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++Librarium Painting Challenge 2010++

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Sigismund Himself

Sigismund Himself


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Posted Image The Librarium Painting Challenge 2010 Posted Image

Challenge Complete

Happy New Year and welcome to 2010 :) The most feared Painting Challenge on the internet is making a return for its third successive year! Welcome to the 2010 B&C Librarium Painting Challenge (affectionately known as the LPC). For those newcomers to the B&C or to the Challenge, The Librarium Painting Challenge serves as a chance for gamers to make a New Year's Resolution to get all those minis they received for Christmas painted before the end of March. So what prizes await those who succeed and what punishments will be inflicted upon those who fail in their efforts? Read on!

Each entrant takes the Librarium Challenge Vow, as seen below, and chooses the amount of models they wish to enter. This can range from a single miniature to a 3000pt army. There are no restrictions on painting ability, the standard required is merely whatever you can achieve (otherwise I wouldn't have been able to enter in the last two challenges ;) ) in the timeframe available. So what reasons are there to enter the Librarium Painting Challenge? Motivation. In this case, there is both the carrot and the stick. The root vegetable of your choice is simply the glory and camaraderie (with approximately 125 participants last year) of the Challenge, not to mention the cool signature awarded upon completion. The stick in this case is the Challenge's Failure signature and losing your soul to the Librarium owing the Librarium an article (not really that much of a punishment...). So there should be plenty of motivation whichever way you swing :)

Please note that only board appropriate minis may be entered. This means no xenos or non-PA models. If you're unsure on whether or not your models come under this clause, feel free to drop me a PM to clarify. Please note that Epic, BFG, Inquisitor and Space Hulk minis are all welcome, as long as they qualify as board appropriate. It does not matter what stage of completion the mini is in, as long as it is less than approximately 50% complete. Basecoat to unassembled to one Inquisitor's leg painted, all are welcome.

The Challenge and its Signup begins on January 15th 2010, with the last day to sign up being February 15th. The completion date for models is the 31st of March, when you must post photos of you finished Vow model(s) or face humiliation and shame from your successful comrades! There is also a requirement for at least two WIP updates in between your signup and the posting of photos.

I, [insert name here] of the [insert subforum name here], vow on the honour of my Chapter to paint and present at least [units/models amount here] on or before the 31st of March, 2010. I promise to provide at least two WIP updates, preferably with pictures, in that time. I vow that if I should fail, I will provide the Librarium with an article and wear the Signature of Shame until my penitence period is done.

This year, we have also introduced a Subforum Challenge. When you take your Vow, you select which subforum your army hails from (ie. the Throne of Skulls for World Eaters, the Black Templar subforum for Black Templars and the Liber Astartes subforum for DIY chapters). For every Vow completed, that subforum gains a point. The Subforum with the most points at the end gains the title of LPC Champions and a subforum specific Vow Completed and LPC Champion signature. The Challenge is on! Which subforum can claim ascendency? If you are unsure under which subforum your army falls under, just post your vow without a subforum but with a Chapter name so that I can sort it out for you.

Writing an article isn't as bad as it sounds really, as Librarium entries are a varied lot ranging from DIY Index Astartes articles thousands of words long to modelling tutorials with a handful of pictures to Codex Imperialis entries just a few dozen words long and we'll gladly accept any of those or anything else you can think of as submissions for the Librarium. We'd also encourage successful participants (and anyone else) to submit articles to the Librarium too. An obvious choice of article might be to catalogue your minis from whoa to go and to create a painting or modelling tutorial for the Librarium, be it a 'complete how to paint a Marine', or a 'quick & easy ways to paint bolters' type of article. There is also a link in my signature for the Dummy's Guide to Submitting Articles for those unaccustomed to using the Librarium. Please note that if you owe the Librarium an article and have not managed to put together one by the next Challenge, you will be barred from entering the LPC until an article is submitted.

Feel free to grab any member of the Librarium staff (look for +CODICIER+ or +LEXICANIUM+ under 'Group' under a member's avatar) for help on ideas for articles or help on formatting them folks, and also remember you can apply to join the Librarium as a Lexicanium by taking this simple test!

Once again, if you want to view the fun, mayhem and camaraderie invested in the Librarium Painting Challenge, check out the previous year's Challenge. Don't miss out on this once in a year chance ;)

As with every year, there will be a series of signatures for the Challenge, ranging from the infamous Failed signature to the more rarely seen Vow Completed signature. Special thanks to Naysmith for the use of his Librarian in this year's preliminary LPC Signature :tu:

Posted Image

This can be put into your signature by copying the coding below and pasting it into the box that appears in your "My Controls" when you click on "Edit My Signature".



Alys Dwr [DA]- a ten man tactical squad

TDA [LA]- 1 MM servitor

Solid Zaku [LA]- 10 Tactical Space Marines, 1 Magnetized Dreadnought, 1 Razorback, 2 Drop-Pods, and 5 Terminators

Skoby [IA]- one captain, ten man tactical squad and Iron Clad dreadnought

R-code [DA]- a ten man tactical squad

DarkKnightCuron [BT]- 1 Emperor's Champion

Angels_Blade [DA]- five man terminator squad, a Land Raider

Dannis [BT]- 1 rhino, 1 Emperor's Champion, 2 magnetized Marshalls/Castellans, 1 Dreadnought, 10 Marines, 5 neophytes and 2 Terminators

Captin Spiros [BA]- 5 Damned Legionnaires

Rindaris [OI]- 4 Space Hulk Terminators and 3 Swiftclaws with a Bike Mounted Wolf Guard

D0dge [BA]- 1x5 man assault squad, 1 drop pod, one furioso dreadnaught and Mephiston

Battle-Brother Ludovic [IA]- one 5-man Scout Sniper Squad and a Librarian

CDR Grendelwulf [DA]- one 10-strong unit of Tactical marines

Oldenhaller [SW]- Wolfified 5 converted Seraphin and a converted Saint Celestine

TheDarker [UM]- the terminator on throne of the Space Hulk set

Twin .44- [DA]- one 10-man unit of Tactical marines and one 5-man squad of Terminators

Ferrus Manus [LA]- 5 Scouts

Alex Knight [DA]- two 10 man tactical squads from the 4th Company, one Chaplain and one stand of Epic Space Marines

Brother Tancred [BA]- 1 Drop pod, 5 Space hulk terminators and 5 assault marines

Ladislao [SW]- 5 terminator brothers

Korloth Darkwolf [DA]- a 1500 point DA army consisting of Chaplain, 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 10-man Tactical Squads in Rhinos, 1 Assault Squad and 5-man Devastator Squad in Razorback

MassiveHavoc [LA?]- 2 Tactical Marines, 2 Assault Terminators, 1 Librarian, 1 Assault Squad Veteran Sergeant

davethepaveway [BA]- powerfist and stormbolter of my spacehulk terminators

Tyrannosaurus [LoE]- 1 unit of 8 noise marines and 1 rhino

NachoCuban [BA]- 2 Razorback/Rhinos, and 2 Baal Predators/Rhinos, 1 DC marine, and 9 Tactical Marines

Squigbait [LM]- one squad of the sacred 7 Plague Marines and a sorcerer

GLD [IA]- 1 Imperial Fist Vth Company Command Squad, consisting of The Vth Company Captain, Standard Bearer, Company Champion and 3 trusted veteran brothers

Salsaprime [BA]- 1(5man) Tactical Squad, 1(5man) Assault Squad, and 1 Rhino Transport

Khornehunter57x [UM]- 1 "Godhammer" Land Raider, 1 Land Raider Ares, 1 "Rifleman" Dreadnought, 5 Vanguard Veterans, and 5 Terminators

Brother Trajan [IA]- One Tactical Squad of The Nemesis Chapter, One Tactical Squad of Sons Ultra and a librarian

Aquilanus [BA]- ONE Space Marine

Commander Proteus [IA]- 1 ten-man tactical squad, 1 rhino, 1 five-man scout squad, 1 dreadnought and 1 five-man assault squad

Menos [BA]- one Tactial Squad of Lamenters (successor) and Rhino with Extra Armour

Jon Teh [BT]- 6 Sword Brethren and Chaplain Grimaldus w/retinue

Ferrata [LA]- a small squad of bikers

BigDunc [BT]- One Terminator Marshal, Four Terminator Sword Brethren, One Land Raider Crusader and Two Battle Barges

Brother Caedrius [DA]- 2 Tactical Squads, 1 Assault Squad, 1 Land Speeder and 2 Rhino MKII's and 1 Rhino MK I

11th Company Dark Master [LA]- three Captains (Belial and Sammael counts as and a Company Master)

Haunter! [LA]- one squad of ten tactical battle-brothers

Boris The Bulletdodger [IA]- 10 Iron Hands Tactical Marines, 10 Iron Hands Scouts, 1 Master Of The Forge and 1 Ironclad Dreadnought

Drac0 [BT]- two 10 men crusader squads and 1 Independent character

Malus the Destroyer [DA]- 1 Warbringer Richtor (Belial), 1 Grand Librarian Tiraul (Lib Ezekiel) 1 Interrogator-Chaplain Malus with Jump Pack, and 1 Company Master with 2h Thunderhammer and Jump-Pack

AnDyzZzoRe [DA]- 1 10 man unit of Veterans, and 1 Jump Pack Chaplain

Dewi Sant [SW]- 15 Blood Claws

Loken of the 10th [IA]- 1x 5 man scout squad, 1x 5 man combat squad of Salamanders, 1x 5 man combat squad of IFs, 1x Imperial Fists Captian and 1x 5 man combat squad of smurfs

Chapter Master Draven [IA]- 1 Dreadnought

Ani [DA]- Master Nuriel of the 5th Company

Blindhamster [BA]- 10 Tactical Marines

Dragonkin Arenis [LA]- Brother Weiss of the Reclusiam and Brother Oromis of the Librarium, two 10-strong units of Tactical Marines and one 5-strong unit of Devastator Marines

Silver Phoenix [LA]- 6 Space Marine Bikers, 1 Space Marine Attach Bike, 1 Land Speeder

Black_Sky [BA]- 1 full Assault Marine Squad, 3 Tactical Marines with boltguns, 1 with a Plasma Cannon and 1 with a Lascannon

Wolf Lord Kieran [SW]- 1 Wolf Priest, 10 Fenrisian Wolves, 4 Wolf Guard in Power Armor and 5 Long Fangs

Tatsu [LA]- 10 tactical space marines

Panbient [OI]- a Canoness with Eviscerator and chainsword, a veteran sister superior with storm bolter and power sword, 2 meltagun sisters, 2 storm bolter sisters, 1 banner bearer sister amd Immolator transport

ikik [BA]- 1 Blood Angels Tactical marine and 3 Space Hulk terminators

Dan the Deamon [CA]- 20 Tactical Chaos Space Marines, 8 Plague Marines of the Wraith Squad, 2 Weapon Teams (obliterators) and 3 Terminators

Dark Apostle Thirst [LA]- 2x tactical squads

Mystic Lemur [DA]- 2 ten man Tactical Squads and 5 Sniper Scouts

Aekold [DA]- 2 whirlwinds and 1 tactical squad

tangomegadeath [?]- a Terminator Captain, Terminator Librarian, 3 Terminator squads and 2 Land Raider Crusaders

commander alexander [SW]- one Vindicator

publius [DA]- 2 Deathwing Terminator Squads and Belial

Brother captin Braddok [UM]- 2 Tactical Squads and 2 rhinos

Thunderpup [SW]- 10 Wolfguard in PA

white radish [UM]- 1 Ultramarines Scout Biker & 1 RT-era Rhino

SamaNagol [SW]- a unit of 15 Blood Claws

Inquisitor =D= [OI]- 10 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers, including one sargeant and two special weapons

WG Vrox [SW]- 1 unit of 8 Grey Hunters marines and 1 rhino

Artemis360 [OI]- 6 Grey Knight Terminators

Rodgers37 [SW]- One unit of Grey hunters (10), 1 Unit of Wolf Guard (5), one unit of Blood claws (10), one unit of Long Fangs(5), a Razorback and a Land Raider Redeemer

Draknodred [OI]- one land raider crusader, one grey knight terminator with psycannon, two power armor grey knights with psycannons, and two normal power armor grey knights

MattTheRagdoll [BA/LA?]- two full tactical squads and a Sanguinary High Priest

The Unhappy Sasquatch [IA]- 1 tactical squad

MERC3065 [BT]- 4 Drop pods and 2 squads of 5 Terminators

alloyslayer [UM]- 1 predator and 1 dreadnought

David The Despoiler [CA]- 5 Chosen and 7 Plague Marines

Maligoare [OI]- 4 Marine Bikers, 1 Assault Bike, 1 Command Squad, 1 magnetised Dreadnought, and 1 magnetised Chapter Master

Ebsolom [BA]- 10 SH Terminators and 1 Land Raider Redeemer

Marshal Nebiros [BA]- 1 Converted MKIV Furioso Dreadnought and 1 Land Raider Crusader

Maelstrom Castaway [ToS]- one brass scorpion 5 world eaters terminators and 5 renegade ogryns

Slyen [LA]- a ten man tactical squad and five man assault squad

Warsmith [DA]- 2 Squads of 5 Veterans and a Master armed with a powerfist and stormbolter

Mr. Millar [LA]- 20 Terminators and 1 chapter master


Hemal [IA]- a single painted member of the Legio

Primarch Addonexus [LA]- 1 HQ and 2 Troops

Blecter [BA]- 5 Terminators, one 10 man strong Tactical Squad, a Captain and one Rhino

CarbonCopy [IA]- one Terminator Librarian and four Gun Servitors

Arutha [IA]- 1x 10 man tactical squad

Cpt. Cortez [BA]- 1 moriar conversion, 5 assault termies, 5 assualt marines, 5 death company and a kit bashed corbulo

Ilmarinen [IA]- one White Scars marine

darrkespur [LA]- a 500 point valid army plus a counts-as Pedro Kantor

StarLark [BA]- one tactical squad and one assault squad

Brother Anvilus [LA]- 1 5 man Devastator squad

Doktor Claw [LA]- one ten-man tactical squad and one Dreadnought

Brother_Cowboy [BT]- one vindicator, one razorback, upwards of five Intiates and six terminators

Kenmichi [SW]- 1 Vindicator, 1 Ulrik The Slayer, 1 Rune Priest, 5 Wolf Guard in TDA and 28 Grey Hunters

bystrom [LA]- a whirlwind

Lord Mongol [UM]- 1 x Command Squad, 2 x 10 Marine Assault Squads, and 2 x 5 Marine Terminator Squads

NemFX [LoE]- Fulgrim

SKeeM [BT]- 9 Crusaders with Rhino Transport

ChaplainCliff [BT]- one LRC and * assault Terminators

death_jester [UM]- 4 squads of tactical marines

Octavulg [LA]- the Ice Lords First Company (Epic version)

gettothegone [IA]- 3 Land Speeder Typhoons, 5 Razorbacks, and 3 Predators

Dublindawg [SW]- (1) Landspeeder Typhoon and (1) Dreadnaught

Momento Mori [OI]- 5 Seraphim sisters

Brother Mordeus [DA]- one Predator and a Land Speeder Storm

Seahawk [UM]- a terminator librarian, drop pod, and landspeeder storm

Skirax [SW]- One Swiftclaw Pack (3-man), One Rune Priest and One Iron Priest

Ced [OI]- one 5-man squad of PAGK

Cruentus Nex [BA]- 1 Brother Captain Tycho and 5 Honor Guard including a Sanguinary Preist, Champion, and Company Standard Bearer

Knights of Serath [LA]- One tactical squad

Koz [BA]- 8 Tactical Marines, a Vindicator, and a Dreadnought

Swordlord [LA]- four Masters of the Chapter

SamboR [BT]- 9 Initiates and Rhino

witchunter kraine [PoS]- a squad of nine thousand sons

Commander Von Drake [LM]- one Nurgle sorceror in terminator armour

Knyx [BA]- 25 Assault Marines

Evil Homer [PoS]- 1 9 man Thousand Sons squad and Rhino

Mortis Crux [LA]- Captain (Counts as Pedro Kantor), Chaplain (Counts as Cassius), Librarian & 10-strong unit of Tactical Marines

Sacred Angels Chapter [SW]- one Grey Hunter Sergeant

Kaewt [CA]- 5x Chaos Space Marines

IronVodka [LA]- 5 Sternguard

Brother Loring [BT]- 6 assault terminators

Dayz [BT]- 2 Vindicators and 1 Assault Terminator Squad Unit

Nurglespuss [SW]- one unit of Wolf Guard Terminators and their drop pod

Brother Steven [?]- 1 unit of models

^_^ Vow Completed :HQ:

Bringer of Redemption [DA]- Four Assault Marines

D6Veteran [UM]- six battle brothers, along with their Razorback transport

chenley [SW]- an 8 man unit of Wolf Guard

Rogue [LA]- one vindicator

Tutteman [LA]- One Sergeant

Liberame [BT]- 10 initiates, Land Raider, and Land Raider Crusader

Vostok3 [BA]- one Baal Predator

JamesI [BA]- 5 Space Hulk Terminators

Trozen [IA]- one landspeeder and one meltagun tactical marine

Brother Cambrius [LA]- custom sternguard and 10 more marines

greatcrusade08 [UM]- a full tactical squad and rhino

sword brethren [LA]- 1 Brass Scorpion of Khorne and 4 Possessed

ShinyRhino [UM]- five Ultramarine Bikers

Thantoes [UM]- One 9 Tactical Marine Squad, one 1st Co. Dreadnought, a unit of scouts, 5 terminators and Sicarius.

Ceasarian [OI]- a squad of Grey Knights (7x GK's, one with a Psycannon), a squad of IST (5x IST, two with melta's), as well repaint my GK grandmaster

Peter [DA]- 2x Predator Annhilator

Brother Richard [BT]- One Marshal

Mercury [BA]- 5 Blood Angels Terminators, 1 Blood Angels Captain and 10 Blood Angels Tactical Marines

Eripu [CA]- one Chaos Space Marine Squad (10 models)

Iron Bars [IA]- 5 terminators and a droppod

Red Fury [BA]- a ten man Tac squad plus a Razorback

The Prophet [CA]- six Obliterators

OwlandMoonGuy [BA]- an Angels Sanguine Landraider

AL. [DA]- 1x Tactical Squad (10), 1 Terminator Assault Squad (5) and Belial

Bix [BA]- 5 Scouts

Brother Ulkesh [BA]- 1 (5 man) Assault Squad plus Rhino transport

Rytchdarius [BT]- 1 Emperor's Champion, 1 Marshall in terminator armor with a pair of lightning claws, 1 Terminator Assault Squad (7 total: 5 lc, 2 th&ss), 3 Land Speeder Tornadoes, 3 Vindicators and 1 Land Raider Crusader

Quantra [BA]- 2x5man honour guard squads(in my own colour scheme (bone)) and a Death Company Furioso Dreadnought

StormDragon [SW]- pack of 9 Grey Hunters and their Wolf Guard Pack Leader

Espada Azul [LA]- one five-man Assault Squad

Brother_Israfil [BA]- one Company Captain

Son of Abaddon [BA]- five men strong Assault Squad

Terminatorinhell [LA]- one squad of ten tactical battle brothers, a Vindicator and 3 bikes

CainTheHunter [SW]- five Wolf Scouts

Grandmaster Damion [DA]- 1 Forgewold DA Ven Dred and 1 Forgeworld Chaplain Dread

Scathainn [IA]- 1 Terminator-Armored Iron-Father

Rider-75 [BT]- converted Emperor's Champion

Schertenleib [SW]- Wolf Lord, Erik Morkai, a Wolf Priest, and a squad of at least five Scouts

Grey Paladin [IA]- one 10-man unit of pre-heresy tactical marines and one First Captain Sigismund

BorisBC [BA]- a Dreadnought and a Drop Pod

Skirnir Ragefang [SW]- 2 Grey Hunter Packs including their Wolf Guard packleaders and their Rhinos

Brother Ellis [DA]- 1 (5-10 man) Veteran Squad

IronDuke [IA]- 6 scouts and 5 tactical marines

Vahouth [BA]- a Baal Predator, a Dreadnought, 2 Tactical Squads and a Furioso Dreadnought

Liath [BA]- a Land Speeder Storm

TemplarMathias [BT]- one Master of Sanctity

Muctar [IA]- 10 Tactical Marines, 1 Drop Pod, and 1 Land Raider Redeemer

Seva [BA]- one Truescale version of Lemartes

Evilbob [SW]- 10 Terminator wolf guard, 10 Grey Hunters, and 2 Dreadnoughts

ArchHeretic [LA]- 1 ten man tactical squad

ThirtySixNights [BT]- 1 Unit Of Black Templar Assault Terminators

Firenze [SW]- a skyclaw squad, an Iron Priest and Wolf priest and 3 grey hunters

Kalsir [BA]- 10 Tactical Marines, 5 Assault Marines and 1 (Baal) Predator

Emperor's Instrument [SW]- one finished Logan Grimnar and Wolf Priest

Krewl [DA]- 10 Deathwing Terminators, 1 Librarian in TDA and one Company master in TDA

Deathwing [DA]- 2 squads of Deathwing (10 terminators) and a Chaplain in terminator armour

HuronBH [IA]- 2 Landspeeders, 2 (10 man) Tactical Squads, and one Landraider Crusader Pics Needed.

Punkfish [BA]- one 5 man Veteran Assault Squad with Razorback and one Vindicator

SnorriSnorrison [BA]- 10 Tactical Marines including Sergeant and one special weapon

ZiggyStardust [BA]- a JP chaplain, the AoBR commander and 10 tactical marines

Noodle-J [BA]- one drop pod, 5 close combat terminators, 5 assault marines and 5 veteran assault marines

Perry T [IA]- one Honour Guard Squad and one Bike Squad

Fire Lord Captain [IA]- 1 Emperor's Champion

Freakiq [UM]- 3 Vindicators, 2 Tactical Squads and an Assault Squad

Lestat [BA]- one Librarian and DC Chaplain

Ultrarich [UM]- a 5 man Ultramarine from Space Hulk converted terminator squad and 1 Iron Clad Dreadnought

shadowinthewarp [LoE]- 1 unit of 6 Noise Marines

Vassakov [SW]- 1 Forge World Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnought

Demoulius [BA]- 10 tactical marines, 10 devastator and 10 assault marines

Alexander Fogh Pedersen [LA]- a captain, 26 Sternguard, 11 Vanguard, 18 Terminators, a Chaplain Dreadnought and a Terminator Chaplain

Guyver3x [LM]- 6 Plague Marines, 2 Alpha Legion HQ and 1 Terminator Lord

Malladrius [OI]- unit of Grey Knight Terminators and 1 unit of Grey Knights

IanSturrock [DA]- 1 converted Venerable Dreadnought, 1 5-man Terminator Squad, and 1 Predator

Tranc [UM]- one Tactical marine

BrotherMoses [BA]- one rhino

Grimdarkness [LA]- A combat Squad of the Knights of Charon

Stinkenheim [SW]- 1 Venerable Dreadnaught and Wolf Guard Terminator

Asmodai650 [LA]- 2 Razorbacks, 2 Land Raiders, 1 Vindicator, and 2 Drop Pods

LakotaWolf [SW]- Lukas The Trickster, Logan Grimnar and a squad of 'Valkyries'

Leonaides [BA]- 5 terminators, 1 5-man command squad, 2 lascannon-armed devastators and a 10-man tactical squad

TheLastTemplar [BT]- five Templars

Reyner [LA]- a Captain, Command Squad, and a Razorback

Brother Gideon [DA]- 7 Ravenwing bikers and 1 Ravenwing landspeeder

Lostraven [LA]- a captain and command squad

Final Subforum Challenge Vow Tally

Blood Angels: 23

Liber Astartes: 12

Space Wolves: 11

Dark Angels: 9

Index Astartes: 9

Ultramarines: 7

Black Templars: 6

Ordo Inquisition: 2

Chaos Ascendant: 2

Legion of Excess: 1

Legio Morbidus: 1

Throne of Skulls: 0

Planet of Sorcerers: 0

Edited by Sigismund Himself, 04 April 2010 - 11:57 AM.




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Hey, Can this be pinned at the top? I almost missed it, and I'm sure others may as well!
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You can count me in.



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Hmm shiny...

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sword brethren

sword brethren


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as long as i have a working camara im there :)
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Definitely doing this. Got a few ideas now. Just wish it would get to the 15th so I could post my pledge and not risking forgetting about it -_-

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I am so in this time, add me to the roster and poke me with a powerfist if i forget




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It honors me to see that you used my Librarian Mini in the first sig for the PC of 2010. (A nice surprise)
I think i will enter the challenge.





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Having just ordered a lot of Space Marines due to arrive when the competition starts, I think I can safely say I will join you this year. I have a vanguard squad in a Rhino with a scratchbuild counts-as Pedro Kantor in mind...

sword brethren

sword brethren


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Having just ordered a lot of Space Marines due to arrive when the competition starts, I think I can safely say I will join you this year. I have a vanguard squad in a Rhino with a scratchbuild counts-as Pedro Kantor in mind...

because of postal delays your order cannot be completed and will now be set a new arrival date when the adverse weather conditions clear.

the following items with be delayed
Chaos Space Marine Defiler X1
Chaos Space Marine Bike X5
Chaos Space Marine Rhino X2

they better get here on time, i may have some possessed to do aswell :)
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ooo i'll have a go!

Evil Homer

Evil Homer


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So I was a failure last year, can I call this the redemption?

Alex Knight

Alex Knight


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What the hey. I'm in.
Next year B&C... Next year...

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Again again... more more more... But maybe a bit less on teh tactical marines front this year. I'm in...

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how do i post the banner thing in my sig?

Dragonkin Arenis

Dragonkin Arenis


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as long as i have a working camara im there :D

And me, brother :lol:


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Alys Dwr

Alys Dwr


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How time has flown, i remember the first one like it was yesterday!

So I was a failure last year, can I call this the redemption?

I fall well into this category aswell. It was the wrong time of life for me so one could say i failed spectatularly :lol:

Now all is settled i have the spare time and drive to get something done, if i am allowed to enter that is! Think i'll be less ambitious as to the amount i agree to paint.



sword brethren

sword brethren


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ok i have a camara, all my stuff arrived in the post, im ready to roll!

question.... can i add anything that has some paint on it already, (my brass scorpion has 3 legs painted)
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As can be seen, I failed in my Challenge... I also failed to submit an Article as penance! I think I shall have to redeem my soul this time around by entering, and completing, my Vow, and ALSO submitting an Article...

Incidentally, I did manage to finish the squads I Vowed for 2009... >< Just a lot later than I thought...

They do look good, though...
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I look forward to taking the vow, it'll give me some added motivation to get some mini's done.

CDR Grendelwulf

CDR Grendelwulf


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I, Grendelwulf, vow on the honour of my legion to...
...oh? not yet? Ok.

Just seeing everyone already committing themselves and I just got drawn into it.

I shall wait until the 15th to give my official vow.

CDR Grendelwulf




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Suppose I'm in <_< I'll see if (Viva La ) Jade wants in too...

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What're the criteria for joining? Do we need to have a certain standing within the board like the admin challenge or do we just need to have a boatload of bare pewter and plastic and some free time to burn?


Sigismund Himself

Sigismund Himself


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What're the criteria for joining? Do we need to have a certain standing within the board like the admin challenge or do we just need to have a boatload of bare pewter and plastic and some free time to burn?


It's open to all and any that wish to participate :D However, this will be the last year that those who still owe the Librarium articles from the previous challenge will be allowed to participate. After that, if you fail and do not submit an article as per your vow, you will not be able to enter the following Librarium Painting Challenges until an article is submitted.




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yes! exactly what i need as i can't get into the Golden Bolter (for various reasons, ie: i have no mini's!!!)

ok so i'll wait but i'm soooooo excited!



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