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Create a special character for your D.I.Y chapter!

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Well like the title says really….

Here is mine:

Chapter Master Kerehien of the Angels of Bone

Perhaps the eldest living loyalist marine, Kerehien is well over three thousand years old. He has commanded the Angels of Bone in combat for two thousand of them, starting out as a scout and working his way up the ranks, serving in the seventh company during the Verdian II incident, where the major of the chapter was destroyed. Amongst his chapter he commands total and absolute respect, partly on behalf of his deeds, but mostly due to his incredible age, which in a chapter that venerates anything ancient means he is seen as a virtual god, many of the chapter devout their prayers to the emperor through him, as the original chapters do through their Primarch. He takes to the field of battle in an ornate dreadnought even older then himself, tearing the enemies of the imperium apart with the fervour of a marine a twentieth of his age.

Points: 250

Notes: May only be taken in an Angels of Bone force of at least 2000pts.

WS 5
BS 5
I 5
S 6/10
LD 10
Frontal armour: 13
Side armour: 12
Rear armour: 11

Weapons: Master-Crafted Assault Cannon, heavy flamer, Dreadnought close combat weapon, Banner of Dust, smoke launchers.

Special rules:

Rites of Battle: as space marine commander.

Archaic: Ignores any crew stunned or shaken results Kerehien sustains.

Venerable: As venerable dreadnought

Banner of Dust: This holy, ancient banner makes any Angels of Bone space marines involved in a combat Kerehien is engaged in are fearless and benefit from +1 attack, also counts as a company banner




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Well.. he seems justly priced. Though I'd change the archaic to same effect as extra armour, but that's just me. How he ended in dreadnought ? What happened to him ?




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Nothing special really, just got crunched by an ork warlord ;P

The full story will be in my IA, which is still incomplete




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Lord-Marshall Rotur Schtier - Lord of the Red Bulls Space marine Chapter.
(Chapter uses Blood Angels rules to represent the over-use of combat stimms)

Standard Master stats - but uses the rules for a Chaplian

Jump-Pack, master crafted plasma pistol, power weapon (counts as a Crozius), artificer armour, Iron Halo (counts as - it is in fact a Rosarius as he is a Chaplain)

Special Rules: Leads a unit of Taurin Guard (Death Company)

Rotur Schtier is the leader of the Red Bulls Space Marine Chapter. He is an enigma amongst the captains of the Astartes, having not been elevated to his position through exceptional leadership qualities, indeed, his mind is somewhat dulled in all matters save warfar by the extreme use of combat stimms in his early years as an Assault Marine. Instead, his meteoric rise through the ranks came about from his vicious and brutal close combat abilities, and the ability to inspire his men to greater feats of valour than many other chapter masters would be able. He is now a brooding recluse in the Fortress-Monastery, like many of this brethren, seldom leaving his quarters during the routine patrols of the Red Bulls fleet, leaving the menial and mundane tasks of running a chapter to human serfs and logic devices.

However, when combat is joined with pirates, xenos or rebellious Navy elements, miraculously Rotur appears, respendent in his silver and sapphire armour, the Red Bull bade emblazoned on his chest, massive curling horns that acts as foci for a powerful force field porjected from his back. In battle, he is a force of nature, all but unstoppable, and in a chapter which respects martial prowess above all else, his skills in pure and devestating warfare have led to the other Masters proclaiming him their Lord Marshall.

Brief background of the chapter
As a master of the Chapter tasked with guarding critical space lanes and jump points in the Fondrol Sector of Segmentum Tempestus, he is often requested by Warfleet Tempestus to aid in operations in the space and on planets in the sector. His chapter excels at close quarters ship-to-ship combat, where tactical finesse is thrown aside, to be replaced by sheer bloodthirsty violence. Amongst the planets under the influence of the Red Bulls is the Deathworld from which the Officio Assasinorium derives many of its more exotic venoms and stimulants. The use of drug therapy in the Astartes is well know, but the Red Bulls have taken this to a further degree, with their use so prevalent that the marines develop physical and psychological dependencies to these stimms.
They appear to be morose and withdrawn when encountered in the privacy of their ships or Fortress, but when deployed for battle, they often become extremely agitated and violent even before engagement with the enemy. Such marines as cannot withstand the effects of the stimms are sedated and left in reserve, but those able to overcome the side effects are grouped together to form an Elite and hard-hitting unit, the Taurin Guard. This unit lies outside of normal company hierarchy, and much like the Emperors CHapmion of the famed Black Templars, this unit varies from battle to battle. However, whilst the Black Templars choose a brother on the eve of battle who has been touched by the Emperor, the Red Bulls choose those who have been touched by madness and a belief in their own invincibillity.

(special rules amended..to fit into the rules by my esteemed colleague...:blush: )
Quote Bro Nihm:

Super fast super slick, in my regal blue spandex suit I fly - onwards towards my destiny, through the night sky!

Aurelius Rex

Aurelius Rex

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Hmmmm... OK.. :blush:

As you have probably heard me say ad infinitum in Liber, what makes a character special is not his 'special' ie arbitrary house rules, but his background and history, conversion / paintjob and perhaps the judicious use of the 'counts-as' rule to create a character that is unique, yet still legal within the confines of the codex / minidex rules.

So I am going to have to rule that any 'special' characters here must be game-legal. Show us just how original you can be within the rules, in terms of background story and wargear, because any 'illegal' characters are going to get their knees broken and deleted. :evil:

Let's see some true creativity, with Kudos and a cookie for the best. ;)

Bone Angel - would you care to enter a legal character? :P

Edited by Aurelius Rex, 06 September 2005 - 05:58 PM.

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Well its just for fun, after all it's not lega, but it's nice to just think I my chapter had a special character (like shrike for RG), it woud loook like....

I hear you tough, there is an art to representing things through legal charaters.

Aurelius Rex

Aurelius Rex

    ++ GESTORIS ++

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So... are you up to the challenge of presenting a legal special character? :blush:
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Lemme see, heres one I made earlier:

Captain Leodinus, Master of Veterans.

After his veterans squad were massacred by heavy plasma fire in the catacombs of Hexarath, Leodinus was trapped beneath a fallen girder, which crushed his arm, and pinned him to the ground. Gritting his teeth he cut his arm off at the shoulder, and wielding nothing but his power sword, went on to defeat the Khorne Demon Prince that ruled the catacombs, and after finding the last remaining survivors of his strike force, went on to cleanse the entire complex.

For his actions Leodinus was elevated to the rank of Master of Veterans, and was gifted with a master crafted Power Sword, which he now wields along side his original power weapon.

Captain Leodinus [Stats of a Master] 142pts

Terminator honours, Bolt pistol, Master crafted power weapon, Purity seals, Bionics

Special rules:

Master Swordsman - in close combat, Leodinus is a flurry of action, as he deflects blows and massacres his enemies with his two power swords. Leodinus has a 5+ invulnerable save in close combat, and always fights simultaneously with enemies in cover (counts as combat shield and frag grenades)

for more details on Leodinus, check out the Warfists section of my site, Grim Darkness




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any guy is ok if you use the codex and make your way around




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Heres another:

Chief Custodis Sinon

Librarian Sinon of the Knights Hyperian was a revolutionary member of the Knights Hyperian chapter Librarius, first amongst the extremely conservative Chapter to realise the potential psychic powers could play in the tracking down of potential chaos threats in Segmentum Solar. His finely honed abilites lead him to capture countless thousands of heretics and traitors on the many worlds of the Segmentum, and he quickly rose to the esteemed position of Chief Custodis.

Chief Custodis Sinon [stats of an Epistolary] 242pts

terminator honours, iron halo, purity seals, familiar, combi plasma, master crafted force weapon, psychic powers - fear of darkness, veil of time, eye of the Emperor, divine guidance (See below)

Special rules:

eye of the Emperor: after many years seeking out the tainted minds of the Imperiums enemies amongst even the most bustling metropolises, Sinon can sense the mind of a foe without even a thought. Sinon counts as having an Auspex.

divine guidance: Sinon is capabale of projecting a formidable psychic beacon, that can be received by any Knights Hyperian astropath. This beacon can then be used to guide the path of units wishing to deep strike from aboard the chapter's Battlebarges. Sinon counts as having a teleport homer.

more on the Knights Hyperian is at Grim Darkness.

Edited by my_name_is_tudor, 06 September 2005 - 08:12 PM.




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CHAPTER MASTER JANUS of the Elementals of Gea 167 pts

(Normal chapter master stats)

- terminator armour
- Halbred of Ares
- bionics
- purity seals


Janus is not the best fighter of the chapter. Hypwerion, the captain of the Helios (1st) company holds that honour. Janus was selected as chapter masters not by his battle prowess, but by his knack at doing the right thing at the right moment. A keen strategic skill marks him as the most acomplished chapter master of the Elementals of Gea since the distant days of Herechteus himself.

The keen battle analysis of Janus allows him to usually pinpoint accurately the location of enemy infiltrators, and to direct fire on them even before the engagement starts. The "instinct" rule is in practical terms an auspex

This master crafted halbred has been the symbol of the chapter master's rank since the founding of the chapter. It is a powerful weapon, able to slice through the most reinforced armour with ease. The custom-built bolter it has built in can also unleash a concentrated salvo of high explosive bolts once per battle.

The halbred is in game terms a master rafted lightning claw + a combi bolter-plasma gun. I simply designed it so it can be modelled as a halbred :)

Apart from that, your average chapter master.






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Lord Commander Jharn - Dark Reavers Chapter Master

fluff is here...

Standard Master charcteristics, apart from A +1 for Terminator Honours

* Storm Bolter
* Combat Shield
* Master Crafted Power Sword
* Terminator Honours
* Bionics (legs)
* Iron Halo

175pts including wargear

In addition, parts im thinking of using for him can be found at this thread

C & C very welcome!




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Nakir Munkir, Preacher of the Angel, Priest of Fratricida

Codex: SM

Stat: Lower HQ

Flail of the Punished - Ignores Armour Saves, + 2 attacks

Amulet of the Angel - confers a 4+ Invul. Save

"She Protects Us" - The unit Nakir Munkir joins becomes fearless

"Justice in Death" - Re-roll failed to wound rolls on the charge

Points - 121

I'll get onto some Chaos rules for him





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Jkaen, Chapter master of Nova Angels

Epistolary stats + term honours
Bolt pistol, Frag grenade
Helm of wisdom (counts as iron halo)
Hammer of the stars (counts as force weapon and fear the darkness)
I basically see him swinging the hammer into the ground causing tremors for FTD

Still struggling to work out how to non-physic power a hood though

Brother Sergeant Alasseo

Brother Sergeant Alasseo


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Ok, one that should seem familiar:

Epistolary Jiarranh, Keeper of the Sacred Stamp, Chief Librarian of the Knights of Kudra.

Jiarranh, already a Master of the chapter, is the current Chief Librarian, the post being passed between the senior Epistolaries of the chapter. His no-nonsense attitude and wise counsel have won him many allies in the Inner Circle, and his command of the Warp is beyond question.

He has been known to audibly sneer at those among his brethren who use ranged weaponry, commenting that even the most tenacious of beasts dies when decapitated, and that can be done perfectly well without "All that faffing-about humping unnecessary kit; especially if it explodes"
As a result of this dislike of guns, Jiarranh will march to combat armed with nothing more than two swords, simple pieces of sharpened steel, treated with lapidorontium filigree to help channel his awesome mental powers. In battle, he calls upon the legends of Kudra to summon forth a creature of terror to smite their foes. Depending on what he has been reading recently, this can vary from giant flaming whers through to a small rabbit with “boo” painted on its nose.

Away from the chaos that is war, he and the other Epistolaries strive to perfect the chapter’s records, and often serve as mere archivists for the chapter. Jiarranh himself is charged with keeping the Sacred Stamp of the Librarium, and woe betide any battle-brother who fails to return a scroll on time…

Stats: as Epistolary.

Wargear: artificer armour, close combat weapon, force weapon, psychic hood, Fury of the Ancients

Special rule: This is how it's done! Every so often, one of the Brother-Knights' comments about his disdain of firearms will bring out something in him. When one of these moods comes on him, Jiarranh will do his utmost to prove that the only weapons a warrior needs are a pair of swords, his arms blurring in a mercurially fast display of attacks. In game terms, treat Jiarranh as having the psychic power Might of Heroes, although he may never cast the power upon anyone but himself

Pts: 150

Edited by Brother Sergeant Alasseo, 07 September 2005 - 04:14 PM.

...apparently I'm a fluff buff now...




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OK. This is not something I've used, but I was tossing the idea around in my head. Then I saw this challenge, er, I mean thread, and I figured I'd throw it out there.

Hiram Drago, Imperial Dragons Cheif Librarian
Cost: 180 pts + Psychic Power

Hiram Drago (the sirname is actually a titular name, passed down to each Chief Librarian of the chapter) is the keeper of his chapter's deepest secrets. He guards the tomes of knowledge that date back to the centruies that his chapter spent trapped in the great space hulk Dante's Purchase, cut off from the light of the Emperor by warp storms, waging a ceaseless war against Chaos cultists. He is also the vessel through which, according to chapter beliefs, the Emperor speaks to the Imperial Dragons directly, in the form of prescient visions. Hiram's gift and burden is the responsibility to seek for and unravel these mysterious visions.

The Chief Librarian also carries the responsibility of maintaining anti-demon combat practices that were learned by the chapter's Librarians during their time on Dante's Purchase, as well as the artifacts that were salvaged from that vessel and turned into great weapons of war against their dark foes. These skills and weapons run far outside the realm of the Codex Teachings. As such, like much of the chapter's inner beliefs, these things are cloesly guarded secrets, brought to the battlefield only in times of great need or peril, and never used in the presence of outsiders (other than the foes they are about to strike down).

Becaus the Chief Librarian is required to train in the Chapter's ancient demon-hunting tactics, he fights quite differently on the battlefield than other Chapter Librarians. To prevent this knowledge from being lost upon his death, the Chief Librarian also trains a small number of other Librarians in these tactics. In times of dire need, Hiram can call on these trainees to accompany him in battle.

As a Grey Knight Grand Master Hero

Standard Wargear:
Terminator Armor
Storm Bolter
Psychic Hood

Special Wargear:
Draconis Blade - This ancient weapon, found aboard Dante's Purchase and psychically empowered by the spirit of the Dorian Drago, the chapter's first Chief Librarian, counts as a Force Weapon, and increases Hiram Drago's strength by +2. When fighting with the Draconis Blade, Hiram Drago may re-roll one failed to hit roll per turn. (i.e. Master-crafted Nemesis Force Weapon)

Psychic Powers:
Because Hiram Drago spends much of his psychic ability seeking visions from the Emperor, his psychic powers are less honed for battlefield use. As such, he may only select one psychic power. Due to his intense study of the Chapter's anti-demon tactics, Hiram Drago may not use powers in the Codex: Space Marines. Instead, he may select one power from Codex: Daemon Hunters. Points must be spent to buy the power, as usual.

Anti-demon Training:
Hiram Drago benefits from all the Grey Knights special rules. Because his duties as Chapter Visionary cause him to constantly probe the Warp, he often draws unwanted attention to himself and his chapter when he takes to the battlefield. As such, the Grey Knights drawback of "Demonic Infestation" is also in play when Hiram Drago is used in a battle.

Drago's Gurad:
Drago may be accompanied into battle by 3-9 of his trainees. These trainees follow the rules of Grey Knights Terminators.

Due to the secrecy of the training that Drago uses on the battlefield, an Imperial Dragons army that uses Hiram Drago may never take allies.

Separate Battlefield Duties:
Hiram Drago's unique duties keep him largely outside the Chapter's normal chain of command. As such, any army that uses Hiram Drago must field a second HQ choice.

OK. That's a whole lot of words to basically say this: use a Grety Knights hero (and the Inquisition ally rules) to create a special character with a very different flavor from your standard space marine hero.