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2000pt Line Breaker

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Best performance by my Iron Warriors probably ever...

Forces were:

- Khârn
- Daemon Prince - Slaanesh, Wings, Lash
- 5 Chosen with Flamers, IOCG
- 5 Chosen with Meltaguns, IOCG
- Champ + 8 Berserkers - Power Weapon
- Champ + 9 Marines - Fist, Combi-melta, Plasma Gun, IOCG
- ^ in Rhino with Havok Launcher and Extra Armour
- Champ + 9 Marines - Fist, 2 Plasma Guns
- ^ in Rhino with Havok Launcher and Extra Armour
- 3 Obliterators
- Vindicator - Possession
- Land Raider - Possession

- Creed, Kell and Company Command with Medic & Vox
- ^ in 2 Heavy Bolter Chimera
- Lord Commissar joining Creeds unit
- 2 units of 5 Ratlings
- Bastonne + 9 Veterans with Carapace Armour, 2 Meltaguns, 1 Grenade Launcher and a Vox
- ^ in Chimera with Laser and Heavy Bolter
- 10 Veterans with Carapace Armour, 2 Flamers, Grenade Launcher and a Vox
- ^ in Chimera with Laser and Heavy Bolter
- 10 Veterans with Carapace Armour, 3 Sniper Rifles and an Autocannon Weapon Team
- ^ in Chimera with Laser and Heavy Bolter
- Manticore
- Medusa with Enclosed Crew Compartment
Leman Russ Squadron:
- 1 Executioner with Pask, Heavy Bolter and Plasma Cannon
- 1 Eradicator with all Heavy Bolters

We rolled Pitched Battle and 5 Objectives
I won the roll off and elected to deploy first.

- - - - - - - - - - - -


The table was predominently flat with a hill in the middle on my right. There were 2 small ruins* and a
large bit of broken pipe in my deployment zone, a ruin* and a wood* in my opponents and a rock
formation in the middle on my left. Finally there was another ruin* just to the right of the centre.
*Objectives inside

I deployed my obliterators behind the ruin in the right side of my deployment zone, my vindicator
deployed next to them. In the centre my Land Raider (with Khârn and Berserkers inside) deployed
next to the big pipe, the Prince deployed behind the Raider and my CSM unit with the 2 plasma guns
deployed in their rhino behind the pipe (out of LoS). Finally I deployed my other unit in their rhino
on my left flank as (hopefully) a bullet magnet.

My opponent clustered his chimeras around the ruin in the centre of his deployment zone except
bastonne's unit who flanked his medusa on the left. The Russ squadron deployed in between the 2.
His sniper unit deployed in the ruin as did the manticore.

Infiltrators - my melta chosen deployed in the rock formation out of LoS of bastonne's chimera (12"
away) while my flamer chosen deployed just behind the central ruin (18" away). He then placed 1
of his units of Ratlings in the wood in his deployment zone and the other on top of the hill.

He used Creed's USR to scout Bastonne's Chimera up to my melta chosen.

He then failed to steal the initiative and I began.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Turn 1:

My Movement:
- The Melta Chosen moved up to get on the side armour of bastonne's chimera.
- The Raider and Rhinos created a wall of steel next to the wood, Khârn exiting alone to go for the Ratlings.
- The Obliterators and Vindicator lined themselves up on his russ squadron.
- The Prince stayed behind the Raider but gave himself LoS to the sniper unit.
- The Flamer Chosen advanced into the central ruin.
- The Raider and both Rhinos popped smoke.
My Shooting:
- The Meltas saw off Bastonne's Chimera, a couple of lasgunners dying in the process.
- The Prince lashed the unfortunate Snipers 11" out of their Ruin and towards...
- The Flamer Chosen. The 3 that could fire toasted the unit leaving the Sergeant, 2 Snipers and the
Autocannon team left on 1 wound.
- The Vindicator then shook the Exectutioner sparing me hot plasma death the next turn.
- The obliterators Hoping for more success did nothing with their Lascannons.
My Combat:
- Khârn wiped out the Ratlings then consolidated behind the wood and next to the Raider.
- The Melta Chosen charged Bastonne's unit, killing only 1 for no loss. Bastonne's nerve failed and the
unit was run down.

His Movement:
- His Chimeras advanced 6" each
- The Medusa and the Russ Squadron lined up on the Melta Chosen
- His other unit of veterans disembarked and faced up to my Flamer Chosen.
His Stooting:
- He ordered the ravaged Sniper unit and the Ratlings to be fearless.
- He then ordered the Veteran Unit to First Rank...
- The Medusa and Eradictor shot the Melta Chosen killing 1.
- The Chimeras managed nothing, the units inside then followed suit.
- The Manticore tried to shake the Raider, the Daemon inside (laughing away) ignored it.
- The Ratlings on the hill shot the obliterators bringing 1 down.
- The Sniper and Veteran units shot the Flamer Chosen killing 2.
His Combat:
- None

Me 0, Him 0, Contested 3, Uncontested 2
Kill Points:
Me 3, Him 0

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Turn 2:

My Movement:
- Khârn made a beeline for the Eradicator
- The Prince went for the Executioner
- The Raider moved towards the manticore and unleased the Berserkers towards Creed's Chimera
- The Flamer Chosen lined up on the Sniper Veterans.
- The Vindicator lined up on the Ratlings (and the 2 nearby Chimeras)
- The Melta Chosen stayed put.
- My Rhino with the Combi Melta Champ unit inside made for the Medusa, the unit disembarked.
- The other Rhino positioned itself behind the woods (and next to the objective inside)
- The Obliterators lined up on another chimera
My Shooting:
- The Vindicator decided it didn't want to scatter where I wanted it to, but still killed 2 Ratlings.
- The Obliterators blew up the empty Chimera with Multi-meltas.
- The Flamer Chosen killed the remaining Snipers, but left the Sergeant and Weapon Team alive.
- The CSM Champ's Combi-melta actually hit and killed the Medusa.
- The Raider failed to damage the Manticore.
My Combat:
- Khârn ripped to Eradicator to pieces with Gorechild.
- The Prince did the same to the Executioner.
- The Berserkers using their Krak Grenades ripped Creeds Chimera open.
- The Flamer Chosen finished off the Sniper Veterans and consolidated back into the ruin.

His Movement:
- Creed and co. moved towards the Berserkers.
- The Veterans moved towards the Flamer Chosen
His Shooting:
- Pretty much every unit he had left was ordered to be fearless
- The Manticore missed completely
- The Veterans managed to kill another 1 of the Flamer Chosen leaving 2 left
- Creed and co killed 1 of the Berserkers
- Creed and co charged the berserkers, thanks to Honour of Cadia they managed to kill 4 Berserkers
but lost 2 of their own in the process (including kell). No berserkers fell to combat resolution.

Me 1, Him 1, Contested 2, Uncontested 1
Kill Points:
Me 8, Him 0

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Turn 3:

My Movement:
- Khârn moved to join the Berserkers against Creed
- The Daemon Prince went after the Veterans Chimera.
- The Land Raider lined up on the Manticore
- The Obliterators also lined up on the Veterans Chimera.
- The Chaos Marines re-embarked and moved towards the centre.
- The other Rhino lined up on the Veterans.
My Shooting:
- The Land Raider just stunned the Manticore
- The Obliterators immobilised the Chimera with TL Meltaguns.
- The Flamer Chosen toasted the Veterans leaving just 4 alive.
- The Rhino then added it's Havok Launcher killing another 1.
- The Vindicator, bereft of other targets went for the Ratlings again but missed.
My Combat:
- Khârn charged and killed Creed and the remaining members of the company command leaving the commissar alone.
- The Commissar killed 1 Berserker but was killed in return. (1 berserker had been killed by Khârn earlier)
- The Prince ripped the immobile Chimera to bits.
- The Flamer Chosen charged the veterans, killing 2 for 1 loss.

His Movement:
- None
His Shooting:
- The Ratlings failed to hurt the Obliterators.
His Combat:
- The last Flamer Chosen finished off the Veterans.

Me 1, Him 0, Contested 3, Uncontested 1
Kill Points:
Me 12, Him 0

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Game called at the start of turn 4 as my opponent only had his Manticore and 3 Ratlings left facing down almost my entire army.

I'd only lost:
- 1 Obliterator
- 1 Melta Chosen
- 4 Flamer Chosen including the Icon
- 7 Berserkers
Total: 352pts

- OW!!!!
- Switching my units of CSMs so they, rather than my Chosen went in the Rhinos really worked, plus losing their
Autocannons in favour of an extra Plasma Gun in 1 squad and the Combi-melta in the other definitely made me
more aggressive with them, which really worked in this game.
- Khârn was a Beast... Pure Win from turn 1.
- My opponent was unnaturally scared of my chosen, it may be because they have visited horrors unnamed on him
before, but in this game they weren't the real threat.
- Had we continued we worked out that by the end of turn 4 I would have held 3 Objectives and Contested the 2 others.
(and my opponent would have had nothing left!!)

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