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Battle for the Blood God

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As part of the lead-up to this years GD UK, my local store has been running some games
to help determine the GD T-shirt. The first week was Fantasy, which (the forces of evil)
and I won. The second week was 40Ks turn, and I was determined my Iron Warriors would
see the bad guys prevail once more.

The limitations were minimum, 1 HQ and 1 Troop.

My list was:

Daemon Prince with Mark of Slaanesh and Wings
5 Legionnaires with 1 Plasma Gun
5 Legionnaire Havoks with 4 Meltaguns
- Rhino (standard)

Total - 500pts

- - - - - - - - - -

My 1st game was against a Guard Player and was Annihilation, Pitched Battle.

Company Command - 1 Power Weapon, Medic, Standard, Plasma Gun
10 Veterans - 3 Meltaguns
- Chimera (standard)
2 Armoured Sentinels - 1 Autocannon, 1 Plasma Cannon

I won the roll off and deployed first with my Plasma Squad hidden in ruins at the back left
and the rest deployed front and centre ready to make for wherever he deployed.
He deployed his Command HQ in a ruin at the back, with the sentinels and veterans (in their
chimera to the right.

Turn 1:

I moved the Prince on top of a central tower (passing the dangerous terrain test) in order to
provoke a challenge (shoot me if you dare) while both tanks moved up 12" behind said tower,
they both then popped smoke.

He moved up in a similar vein, but didn't deploy his veterans, so they couldn't shoot. The
sentinels did put 1 wound on the Prince.

Turn 2:

The Prince made for his sentinels, the Havoks disembarked to shoot at the chimera as did the
vindicator. The Havoks missed with all 4 meltaguns, however the 1 bolter glanced and stunned it,
The Vindicator then only managed to do the same. The Prince charged and destroyed both
Sentinels (they were a squadron -_- )

He disembarked the Veterans, who shot at the prince, but did nothing (all three meltaguns either
missed or failed to wound), he then charged the prince, who killed 4 for no damage and then ran
them down.

Turn 3:

The Prince went for the command squad, the Havoks then managed to immobilise the Chimera,
The Vindicator shot the command squad and killed just 1 guy thanks to cover saving 2 others.
The Havoks charged and blew up the Chimera with Krak Grenades. The Prince charged and killed
all but his commander, who failed to wound the Prince and was chased down as he tried to flee.

Win by annihilation, KP 4:0

- - - - - - - - - -

2nd Game - Iyanden Eldar Jetbike Army, 3 Objectives, Spearhead.

Autarch with Lance and Missile Launcher on Jetbike
4 Jetbikes with 1 Cannon
4 Jetbikes with 1 Cannon
Wraithlord with Sword and Bright Lance

I again won the roll off and deployed first, sitting my scoring unit on 1 objective in my deployment zone,
with the Vindicator hiding next to them. The rest I deployed as close as possible to him.
He deployed around the back of the board.

Turn 1:

I shifted my offensive units to the left side of the board and popped smoke on the Rhino

He advanced toward my offensive units and failed to do any damage

Turn 2:

My Prince and Havoks made for the closest unit of jetbikes, The shooting accounting for 1 bike before
the Prince wiped the rest of the unit in combat.

He shot his Autarch at the Prince doing 2 wounds, and the other Jetbike unit at the Havoks killing
3 of them. His Wraithlord missed the Rhino.

Turn 3:

My Vindicator decided to stop hiding and advanced out of cover, the Prince made for the other unit of
Jetbikes, The remaining Havoks moved to hide near another objective. The Vindicator put a wound on
the Wraithlord, The Rhino managed to put 2 wounds on the Autarch with some lucky shooting. The
Prince then charged and wiped out his 2nd Jetbike unit.

He once again shot at the Prince with the Autarch, finishing him off, while the Wraithlord only managed
to shake the Rhino thanks to a Glancing Hit.

Turn 4:

The Vindicator put a second wound on the Wraithlord

The Autarch finished off the Havoks with his missile launcher, while the Wraithlord failed to hurt the

Turn 5:

The Vindicator finished off the Wraithlord

He turbo-boosted the Autarch into the centre of the board, hoping for another turn so he could contest
the only objective I held.

Turn 6:

The Rhino finished off the Autarch with it's Twin-linked Bolter.

Win by annihilation, Objectives 1:0

- - - - - - - - - -

Game 3 - Sisters of Battle, Capture and Control, Dawn of War

Saint Celestine
10 Sisters with Sister Superior, no other upgrades
10 Sisters with Sister Superior, no other upgrades

I won the roll off and elected to deploy first, I hid my prince behind a building to the right and my
Scoring unit on an objective to the left.
He deployed both units of sisters, one on his objective and the other at the back on the right. He then
depolyed Celestine to face my Scoring unit.

Turn 1:

He stole the initiative and the exorcist rolled on at the back on the left. Celestine advanced on my scoring
unit but was 6.0001" away from them, rolled snake eyes for her eyesight so couldn't shoot or charge. The
exorcist could see however and killed 1 with a missile.

My vindicator rolled on to the right 12" then popped smoke, my havoks rolled 12" on to the left. I shot
celestine with the plasma gun, wounding twice and she failed her inv. save (dying for the 1st time)

Turn 2:

Celestine failed to get up and his shooting accomplished nothing this turn.

The Prince jumped on top of the building he had been hiding behind, aiming to repeat his efforts from my first
game. The Vindicator advanced to behind the same building and the Havoks in their Rhino advanced behind
the ruin my scoring unit was sheltering in.

Turn 3:

Celestine failed to get up and he managed to put a single wound on the Prince with the Exorcist.

The Prince made for the objective, the Vindicator lined up on the Sisters squad in the open at the back.
The Havoks decided that discretion was no valour and made for the exorcist, dismounting within 12" of it.
The Havoks then blew off the exorcist's missile launcher and the vindicator killed 5 sisters (I hit and wounded 9
but he passed 4 of their 6+ Invulnerable saves... grr) The Prince was bound to be out of charge range so ran a
bit closer to his objective.

Turn 4:

Celestine got back up, and went for my scoring unit. He tank-shocked the havoks which fell back. The sisters put
a wound on the daemon prince with their bolters, while Celestine killed 2 of the Marines with her flamer, she then
charged them and killed the remaining 2 before they could attack.

The Havoks rallied and shot Celestine, killing her again, the Vindicator shot the same sisters squad again, killing
another 3. The Prince then charged the other sisters unit killing only 1 and taking a wound in return.

Turn 5:

Celestine got back up again and went for the Havoks. He tried tank-shocking them again, but they got out of the way
this time. Celestines flamer then killed 2 of the Havoks, Combat saw her fail to hurt the Havoks, while the Daemon Prince
killed 4 sisters for no wounds but they escaped.

The Vindicator finished off the last 2 sisters of the first squad then, just to be mean, I then charged the already fleeing sisters
unit, forcing them to run off the board. Celestine killed 2 Havoks, but the last 1 held.

Turn 6:

Celestine finished off the last Havok and consolidated toward my objective. His exorcist hid as best it could from my vindicator.

The Prince made for Celestine as did the Vindicator, but neither could actively do anything, the Rhino shot her with it's TL Bolter
however, doing a wound (she had got back up with 2 earlier).

Turn 7:

The Sisters did nothing except hide.

I was out of charge range and shooting range so could only shake my fist in disappointment as we drew.

Draw - 0:0

- - - - - - - - - -

Overall a fun day, the final result Evil 4 : 7 Good. I came joint second from an individual standpoint, and was the best Evil General,
but my accursed allies failed me on the day... More bitterness to fuel my army's strength... Iron Within...


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Nice batrep man, i was gonna comment that you got to go first alot but then the seraphim jumped you! Maybe evil will triumph another day?...

Legion of Caliban check out my blog, for great Dark Angels content and comic battle reports!




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A very entertaining read!
Next time, Dam13n could you take a few quick photos too? Even a mobile phone's camera would be fine.




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Kierdale - I could, but I keep forgetting. This day was particularly fast paced as the games
were so small in points, and my brain was focussed on winning rather than picture taking.
I should get a game or two today, it being thursday (vets night at my local GW) so will try
to take a few then, and post a new batrep sometime tomorrow.

Polythemus - cheers, I seem to be winning fairly regularly at the moment, so it's not like I'm
failing to deliver my quota of skulls to Khorne or anything. Maybe I need to "educate" my
fellow evil generals in the art of destruction, rather than self-destruction, which is all many of
them managed on the day.