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1500pt Chaos Civil War

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Played a friendly 1500pt game today.

Forces were:

Iron Warriors (Me):
- Khârn
- 5 Chosen with 5 Flamers in Havok-Back
- 5 Chosen with 5 Meltaguns and IOCG in Havok-Back
- 10 CSM with Fist Champ, Plasma Gun, Autocannon and IOCG
- 10 CSM with Fist Champ, Plasma Gun, Autocannon and IOCG
- 3 Obliterators
- Defiler with Havok Launcher
- Vindicator with Possession

Thousand Sons (Him):
- Tzeentch Lord with Daemon Weapon
- Tzeentch Terminator Sorcerer with Warp Time and Wind of Chaos
- 5 Tzeentch Terminators with mixed weapons inc Reaper Autocannon and Claw Champ
- 9 Thousand Sons with Wind of Chaos & Personal Icon in Havok-Back
- 9 Thousand Sons with Wind of Chaos & Personal Icon
- 8 Berserkers with Plasma Pistol & Power Weapon Champ

We decided on a Pitched Battle and Annihilation.
I lost the roll-off and my opponent had me deploy first.
The terrain was a couple of hills and plenty of small ruins, fairly well spread out.

I didn't have a large enough ruin to create a defensible refused flank so elected to split my forces.
1 CSM squad in each of the ruins (in the corners of my deployment zone), my obliterators hiding behind
a hill and my Defiler and Vindicator spaced to cut down my opponents lines of approach. Khârn joined
the Flamer Chosen in their rhino while the Melta Chosen were left in reserve to outflank.

My opponent then deployed his footsloggers behind the central large ruin, his lord and rhino mounted
thousand sons were placed on his right flank and his terminators and sorcerer were left in reserve to deep

My opponent failed to capture the initiative and I went first.

Turn 1:

My rhino with Khârn sped forward while my vindicator and defiler adjusted their aim. The Obliterators strode onto the hill
while my CSM squads stayed put. The rhino popped smoke immediately as it couldn't have shot anyway. The obliterators
managed to strip the havok launcher off his rhino while both autocannons from my CSM squads failed spectacularly to do
anything more. Finally my defiler took a pot-shot at his footslogging berserkers only killing 2 (thanks to cover).

My opponent moved his footsloggers into the ruins, although his berserkers had trouble finding their feet and only managed to
stumble 2" forward. His rhino moved 6" forward. His shooting phase saw him out of range of everything except his footslogging
thousand sons who loosed 6 inferno bolts at the CSM squad on my right flank, killing nothing. His berserkers forgot to run and
the turn ended.

Turn 2:

The melta chosen failed to appear. Khârn and the flamer chosen disembarked and moved towards the footslogging thousand sons,
the obliterators shuffled along the hill to improve their line of sight to my opponents rhino and my defiler and vindicator also
repositioned to get better lines of sight. Shooting was more impressive this time, the flamer chosen scored a hefty 22 hits on the
thousand sons killing 5 of them, the rhino with its havok launcher and twin-linked bolter accounted for another. The autocannons
and obliterators found their range stripping the rhino of it's tracks and shaking it, turning it into a box for a turn. Combat saw Khârn
kill 1 of the flamer chosen, but also left just the aspiring sorcerer standing. The aspiring sorcerer managed to take down another
chosen before he was beaten down and killed. Khârn and the chosen then consolidated back towards their rhino.

His terminators and sorcerer failed to show. His berserkers continued to stumble, moving a further 2" into the central ruins. He chose
to disembark his Lord and Thousand Sons from their ruined rhino and they shot everything they could at the nearby chaos marines
killing 3. This ended the turn.

Turn 3:

The melta chosen did appear this turn, moving on and disembarking near his lord and unit of thousand sons. Khârn and the chosen
re-embarked and the rhino swung around the central ruin to threaten his berserkers next turn. The defiler moved towards the
berserkers as well. The vindicator and obliterators lined up on his thousand sons. Shooting saw the obliterators completely miss with
their plasma cannons. The vindicator was not so cursed, felling 2, the melta chosen took down another 2 before the nearby unit of
chaos marines finished the volley, taking down 2 more. The defiler hit the berserkers with it's battle cannon but they passed all their
4+ cover saves.

His turn saw the terminators and sorcerer arrive. The Lord and surviving Thousand Sons moved to exact revenge on my melta chosen
while his berserkers finally found their feet and rushed into the centre of the large ruin. The skull champion failed to penetrate the defiler
with his plasma pistol, while the terminators similarly failed to hurt the nearby obliterators. I then winced as his lord's deathscreamer and
the thousand sons inferno bolts were unleased on my melta chosen, however thanks to some horrid dice rolling on my opponents part,
only 1 chosen fell, he was outside of assault range and the turn ended.

Turn 4:

The melta chosen moved into a nearby rock formation while their rhino repositioned to line up on his lord. The vindicator and obliterators
lined up on his terminators and the defiler closed on his berserkers. Lastly, mimicking the 2nd turn, Khârn and the flamer chosen launched
themselves towards the berserkers. Shooting saw the melta chosen and their rhino pick off the last 2 Thousand Sons, leaving the lord and
the aspiring sorcerer alone. The vindicator and Obliterators opened up on the terminators. The obliterators culled 4 including the icon bearing
aspiring champion and, to top it off, wounded the sorcerer, the vindicator then took down the last terminator. The chaos marine squad near the
terminators failed to finish off the sorcerer. On the other side of the table, the flamer chosen once again payed for themselves hitting the berserkers
18 times and killing all but 1 of them. The assault phase saw the defiler immobilise itself trying to claw through the ruins, however Khârn was
not so hindered, he claimed the last of the berserkers head (and took 2 of my chosens heads along with it) before once again consolidating back
towards his nearby rhino.

My opponent now had only his Sorcerer, Aspiring Sorcerer, Lord and a ruined rhino left. The Lord and Aspiring Sorcerer went after the melta
chosen while his Sorcerer went after the nearby chaos marine unit. The lord wounded himself with his deathscreamer and the aspiring sorcerer failed
to wound with his wind of chaos. Finally to add to the humiliation, his Sorcerer suffered perils of the warp (on a double 6) and lost a wound. Combat
saw his lord wipe out the melta chosen and consolidate towards the chaos marines. The Sorcerer charged the chaos marines who bludgeoned him to
death before he got to attack, they then consilidated towards his Lord ending the turn.

Turn 5:

Not much moved, instead opting to blast him into dust. The Obliterators and Vindicator fired at his Lord yet he passed every invulnerable save. The
chaos marines were more effective, putting him down for good, although the plasma gunner melted himself in the process. His aspiring sorcerer
somehow survived unscathed.

His sorcerer threw caution to the wind and sped towards my chaos marines, his wind of chaos did nothing (once again), he then charged in, taking down
a single chaos marine before being killed in turn.

With only his immobile and weaponless rhino still on the table, we called the game.

Kill Points:
Me - 6
Him - 1

Points of note:
- My opponent allowed himself to be drawn into splitting his forces, which considering I outnumbered him, was certainly a mistake.
- The dice gods were cruel throughout, but particularly unkind to my opponent in the last 2 turns.
- The combination of Khârn and the flamer Chosen was awesome, putting away a full unit of thousand sons and a unit of berserkers.
- The defiler, whilst not destructive, was still effective. My opponent was intimidated enough that it allowed me control of the board.
- My opponent didn't have enough anti-armour and that crippled him. Ironically, I used a pre-written list (although I exchanged a daemon prince
for Khârn and made 1 or 2 small wargear changes), while my opponent made his list up on the spot.


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Sounds like it was a fun game but, yes, your opponent had some pretty bad luck with the dice.
I must say I like the sound of Chosen squads armed entirely with flamers and metltaguns!

Oh, try to snap some photos next time :P