Twin Lascannon;

[9] [180] Scout Squad Lunae: Bolter (x2);Sniper Rifle (x6);Autocannon (x1);
[1] Sergeant: Bolt Pistol & CCWep.;

[9] [165] Squad Martis: Bolter (x8);Plasma Cannon (x1);
[1] Sergeant: Bolter;

[4] [90] Squad Mercurii: Bolter (x3);Lascannon (x1);
[1] Sergeant: Bolter;
[1] [76] Razorback APC: Extra Armour;Searchlight;Twin Heavy Bolters;

[4] [90] Squad Saturni: Bolter (x3);Lascannon (x1);
[1] Sergeant: Bolter;
[1] [76] Razorback APC: Extra Armour;Searchlight;Twin Heavy Bolters;

Fst. Atck.(7%)
[1] [65] Land Speeder Remiges: Multi-Melta (x1);

[1] [65] Land Speeder Retrices: Multi-Melta (x1);

Hvy. Supp.(19%)
[7] [200] Devastators Mane: Bolter (x3);Missile Launcher (x4);
[1] Sergeant: Bolter;

[6] [165] Devastators Vesper: Bolter (x2);Heavy Bolter (x4);
[1] Sergeant: Bolter;
Here's a new bunch of rumors that I decided to completely make up.

If only more rumor posting people would use this disclaimer...




  • 2,724 posts
http://wh40k.thatpla...summarytxt.xslt This file can be saved to your system to make the necessary changes instead. Just link to the location on your hard drive instead of the web link.
Here's a new bunch of rumors that I decided to completely make up.

If only more rumor posting people would use this disclaimer...

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