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Iron Warriors vs Eldar Corsairs - 2000pts

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A nice game against one of my regular opponents. He fancied using the new eldar corsairs list, so I gave him a game.
There was much proxying from him but as he was testing out the rules, that seemed fine as a one off.

- Khârn
- Daemon Prince with MoS and LoS
- 5 Chosen with Meltaguns and IoCG in Rhino
- 5 Chosen with Flamers and IoCG
- 9 Berserkers with Power Weapon Champion
- 10 CSM with 2 Flamers and Combi-melta, Power Fist Champion, IoCG in Rhino with Havok Launcher
- 10 CSM with 2 Flamers and Power Fist Champion, IoCG in Rhino with Havok Launcher
- 3 Obliterators
- Vindicator with Possession
- Land Raider with Possession

(not sure of his exact list but pretty much as below)
- Prince with Shadow Field and Rending CCW
- Psyker HQ (forget the name)
- Retinue (4) with Power Weapons in Falcon with Holo-field and Scatter Laser
- 10 Striking Scorpions with Biting Blade Exarch
- 10 Corsairs with Jet Packs, Champion and 2 Fusion Guns in Wave Serpent with Star Cannons
- 10 Corsairs with Jet Packs, Champion and 2 Missile Launcher
- 10 Corsairs with CCWs, Jet Packs, Champion
- 5 Corsairs with 1 Fusion Gun
- 6 Jetbikes with Champion and 2 Shuriken Cannons
- 2 Hornets
- Warp Hunter with Holofield and Star Engines

- Flat table
- My Deployment zone had a ruin on the left and a wood on the right
- No-man’s land had a wood on the left a hill and another wood in the centre and a ruin on the right
- His Deployment zone had a wood in the centre and a ruin on the right

- Annihilation
- Pitched Battle

I won the roll off and elected to deploy first.
- I deployed my obliterators in the ruin with the vindicator and a rhino (CSM 2) to their right
and the land raider (Khârn and Berserkers), the daemon prince and the other rhino (CSM 1) to their left
(the prince behind the land raider)
- He then deployed his 3 skimmers in the centre of his deployment zone along with his jetbikes
(who hid behind a wood) his 5 man corsair unit deployed in the ruin on the right.
- My flamer chosen infiltrated within 12” of his corsair unit
- My melta chosen were put into reserve (outflank)
- He elected to deep strike his other corsairs, he elected to outflank his hornets and striking scorpions

My opponent failed to steal the initiative.

Turn 1:

- The vindicator moved into the central NML wood (6”)
- The Prince moved 12” behind the wood on the left side of NML
- Rhino #2 moved 12” into the same wood
- The Land Raider moved 6” toward the hill, lining up on the warp hunter
- The Flamer Chosen moved 6” toward the 5 man corsair unit
- Rhino #1 moved up behind the vindicator
- The flamer chosen scored 13 hits on the corsairs wiping the unit
- The vindicator vaporised 2 Jetbikes
- The Land Raider shook the Warp Hunter
- The Obliterators also shook the Warp Hunter (Lascannons)
- None

- The Warp Hunter turbo boosted near to Rhino #1
- The Falcon moved up to the nearby wood and disembarked his HQ unit
- The Wave Serpent moved onto the hill and disembarked it’s corsair unit, which had to take
dangerous terrain tests thanks to their jetpacks, 1 fusion gunner fell over as did a standard corsair
- The Jetbikes moved to threaten the flamer chosen
- He used his Prince’s Orbital Bombardment on my Vindicator,
causing a stun which was ignored thanks to possession
- His Psyker HQ then destroyed the vindicator with one of his
psychic powers but suffered a perils in the process and lost a wound
- His fusion gunner missed the land raider
- His falcon failed to hurt the obliterators thanks to cover from the ruins
- The Jetbikes opened up on the flamer chosen killing 2
- The wave serpent wounded the daemon prince once
- His Wave Serpent chose to jump away, hiding behind the wood containing Rhino #1
- No actual combat

Kill Points: 1:1

Turn 2:

- My melta chosen failed to show
- The land raider moved 12” up to his HQ unit disgorging Khârn and the Berserkers
- The flamer chosen lined up on the jetbikes
- Rhino #2 moved 12” towards the jetbikes also, disgorging the CSM unit
- Rhino #1 moved 6” in order to line up on his corsairs and also disgorged its CSM unit toward the wave serpent
- The Prince moved 12” up to the Wave Serpent
- The Obliterators shifted in the ruins in order to line up on the Warp Hunter
- Rhino #1 obliterated the corsair unit with its havok launcher and twin-linked bolter
- The flamer chosen took down a jetbike with their flamers
- The CSMs from Rhino #2 took a another jetbike down
- The CSM Champion from Rhino #1 failed to hit the wave serpent with his combi-melta
- Khârn and the Berserkers shot the HQ unit killing the Psyker and wounding the Prince with a lucky bolt pistol shot,
which meant his shadow field was also destroyed in the process.
- I forgot to shoot the obliterators at the Warp Hunter (whoops)
- Khârn and the Berserkers wiped the HQ unit for only 2 losses
(1 of which was beheaded by Khârn), they then consolidated 3” into the nearby wood
- The flamer chosen engaged the last 2 jetbikes, 1 of their number falling to
the champions power weapon before killing him in return.
- The Prince hit the Wave serpent once, shaking it

- His hornets and striking scorpions showed up moving on from my left side
- The Striking scorpions moved up to my CSM unit on the left
- The wave serpent moved 12” to my side of the left NML woods (next to the left board edge)
- The falcon jumped over my land raider and away from Khârn and co.
- His hornets lined up on Khârn and co.
- The Warp hunter lined up on the other CSM unit
- The hornets wounded the daemon prince
- The striking scorpions killed 2 CSMs with their pistols
- The warp hunter’s template attack killed 8 of the CSMs from the other unit but failed to hurt their rhino
- The falcon missed the obliterators completely
- The striking scorpions killed all but my champion and 1 flamer CSM for 2 losses in return

Kill Points: 5:1

Turn 3:

- My melta chosen showed up behind his wave serpent
- The land raider pivoted in order to shoot his falcon up the backside
- Khârn and co. moved towards the scorpions, ending up on my side of the hill
- The daemon prince moved up next to the scorpions
- The obliterators stayed put
- The free CSM unit moved toward the remaining jetbike
- The melta chosen stripped all the guns off the wave serpent and immobilised it
- The land raider stripped the falcon of its pulse laser and stunned it
- The obliterators shook the warp hunter
- The jetbike was taken down by the combined might of 2 chosen, 1 CSM and 1 Champion
- The scorpion exarch finished off my other CSM unit, the prince killed 2 scorpions before
being killed in turn (only had to make 2 saves and failed both, D’oh)

- His corsairs with 2 missiles showed up next to Khârn and co.
- He chose to ram my land raider with his warp hunter (19”), he did nothing and lost his big gun in return (lol)
- His scorpions moved to engage Khârn and co.
- The hornets also lined up on Khârn
- Combined fire from the hornets, corsairs and scorpions killed 4 berserkers
- The scorpions charged Khârn and the berserkers, his exarch failed to hit Khârn
who then butchered all but the exarch and 2 scorpions. The remaining scorpions did manage
to kill the berserker champion before the berserkers killed another scorpion. The scorpions
ran for their lives, escaping but being unable to rally.
- The corsairs jumped into the nearby woods, losing a missile launcher and a normal
corsair in the process due to dangerous terrain

Kill Points: 6:3

Turn 4:

- Khârn and co. lined up on the hornets
- The flamer chosen and last remaining CSMs moved towards the corsairs in the woods
- Rhino #1 and Rhino #2 lined up on the same unit as did the melta chosen’s rhino
- The obliterators moved closer to the warp hunter
- The melta chosen blew the wave serpent to bits, but lost 2 of their number in the ensuing explosion.
- The Land raider blew off the falcons scatter laser and shook it again
- The obliterators turned the warp hunter into scrap with multi-meltas
- The flamer and Champion from the CSM unit killed 3 of the corsairs putting the flamer chosen out of range.
- The combined fire of the 3 rhino’s killed all but 2 of the same corsair unit, who promptly fled.
- Khârn managed to shake a hornet with his plasma pistol
- Khârn and the 2 berserkers failed to do anything productive against the hornets

- His unit of combat corsairs showed up near my last remaining CSMs
- His scorpions and shooty corsairs both ran off the table
- His falcon moved away from my land raider
- His hornets moved away from Khârn
- The 1 hornet that could shoot did nothing to Khârn and the berserkers
- The corsairs did nothing to the CSMs
- The corsairs jetpacked away from the CSMs

Kill Points: 10:3

Turn 5:

- Khârn and co. lined up on the hornets
- The land raider pivoted towards the hornets as well
- The obliterators and melta chosen moved towards the falcon
- The CSMs and flamer chosen lined up on the Corsairs as did the 2 havok-launcher packing Rhinos
- The corsairs were obliterated by overwhelming firepower
- The Hornets were downed by the land raider
- The falcon managed to only get stunned despite the
efforts of the melta chosen and obliterators thanks to its turbo-boost save.
- None

- He conceded

Final Kill Points: Me - 12, Him - 3

- Mwahahahahahaha!!!!!
- Ironically, despite me not killing much in turn 3, that was when it went downhill for my opponent,
the disastrous ram attempt by the warp hunter, the stripping of the guns from the wave serpent and falcon
and the scorpion’s defeat signalled the beginning of the end.
- Khârn was pure win (again) not just killing his prince, but soaking up so much firepower and he never failed even 1 save!
- The obliterators did their job (even if I did get over-excited on turn 2 and forgot to shoot them)
- My opponent’s list was far from optimal and his deep-striking of T3 5+ armour corsairs did him
no favours with my over-abundance of flamers and havok launchers (which didn’t miss once!)


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Congrats on your win. I have to say im looking forward to playing against some chaos in the future. hope your win streak continues!

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