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2000pt CSM civil war.

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Had a nice competitive game today.

We decided on 2000pt a side and the lists were:

- Khârn
- 9 Berserkers with Champ - PW
- 7 Thousand Sons, Doombolt
- 2*10 CSMs with Fist Champs,
Plasma Guns and Autocannons
- 5 Melta Chosen in Havokback
- 5 Flamer Chosen in Havokback
- 3 Obliterators
- Land Raider with Possession
- Vindicator with Possession
Total - 1992pts

- Khorne lord with combi-Melta
and Daemon Weapon
- Nurgle sorcerer in TA with Wind of Chaos
- 7 Nurgle Termies with mixed weapons
- 3*10 Plague Marines each with a Fist Champ
and 2 special weapons
- 10 CSMs with a Heavy Bolter and Flamer
- 9 Berserkers
- 3 Obliterators
- 10 Lesser Daemons

Mission - Capture and Control (3 Objectives)
Deployment - Dawn of War

I won the roll off and elected to deploy first.

I deployed my TS in striking distance of the central objective and 1 of my CSM squads around the
objective in my deployment zone. He then deployed his unit of CSMs in some ruins next to the
objective in his deployment zone, 1 of his plague marine units and his unit of terminators + his
sorcerer as close as he could to the central objective.

He failed to steal the initiative and I began.

Turn 1:
Everything I had except my chosen moved onto the board and my Thousand Sons moved onto the
middle objective. Thanks to night fighting only my starting unit of CSMs could see anything, they
managed to pick off 2 Plague Marines. My Vindicator and Land Raider popped smoke and my turn ended.

He then moved all his guys on except his Daemons. His shooting phase was uneventful except for a
few units running and he was out of charge range.

I was holding 2 objectives, the 3rd was uncontested.

Turn 2:
Both my chosen failed to show up (2 3s grr)
My Land Raider filled with the Berserkers and Khârn cruised forward while my Obliterators and Vindicator
lined up on his Terminators and my Thousand Sons pulled back out of likely charge range of his Terminators.
The Vindicator scattered from the Terminators onto a unit of Plague Marines killing 3. The Obliterators Plasma
cannons did better hitting 9 but thank to cover I only killed 4. I managed to pick off a couple a couple of plague
marines with the rest of my firepower. Once again, no combat.

His turn involved his Daemons showing up then almost everything moving forward except 1 of his Plague Marine
squads who started flanking behind a chaos temple and his CSMs, Lord and Berserkers who stayed put. A nasty
array of template weapons from his Terminators killed 2 Thousand Sons while his Obliterators did nothing to my
Land Raider. He was out of charge range with his Termies (thanks to rolls of 1 and 3 for moving through cover)
and his turn ended.

I was holding 1 objective, he was contesting the central 1 and the last was uncontested.

Turn 3:
Both of my chosen units appeared on the flank next to his flanking unit of Plague Marines. I sent the Land Raider
towards the centre and disgorged the Berserkers and Khârn. My Obliterators finished off his terminators but the
Sorcerer survived with 2 wounds left. The vindicator picked off a couple more Plague Marines. My Chosen blasted
the flanking Plague Marines but only killed 5 leaving 3 who they then assaulted. Khârn charged and butchered
the Sorcerer while my Berserkers charged a nearby unit of Plague Marines, only killing a couple (My dice deserted me).
The chosen killed 1 for 2 losses and stayed put.

His turn involved his Daemons moving towards the Thousand Sons while the shooting depleted Plague Marine squad
moved towards the chosen. His shooting phase saw 1 of my CSMs picked off by a Heavy Bolter. The assault phase
saw a couple of Berserkers killed by his Power fist champ, I only killed 1 plague marine in return. The Daemons
killed 2 Thousand Sons for 2 losses in return. His 2 depleted squads of Plague Marines took down 4 of my Chosen for
no loss but I passed my Ld test.

I was holding 1 objective, the other 2 were both uncontested.

Turn 4:
Khârn went to join the Berserker's combat with the Plague Marines. My shooting phase saw my Land Raider pick off an
Obliterator. My Obliterators shot their Plasma Cannons at his berserker unit killing 4 despite cover. The vindicator killed
a couple of his CSMs (the only unit it could see). Combat saw Khârn and the Berserkers kill all but his Champion whose
Power Fist took Khârn down. My Thousand Sons lost 2 more and killed nothing in return. The Aspiring Sorcerer then fell to
combat resolution. My Chosen were brought down to 3 men but once again held their ground.

His turn saw his Lord and Berserkers finally move towards me running a further 6 as well. His obliterators continued their
trend of (not) shaking the possessed Land Raider. My Chosen then went down to 1 remaining who passes his leadership test.
My berserkers finally took down the Plague Champ who had killed Khârn and consolidated back to the central objective. His
Daemons hit the Obliterators, doing no damage and losing 2 in the process.

I was holding 2 objectives he was now contesting the 3rd with his obliterators.

Turn 5:
I sent my Berserkers and a unit of CSMs after the Daemons. My shooting was less effective this turn taking down a couple of
Berserkers and putting a wound on his lord, but not much else. I then wiped out the daemons for no loss in combat and
consolidated my Berserkers and CSMs back towards the central objective.

His turn saw his berserkers move next to the central objective but out of charge range of my berserkers. His shooting did stun
a Rhino and take the Demolisher Cannon off the Vindicator. That ended his turn.

I was holding 2 objectives and he was contesting the 3rd with his obliterators.

Dice rolled a 5 - game continues.

Turn 6:
My turn saw a couple of his berserkers gunned down by my Obliterators. My Berserkers went after his Lord hoping that he'd
wound himself with his Daemon Weapon, no luck... He got 9 extra attacks and killed 4. While dying, the Berserkers did manage to
put another wound on the Lord and killed all but 2 of his Berserkers. My Skull Champ then fell to his Berserkers. He consolidated
into the central objective.

His turn saw his Obliterators continue to do nothing while his Lord and Berserkers charged my nearby CSM unit. His Lord killed
himself with his Daemon Weapon. His Berserkers killed 1 chaos marine before both being killed in return. He destroyed 1 Rhino
in close combat with a plague champ and wounded an Obliterator with a lucky bolter shot.

Game ended on a 2, although my opponest confessed he would have conceded at this point anyway.

I held 2 objectives, he contested 1 with his Obliterators.
I had 2 units of CSMs left with 9 and 8 men respectively. My Obliterators, an undamaged Land Raider, a weapon less Vindicator
and an undamaged Havok-back Rhino.
My opponent had 2 Obliterators, 5 plague marines and 8 CSMs left.
Kill points would have been 6:6.

I was pleased with my tactical decisions (for once) but my dice rolling nearly cost me badly, though I only missed with a blast weapon
once all game and that still hit another nearby enemy unit.

My opponent was a great sport and if he hadn't fallen for a couple of my distraction tactics, shot my units instead of the seemingly
impervious land raider and kept his eye on the objectives he could have won.

I have to say, the Obliterators and land raider were supreme in their given roles. In this game I might have been better served with
combi-plasma instead of Havok launchers on my rhinos, but that would have been tailoring, and I'm trying to prepare for a tournament,
so I kept my 1850pt list as is, just added the Possessed Vindicator.

I also do need to be more careful when placing Khârn, I put him next to his Plague Champion with a Power Fist instead of a normal plague
marine, that lapse cost me my general and almost cost me the central objective.

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A very interesting report, Dam13n!
A good read and a bit of a surprise when Khârn went down!




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Cheers, well it was poor positioning on my part that let him do it... 2 attacks,
both hit and wounded and I failed 1 5+ invulnerable... instant death...

Still the Sorcerer and plague marines he did kill meant that he did make his
points back.