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Space Marine Painter - Bolter and Chainsword
Space Marine Image Back Pack Exhausts Back Pack Joints Back Pack Back Pack Crown Head Top Head Middle Head Lower Eyes Eyes Ears Pipes Pipes Pipes Pipes Neck Chest Plate Chest Plate Eagle Skull Abdomen Belt Cod Piece Upper Left Leg Left Knee Lower Left Leg Left Foot Upper Right Leg Right Knee Lower Right Leg Right Foot Shoulder Left Trim Shoulder Left Inset Shoulder Right Trim Shoulder Right Inset Upper Left Arm Left Elbow Left Elbow Lower Left Arm Left Wrist Left Hand Upper Right Arm Right Elbow Right Elbow Right Lower Arm Right Wrist Right Hand Face Grill Soft Armour Soft Armour Soft Armour Soft Armour Soft Armour Soft Armour Neck Left Chest Plate Left Chest Plate Left Abdomen Left Head Top Left Head Middle Left Head Lower Left Belt Left Cod Piece Left Ears Left Back Pack Left Back Pack Joints Left Back Pack Exhaust Left Back Pack Crown Left Abdomen Centre Background

Click on the Space Marine to start painting or on the controls below if you wish to choose a background or paint scheme

Click on the images below to Save/Load your colour choices Image Icon 1 is empty Image Icon 2 is empty Image Icon 3 is empty Image Icon 4 is empty Image Icon 5 is empty
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