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Crusade for Antioc - Character submission thread

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For the "Chaos Space Marine Lieutenant leading a Traitor Legion Warband" and "Corrupted Space Marine Captain leading a Company from a Renegade Chapter," if our character doesn't make the final cut to be the lieutenant/captain will we still be able to be included as a member of the warband?

Oh! One other thing: can we submit mulitple characters in case one doesn't make the cut? I really want to participate in this, and don't want to miss out becauseyou already have a Dark Angel or something.

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im sending Captian Markus of the last remaining Scythes of The emperor.

Posted Image

Posted Image

ill finish putting the fluff in later.


Sigismund Himself

Sigismund Himself


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Okay, got a picture finally :wink: First time trying to take a picture of a mini so it's not that good quality. Anyway, here it is: Posted Image




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You need chaoswarriors? We shall provide!

"Sigismund Pain looked out of the window. He could make out the forgeworld of Antioc below, with the usual smog and filth clouding the surface. He turned, gazing upon his brethren, who were again totally focused upon the gladiatorial fighting in their midst. Ah well, it was the world eater's way, he thought. He had never repainted his armour in Khorne's red, but he and his men had shed enough blood in his name to be amply rewarded by the blood god.
To the warp with it!, he thought, and threw himself between the fighting warriors. The chance for their skulls to be added to Khorne's throne would come soon enough..."

I present to you, Sigismund pain, aspiring champion of the World eaters legion.

P.S.: are axes of khorne allowed?

Edit: Sigismunds loadout: Chaos luit, MoK, Frag grenades, feel no pain, axe of khorne, furious charge. Pts: 102

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Im building a new HQ just for this event. ;)
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The Count

The Count


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Murdu, Chosen Lieutenant of the disciples of the bleeding eye sat and smiled. He had had been told that there was another chance for him to fight, to kill, he had stopped listening at that point, Khorne was strength, he cared not for details of who or where, and Murdu was like his God in that respect "Give me my axe and i will tear the Imperium down myself!" was the only phrase of any cohesion anyone could get out of him, out of all the disciples he was the most utterly insane.

In the 3rd Black Crusade a marine called Lefha had formed the disciples, and they had followed him on a crusade of conquest, but then... They had met Haggorath, the now Lord of the disciples, he had fought Lefha, it was no fight, and after he awoke after Lefha remembered nothing, he cared only for blood, and was mockingly named Murdu, the murderer, almost all the disciples worshipped Khorne, but he was the product of ultimate bloodlust...

he had but a location to go to...


Murdu is a Lt with
-Mark of Khorne
-Bolt Pistol
-Axe of Khorne
-Feel no pain
-Daemonic speed
-Daemonic visage

will get a picture when my camera works

Aurelius Rex

Aurelius Rex

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The Forces of Chaos are finally gathering as well, I see. B)

@ Luku - Considering your character's messy demise in the Legio Counterstrike AoD, I suppose 'Chosen by Fate' is an appropriate enough selection... And still taking Metal Storm, I see? How did that work out for you last time? ;) Good to have you back in the Legio.

@Aaric -

For the "Chaos Space Marine Lieutenant leading a Traitor Legion Warband" and "Corrupted Space Marine Captain leading a Company from a Renegade Chapter," if our character doesn't make the final cut to be the lieutenant/captain will we still be able to be included as a member of the warband?

Oh! One other thing: can we submit mulitple characters in case one doesn't make the cut? I really want to participate in this, and don't want to miss out becauseyou already have a Dark Angel or something.

In previous AoD's we have been in the position where we have asked (for instance) loyalists to swap sides and make up the numbers on the Chaos side. If it does become necessary, we will contact people to ask about this much closer to the end of submissions.

If you have concerns about multiple people submitting Dark Angels then there is always the option of submitting him as a Second or later Founding chapter character, or even a DIY chapter of your own creation.

On the subject of multiple character submissions I would not be in favour of this, although if you keep an eye on the submissions thread you will see if there are very hotly contested spots and can withdraw or alter your character to swap to a different character or different model completely, for instance a Dark Mechanicus if no-one has gone for that option. For book-keeping it would be easier to have one character per person. :)

Does this answer your questions? :wacko:

@PanzerSmurf -

P.S.: are axes of khorne allowed?

Yes, they are. :)
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Since this is my first AoD I thought I'd do something very different and stray away from my Imperial Fists (Shock, Gasp, Horror! ) and use a character I'd created as an enemy to my IF. since this is my first time using anything remotely Chaos, if I've not done things right someone can set me on the right path. :wacko:

Malakai Kroenen of the Iron warriors
Codex: chaos space marines.
CSM Lieutenant, Mark of chaos undivided, Terminator armour, power weapon, chainsword, daemonic mutation. (Total: 110pts)

The origins of Malakai Kroenen remain lost to all but a few, some claim he fought during the Horus Heresy others say he was turned to the dark powers many years later, his name is cursed by dozens of Space Marine chapters as well as many Eldar Craftworlds. Malakai Kroenen leads his own single mercenary Grand Company of Iron Warriors, it has mystified some Imperial historians however as to why he still carries the rank 'Captain' instead of 'Warsmith.' It is clear he is more powerful than the average Iron Warrior Lord, some say he desires no such rank since he fights for others who can meet his demands. Others whisper that beneath the 8 limb Iron Warrior's flayed skin lurks a spark of honour and that he will not accept the rank unless it is given to him by another Warsmith.
After escaping the clutches of both the Eldar and the Imperial Fists, rumors have spread that Kroenen and his Grand Company are now in service of Warmaster Tomax, as to what Kroenen is planning no one is sure, reports speculate that he may be trying once again summon the Daemon prince known as the 'Warsmith' other reports claim the Eldar are trying to prevent Kroenen from locating an artifact that will bring about his ascension. So far these claims go unconfirmed and Kroenen's intentions remain unknown.

EDIT: Better photos
Posted Image
Posted Image

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@ Luku - Considering your character's messy demise in the Legio Counterstrike AoD, I suppose 'Chosen by Fate' is an appropriate enough selection... And still taking Metal Storm, I see? How did that work out for you last time? Good to have you back in the Legio.

Hmm...good point....oh look a distraction! *Edits entry* :wacko:

Chaplain Anubis

Chaplain Anubis


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Shordaukar was one of high leaders amongst the Cult of Noise Marines. His rise amongst the ranks had been really fast, even to skilled combatant like him. Other speaked about that he was favourite of Slaanesh while other spoke about fate, none of this mattered anything to Shordaukar. As it was clear for his beginning that he had be chosen by faith to be one of Slaanesh Champions and bring glory in his name.

The memories of past faded from Shordaukars mind and he returned back to the current time. There had been again fight between his warband of Noise Cult marines and the foul servants of the Khorne but this time it had caught attention of the Warmaster Tomax Hell. So he and the Khorne leader had been summoned by Tomax. Tomax order them to keep their marines in order, because there were more important things now to handle. Shordaukar listened the whispers of Slaanesh and then promised to keep his warband under control. So did the Khorne leader, Tomax would have been propably worried in he had seen the blink in Shordaukars eye or then he allready knew. It didn't matter to Shordaukar, as long as he would live none of the foul Khorne followers would leave Antioc alive. Yes in the mist of battle, when there would be change Khorne followers would fall in the name of Slaanesh. Shordaukar walked back to the Slaanesh temple, grim smile in his face.

So let me introduce you to the:

Cult of Noise Marines Lieutenant Shordaukar
Mark of Slaanesh
Sonic Blaster
Frag Grenades
`Chosen by Fate´
98 pts total

I could have come whit more specialized equipment, but I'm limited whit my 1 box of EC's.
But I'm pretty happy to this one.
I'll bring up the pics as soon as I can. His work starts in wednesday. ;)

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IPB Image

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Lord Humongous

Lord Humongous


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Here's my entry for the side of Chaos. Hope I'm not causing trouble by submitting a character with MoK. As I play World Eaters, it all I have painted up!

Character: Hathark Spineripper, champion of Khorne
CSM Lieutenant w/ MOK, Furious Charge, Power Weapon, Close Combat Weapon, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Daemonic Speed, Daemonic Fire. (Total: 109 pts)

Posted Image

Hathark Spineripper is the cruel right hand of the Fists of Khorne warband, second only to their mighty Daemon Prince, Kolgar the Omnicide. Hathark may well be on the road to ascension himself, given his appearance, but so far remains mortal.
Hathark shows many of the traits common to his warband; bestial ferocity in combat, total disdain for the bulk of humanity and its pathetic weaknesses, and mutations and demonic gifts that allow his bare body to be used a weapon as effective as some of the finest in any armory.
Unlike many in his warband, however, Hathark has coldness to his rage. It seems he embraces the concept that "vengeance is a dish best served cold”, and he will utilize any means to destroy his foes, whether in close combat, by shooting, or though strategic means. As such, he often acts as the "diplomat" for his lord, leading a detachment of the Fists of Khorne in fights with various allies and employers.

(edited to add picture link)
(edited to adjust gear per later discussion)

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Vallejo "gory red" for the Blood God, and resin skulls for his throne! Chop! Glue! Paint!




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In a change of plan from my first idea, instead of submitting a marine from my trusted Angels of Lament, I’m going to submit one from my new DIY chapter the Doom Wolves. So with out further ado, here he is.

Halfdan sniffed the air, a clogging sickly scent almost made him gag, a low growl escaped his lips, it was the stink of chaos, if filled the night air with its stink. From his position up on the remains of an artillery building he had a clear view over the approaching squad of traitor marines, black legion marines he saw by the markings on there amour. He squatted in a crouch, his ghost wolf skin cloak flapping slightly behind him. Looking down at his repainted armour, the black of the Legio Bolter and Chainsword, he looked back to see the rest of his kill team, there armour the same colour as his apart from the right shoulder pad denoting there chapter of origin. Staring at his own, the black wolf skull on a yellow field, the symbol of the Doom Wolves, smiling to him self at the honour bestowed on him to join the hallowed Legio.

He had been given the honour of leading his own kill team once again on this campaign, he had been chosen to lead before, but every time filled his heart with pride, it was an honour to lead fellow brother space marines, let alone those of the Legio Bolter and Chainsword, he made a silent oath that he would not to let his team down.

Snapping back to reality Halfdan re-clipped his helmet and activated his vox-castor, “traitors incoming on Deltas position, six strong, request to engage Command” he spoke softly over the vox, waiting for a reply, “confirmed, request granted, give them hell Delta”, Halfdan smiled “confirmed”, relaying the message to the rest of his team behind him he prepared his weapons, he whispered to him self “fear traitors, for the wolves of doom have come”, clicking on his squad wide vox, he roared “CHARGE!” and leaped forward into battle.

His armoured boots cracked the roadway as he landed, as the first traitor marine turned Halfdan’s ancient chainsword roared and removed his head from his body, the rest of his kill team we in combat now, a marine from the Eagle warriors brought down another traitor, ramming his power sword through his chest, a Angels of Lament marine dulled another and slew him with his power axe, while a Mortifactor broke the neck of one of the last traitors, the remaining Chaos marines were cut down in quick order by to marines hailing from the Black Templars. Halfdan clicked on his vox-castor, “this is Delta to command, traitor squad destroyed, moving on to secondary objective”

Halfdan the Guided has served with the legio for the last seven decades and in that time this hardend veteran has served in and led many assault based kill teams, preferring the joys of close combat with the enemies of mankind. He hails from the Doom Wolves Chapter where he is Pack Alpha in the 3rd Clan.
Back in his home chapter he is also know as Halfdan Deaths-friend or Halfdan Spirits Brother, for it is seemed that Halfdan has been blessed with protection from an unseen power, on a number of occasions he has walked out of situations which should of certainly killed him, and is well know for openly putting himself in harms way to protect his brothers whether serving with his Doom Wolves pack or in the Legio.
Armed with an ancient chainsword forged with the teeth of a great legendary black wolf known as Dark Fang, given to him by his chapter when he was called up to the legio, he is a fearless and highly capable warrior and leader, with his prowess in combat proving his worth to the Legio time and again.

Halfdan the Guided, Pack Alpha of the 3rd Clan, Doom Wolves Chapter

Dark Fang Chainsword (counts as power weapon),
Frag Grenades,
Kraken Rounds,
Spirits brother (counts as chosen by fate)
true grit
Terminator Honours
107 points

Haldan the guided

Halfdan the guided 2

Peace :blush:

Edit: fluff, equipment and story edited

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Well, this seems like fun. I think I'll enter a captain from my DIY chapter, the Knights Angelic.

Captain Solitarius, Legatus Minor Tacetii
Posted Image
99 Points
. Power Weapon
. Bolt Pistol
. Bionics
. Combat Shield
. Frag Grenades
. Terminator Honours
. Parry

I'll get the fluff up in bit.

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...and now, for something completely different. I offer the services of...

Posted Image

Inquisitor Lukas Qin, also known as “The Dragon”, is an adherent of the Puritan faction of the Ordo Malleus. Qin recently dropped his studies with several major Collegia, where he pursued arcane and specialized medical techniques, to seek out those who knowingly corrupt the mortal form and subvert the forces of Chaos to their own misguided will.

Rumors speak of his desperate attempts to locate his daughter, Mu Li, abducted by cultists for use as a daemon vessel. It is not known what became of his daughter, but soon thereafter, reports of Qin pursuing heretics began to surface in multiple sectors.

In a recent operation in the Donevan system, Qin destroyed an embryonic cult and captured the cult leader, a Dark Apostle known as Erazimus. Although Erazimus is believed to have expired during an interrogation, a new type of servitor has been observed in close proximity to Qin and it appears to bear the head of the deceased Erazimus.

One can only wonder at the torment the creature Erazimus must experience, as he feels the backlash from the corrupt powers of Chaos, while in the unwilling service of his new master.

Weapons: Inquisitory Lord, Psycannon, Psychic Hood (Erazimus), Digital weapons (index finger on right hand), Total 100 pts


It was a simple question.

Qin leaned over the subject and whispered softly into his ear. The subject, jaw clenched in defiance, violently shook his head back and forth, spilling the pools of liquid that had collected in his now empty eye sockets. On either side of his head, discolored puddles grew with every spasm, slowly releasing their vitality down the sides of the polished metal table.

Qin's face reflected a steel calm. Under these circumstances, patience was certainly a virtue. Gracefully he stepped back and gave a swift nod with his head.

In an instant, the room exploded with tormented screams, savagely ripped from deep within the once proud man, rising in pitch until the only sound that remained was the dry rasp of someone whose vocal cords had been ripped apart and no longer remained functional. The sobs emanating from the ruined throat reminded one of something almost...reptilian.

Once again Qin stepped in, lowering himself to the remaining ear and whispered. A pause...and then the subject nodded in assent, struggling to mouth the single word that would bring release, though not redemption.

Qin waited while the subject gathered his diminishing strength and in a few moments a single word scratched its way out of the ruined throat.


Satisfied, Qin gathered up his robes and moved to the exit followed by an unnerving device floating above his right shoulder. He briefly stopped next to the figure standing in front of the control panel and tapped the servitor twice on the side of the head. He was fairly confident that the informer would not long survive a doubling of the power settings.

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Posted Image

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I hope I am doing this right. Lmk if anythign is wrong. Also I'm building/painting a new mini, for this since I have a warsmith model laying around that I'll never use in one of my armies, I figure this is a great time to build and paint him since I love the model.

Chaos Lt. Warsmith Oudo
Codex : Chaos Space Marine
- Servo-Arm
- Combi-Plasma
- Daemonic Aura
- Bionics

110 on the money.

W.I.P Picture. It's still really dirty atm, but I've only been modeling/painting for the past few hours, I couldn't help myself but get started.
Posted Image.Posted Image
Getting Closer -Time to Clean up and details.
Posted ImagePosted Image

**Im not sure if this is correct for the fluff portion, but if it is not please lmk and I'll rewrite.**

Very little is known about Lt. Oudo and his small elite band of Iron Warriors, but that may be because not many live to tell the tales of their destruction. Oudo speaking in simplest terms is a perfectionist, and is bent on achieving it personally and on the battlefield, and demands the same amount of devotion to pefection from his warband. Obsessed with perfection Oudo has replaced body part after body part with mechanical counter-parts deeming them defective or ineffecient for battle. Many believe he has gone so far in his quest for pefection that he may actually be more machine then man. This speculation is only reinforced by his silent nature only speaking when issueing orders of destruction that are followed with the utmost precision. When not in battle Oudo constantly calculates and recalculates his and his warbands next moment of destruction, never speaking a word untill action from his troops needs to be provoked. Many find his lack of heart and emotion to be terrifying, a cold calculated killing machine that has no other apparant motive other then a absurd quest for perfection, and a chance to show that perfection to anyone foolish enough to challenge it.

---More to come....

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Plague BeAst

Plague BeAst


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Excellent! I return from my sabbattical to find I'm just in time for the next AOD!

Well, it would seem churlish not to let Inihilus have another run out. Possessed and hungry for revenge, sadly minus a good deal of his sanity. I'll get to work on the fluff now. If no-one has bagged the Nurgle mark, I'd like to throw my mangy hat into the ring.

Aww looks like the post-crash recovery didn't find his "heroic" escape...

Ok, Character stats look like this:

Chaos Lieutenant, Mark of Nurgle, Daemonic Aura, Bolt Pistol, Plaguesword, Daemonic strength, frags - 107pts.

Posted Image


Inihilus strode the bridge of his commadeered ship, his new armour wheezing and moaning with each step. As he moved it flexed and flowed, tortured images fleeted across its surface. The ship he'd commandeered had undergone a similar tranformation. Bulkheads were flaking and corroded, decking stained and blistered, and in the damp foetid air growths twitched and waved.
They'd exited the last warp jump what seemed like an age ago, and at the same time the daemon that had been unwillingly bound to the ship had expired, still screaming its rage to the void. On sub-luminary engines now, the smoke wreathed sphere of Antioch crawled towards him maddeningly slowly. Inihilus's fists clenched, and his breath hissed out between gritted teeth. Turning in disgust from the main viewer and the clicking soulless servitors that fussed over it, Inihilus took his weapons out and checked them again, going over the rituals or preparation to calm himself. His sidearm was new, a parting gift from the ship's captain, whoose dessicated corpse was slumped against the chair he'd vacated unwillingly. The pistol's design was ancient, patterned with exotic bossing. The captain had used it as a carbine, but Inihilus had lovingly removed the foregrip and trigger guard. His sword was his own, orignally presented to him as a prize at the fortess monastery millenia ago by Luther himself. Now twisted with the filth and sickness that had presented to him as a prize by his new patron, it glinted as motes of dust hit the power field. Both his weapons were reminders. Memento mori. Testaments to his own failure. Lessons learned, both of them.
He had a message for Warmaster Hell, a point that was to be made forcefully. More than that, he knew the Legio were coming, and he would not fail again.


Placeholder image uploaded until I can get to my real camera, not someones phone....

Extra Fluff available here

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Imperial Cannon Fodder

Imperial Cannon Fodder


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Captain Jonathan Techer of the Cobalt Templars reporting in for the loyalists

Posted Image

He is equiped with a power fist, bolt pistol, Iron halo, bionics, frag grenades, krak grenades, and few melta bombs.
109 points I think.

Captain Jonathan Techer was born on the forge world of New Detroit where he had shown great talent in communicating with machine spirits. He would likely have become a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus had it not been for a passing Cobalt Templar strike cruiser. As it was he was seduced by the angel of death imagery surrounding the space marines and was recruited into the Cobalt Templars.

While serving in the Templars he became good friends with their former Grand Master Arthur Regalis and was swiftly, well as swiftly as these things can happen, promoted to captain of the second company. When Arthur died the arrogant, yet tactically brilliant, captain of the first company Alexius Kreigmeister replaced him. When Alex was a captain Jon could barley tolerate his arrogance, after his promotion to Grand Master he became intolerable.

When Jon heard of that the Legio was recruiting he Informed Alex of his departure, Alex’s response was simply “If it will get you away from me go and do not return.” Jon acidic retort was allegedly “If I have any say in the matter I never will.”

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Lord Humongous

Lord Humongous


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Apemantus- been meaning to say, that's a very cool looking mini. Total multi-limb madness!
Vallejo "gory red" for the Blood God, and resin skulls for his throne! Chop! Glue! Paint!




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Chaplain Camillus, Ultramarines 8th company
Posted Image

bolt pistol
crozius arcanum (pwr weapon)
rosarius (iron halo)
Jump pack
Frag gernades
total 109 pts

Chaplain camillus was recuited by the ultramarines chapter of space marines out of the gladus barracks on macragge and after his initial training in the 10th comapny where he was deployed to assist his battle brothers in purging a demonic outbreak on the shrine world of Deodatus V where his squad was accompanyed by chaplain decimus due to the high moral threat posed to the young scouts.

During the battle however camillus's scout squad was slowly picked off until only himself and decimus remained suddenly a warp gate opened in front of the two ultramarines and out stepped a demon prince from the alpha legion who roared his defiance upon the two without heasitating decimus led camillus forward chanting one of the many chapter hymn's.

Taking the fight to the foul demon prince during the ensuing battle camillus was flung clear of the fight only to wittness decimus's last act detonating his entire supply of gernades he destroyed the demon prince and sealed the warp gate however as young camillus looked for the remains of the now dead chaplain to recover the precious gene-seed alls he could locate were the chaplains crozius and rosarius and all that remained of decimus's armor his ornate deathmask helm which camillus recoved and returned to the chapter.

Upon camillus's return to the chapter he was elevated to a full battle brother and recieved training by the chapters greatest chaplains in the chapters reculusiam .
After completing his training camillus recieved his deployment orders and departed macragge with the 8th company bound to make war upon the Dark Eldar corsair's who were attacking in system towards the imperial planet Hirounious X the systems primary planet and hive world .

During the war on Hirounious X he aquitted himself admirably single handedly slaying the dark eldar lord and his incubus guards, after securing the world the 8th company recieved a distress call from Aedes V a nearby agri-world which supplyed food to the nearby sectors.

The 8th company even though weaked by their battle losses made haste to the planet.

After exiting back into real space they contunued in system and engaged in boarding actions against the traitor held monitoring station and the "Glorious Terror"a strike cruiser once belonging to the mantis warrior chapter but captured during the badab war many years ago during the borading action that ensued onboard the fell strike cruiser the marines of the 8th company slew many astral claws and many traitor guard during their purge of the vessel they found vast arrays of traitor guard armor including superheavy baneblades.

The captain of the 8th company ordered a withdrawal of the company from the ship.

During the companys withdrawal the company came under attack many times the companys rearguard barely fighting off the attacks.

As the company reached the shuttle bays where their thunderhawks were waiting camillus stood at the base of the last thunderhawks ramp while the rear guard and the company captain guarded the lone operational entrance to the bay buying the hawks time to load up and lift off.

When their was only one thunderhawk left in the bay a fearsome traitor dreadnought tore out of the passage way leading into the bay shrugging off the rearguards fire,the companys captain engaged the fell machine in combat and ordered the camillus to take the last thunderhawk and leave,as the ramp shut camillus saw the captain hit and engulfed in a ball of plasma.

During the return to the "Fist of Ultramar" the companys strike cruiser camillus found himself to be the ranking survivor of the company and relayed instructions to destroy the "Glorious Terror".

Upon returning with the company to their homeworld camillus related the companys exploits to chapter master marnus calgar who noted that their were barely 30 surviving marines from the hundred who had departed short years earlier.

Short weeks later chaplain cassius and lord calgar approched camillus as he lead daily firing rights as he instructed newly power armored battle brothers fresh out of the 10th company and informed him that they once again required his skills as a warrior and leader they informed him of the crusade for antioc and requested that he hand pick marines to represent the chapter in the crusade.

However cassius and lord calgar were taken aback by the quickness in which camillus responded that he would lead the 30 survivors of the Hirounious X campaign , lord calgar nodded his assent at his choice and informed them that their ship the "Hammer of Ultramar" was ready and waiting in orbit , the task force departed immediatly for waiting thunderhawks once again on the way to war...
++Edit for picture++

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They are the Angels of Death, the fire of the Emperors wrath. None can stand before them. With fire and steel, they cleanse the stars of the xeno, purge the galaxy of the wicked, and destroy the enemies of Mankind without mercy.

Ultramarines 2nd Company W-L-D 8-9-7




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Hey guys, figured I would try and put my Inquisitor in for the running.

Here is Inquisitor Lord Rogan of the Ordo Malleus.

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Inquisitor Rogan is considered to be a rogue Inquisitor, acting under his own orders ever since he was branded as a Radical. After being caught several times using Daemonhosts and Warp-driven weapons, any Inquisitorial agent has been ordered to kill him on sight. Though secretly, at the highest levels of the Ordo Malleus, there are those High Inquisitors who believe that the war with the Warp cannot be won without harnessing it's own powers against it. This is why Rogan can still operate with at least some backing from the Ordo Malleus still. Secretly backed by several higher-ups in the Ordo, Inquisitor Rogan continues his war on the evil that hopes to consume all of the Imperium. With his small band of warriors, he continues to fight, even though he is opposed from all sides.

When Inquisitor Rogan was contacted about the fallen Forge-World of Anitoch, he knew that it would prove to be a great oppurtunity. He was sure that all sorts of Chaos artifacts would be found on the planet, and he wanted first picks on what he could take. After discussing the mission with his contacts in the Ordo, Rogan knew that surely it would be an easy task. Several Adeptus Astartes strike teams were currently on their way to the planet to dispose of the Chaos taint. They would act as a great diversion while he silently went in with his team and retrieved what artifacts he could before the planet was completely purged. The only part that made him nervous was that he also knew he would most likely run into one of his counterparts from the Ordo Hereticus there. He would deal with that when the time came; for now, it was time to set sail to Antioch.

Equipment breakdown for Inquisitor Lord Rogan:

Bolt pistol with psycannon bolts
Power Weapon
Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
Artificer Armor
Bionics (left forearm)
Sacred Incense

Total: 109 points exactly

Lemme know if there's anything that I need to correct. Thanks.


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Renegade Lt GodMode; formely GodChild of the Emperor's Holy Trinity Chapter.

Chaos Lt 108

Mark of Slaanesh, powersword, close combat weapon (other sword), parry, daemonic essence, bionics, spiky bits (mohawk)

The Holy Trinity Chapter has lost a company, they have lost them to Chaos. This was at the hand of Traitor Astarte codenamed Alpharius (Ref Previous Arena of Death). Using guile manipulation and trickery, this devil turned the Lt of the 5th company to Slaanesh promising perfection.

GodChild now calling himself GodMode, proceeded to slay the Companie's Captain and attached Chaplin in sequential personal combat. The Chaplin took his arm, which has since been replaced with bionics. Under fresh leadership the company was purged of Unbelievers of Slaanesh. They remaning believers numbered some 33 marines. Alpharius then presented this warhost with an unknown objective. This information was gathered from a loyal marine who masterfully evaded capture. (Expired during interrogation)

It is clear however that GodMode has split from his comrades seeking perfection of honorable combat, rather then the pleasures of Slaanesh. This was seen on raid of Lunar outpost 3 of ++Classified++ where the aforementioned GodMode disgusted with his men abandoned them, the vid recorded him saying "Ranged weapons are cowardice personified." He is believed to have headed to the Forge World Antioch, for unknown reasons. Thankfully without the guidance of his master Alpharius (KIA) it seems the warrior has no real direction or mission.

Threat level Ceta.

Inquistor Comment: I find it ironic that a marine notorious for his underhand tactics, has produced a successor obsessed with honor.


GodMode stood on Antioch, he clutched his damaged power sword.

He sought Wargear and a forge world was a good place to find it.

After he had killed the promised invaders he would slay all the self proclaimed warriors on this planet, in the name of Perfection, in the name of Honor and in the name of Slaanesh.

Even this Tomax character, who hid in his tower like the Emperor hid on his throne.

He would slay them all and he would not fail. For the purity of Honor knows no defeat.

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The hum of the atlas was all around him his orders had come he was to be dispatched to Antioch as part of a Legio strike group attempting to wrest control of the forge world from the chaos lord Tomax Hell. The clang of gauntlet on bulkhead was no surprise Liberian Belun to reinforce his orders and to perform one last test no doubt. Enter brother Liberian belun “ I was not informed you had a psychic gift brother captain” “ I don’t belun but in four hours we met with the legio fleet and my company and I depart for Antioch’ I have no doubt you are here to make sure the Librium and that Chaplain matija made the right decision in my promotion to captain” No captain I came to instruct you on your final orders the Librium wants all information you can obtain on the actions of the war bands Tomax has called to his banner we believe rough elements of the blood pact and Javor lkottlt are on Antioch. At the mention of the cursed name the Liberians eyes light with eldritch fire. The traitor is on Antioch!! We believe so captain. Then he dies on Antioch for every crime he committed against the natos people. Good!! and as the Liberian turned to leave he spoke over his shoulder if you fail captain Marines die and the others take over you learn captain or your mistakes could cost you your life all of your marines know there jobs and well see them done as the War Bearers have done for five millennium and as it well do till the final battle.I wish you the best captain Kasimir.

Captain Kasimir is newly promoted to the rank and has only been in command of the War Bearers 7th reserve company for ten days before the chapter answers the call and deploys his company to Antioch.

Codex Space Marines.
Captain Kasimir
Storm Bolter
Power Weapon
Artifice Armour
True Grit
110 pts

I should have a pic by the weekend have to fetch the cam back from my brother.

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"Cursed hand"
Problems brother? No sarg..... Err captain no problems. Really sounded like a forge six foreman with a new worker for a moment there. Its the hand captain it sometimes feels as if where speaking two different dialects. You may be Sargent we only found a imperial Navy tech priest by the good graces of the primarch and the emperor. Aye true. Master the hand brother Sargent we take are company to war on Antioch inform all squad leaders that they well be briefed in an hours time. Yes captain where well you be? Seeing about are new chaplain and apothecary maybe ask for a War Bearer tech marine to look at that hand.

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I'm in too, Captain Vlad the Impaler of the Flesh eaters reporting, i'll have his equipment and pics up soon
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If he makes it in time, Xeno-Archeologus Leffler will lead his explorators to the planet. Otherwise his assistant Cyberneticus Forb will have to do :evil: (ie his mini is finished)

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im doing this for the heck of it and not really to play but here is My chaptermaster ryoto
he has iron halo master crafted sword tank hunter terminator honors and assault shield and minor invunerability


he is my best mini i dunno if i should put fluff or not itll piss off traditionalists (is that a word?)


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