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Kill Team Tournament

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Had some fun games today at my local GWS.

We used the kill team rules with 1 alteration. You could take 1 HQ in addition to your
200pt kill team.

I took:

Belial w Hammer and Shield - 130pts
Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon & DCCW w Storm Bolter - 125pts
Land Speeder Typhoon with Multi-melta - 75pts

Had to come up with a quick list on the spot as my original plan was to use a tooled up
Daemon Prince and 2 Chaos Dreads (I forgot that you could only take 1 elite, oops)
primarily because I wanted to have a laugh at my dreads shooting each other and my
Prince, or going nuts and bundling toward the enemy. Still, never mind...

I'm gonna be quick, as some games went on quite a while (and there were 7 of them)
All the games had the same deployment rules - you had to deploy 9" or more from the
centre, unless Infiltrating/Outflanking or Deep Striking.

Game 1 - Tau

3 Crisis suits, all with shields, 1 with dual plasma, 1 with dual fusion and 1 with missile
pod and flamer

I won the roll off and went first, I hung back with everything except Belial, with the Dreadnought
hiding in a ruin. I gave Belial Fleet, the Dreadnought Stealth (lol) and the Speeder Scout.

He deployed in a line behind a central hill. He gave 1 suit eternal warrior, another feel no pain and
another counter attack.

My speeder accounted for the fusion suit on turn 1, before losing it's typhoon launcher to a missile,
and getting shaken by the plasma suit. I managed to jump farsight on turn 2 with Belial and pounded
him into the ground, but took a wound in the process. He then plasma'ed Belial to death. The plasma
suit died turn 3 to the speeder. The missile suit then ran away securing me a win.

- - - - -

Game 2 - Dark Angels

6 Veterans, 1 Hammer and Shield, 1 Meltagun, 1 Missile Launcher

I won the roll off and went first (I may as well say it now, I actually won every roll off for 1st turn, I'm not
sure how, my dice rolling is normally awful... :-P) I deployed everything behind a hill, I gave Belial Eternal
Warrior, the Dreadnought Preferred Enemy and the Speeder Scout.

He then deployed en-mass the other side of the hill, Azrael got Eternal Warrior, the Missile Launcher was
relentless and the Hammer got Feel no Pain

Turn 1 I killed the Missile guy with the Speeder, and then killed the hammer guy with the Dreadnought. He
then managed nothing in return. Turn 2 the speeder killed a random guy, Belial beat the meltagunner to death
and the Dreadnought charged Azrael, wounding him once but getting stunned in the process In his turn 2 guys
shot and charged Belial, failing to hurt him and both dying in the process, the Dreadnought got stunned again.
Turn 3 I accounted for the last another random guy with the speeder and Belial charged Azrael, finishing him off
and giving me my second win.

- - - - -

Game 3 - Sisters of Battle

7 Serephim with 1 Hand Flamers and Superior with Plasma Pistol and Power Weapon

I deployed behind a hill while he deployed at the back of the board. I gave Belial Feel no Pain, the Dreadnought
Preferred Enemy and the Speeder Scout, He gave Celestine Eternal Warrior, and 2 Serephim abilities that never
came into play, so I can't remember them.

Turn 1 the Speeder put Celestine down after the Dreadnought had wounded her with it's Storm Bolter. She got
back up immediately, in his turn nothing happened. In Turn 2, the speeder then killed his sister superior, while
the dreadnought charged Celestine and put a wound on her, while Belial accounted for 2 Serephim. In his turn,
he bundled Belial who pwned 2 of the 4 serephim who charged him. In turn 3, Belial finished off the serephim,
Turn 4 saw Belial charge Celestine and he killed her with ease, giving me a hatrick of wins.

- - - - -

Game 4 - Eldar

5 Banshees
5 Warp Spiders

This game went awry for me, My opponent stole the initiative and 2 spiders saw off my Speeder despite my scout
given turbo-boost save. Yriel soon saw off the Dreadnought before finishing off Belial a turn later. I made some
stupid mistakes (mainly because I forgot how unpleasant Yriel is, lesson learned there) I only accounted for 2 Spiders
and 2 Banshees, ow.

- - - - -
Break for Lunch
- - - - -

Game 5 - Space Puppies

Wolf Lord with Frost Blade, Saga of the Warrior Born, Runic Armour,
Belt of Russ, Necklace and Tail, riding ThunderWolf
3 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 1 Thunder Hammer, all with Meltabombs

I deployed behind a large ruin (out of line of sight of him, I know his luck) and gave Belial Eternal Warrior, the
Dreadnought Preferred Enemy and the Speeder Scout. He deployed behind a smaller ruin as close as he could get.
The Lord got Eternal Warrior, the Hammer got Tank Hunter and another got Feel no Pain

Turn 1 saw the speeder pulp a standard Thunderwolf. Turn 2 saw the speeder zoom fowards and wound the hammer
wielding puppy, he then charged the speeder with the hammer and my dread with the Lord, he failed to hit the Speeder
(12" move FTW) and failed to hurt the Dread. Turn 3 saw the speeder finished off the hammer-pup while Belial charged
the Lord wounding him twice. He then charged the speeder with his last Thunderwolf shaking it. Somehow the Lord
survived. Turn 4, my speeder boosted away, then the Lord fell to the Dreadnought. He then failed his leadership test
and the last puppy fled the field, giving me win #4.

- - - - -

Game 6 - Necrons

Overlord with pretty much every upgrade going
16 Necron Warriors

I deployed around the back of the board, he hid everything in cover. Belial got Feel no Pain, The Dreadnought got
preferred enemy and the speeder got scout. He gave his Overlord Eternal Warrior, and 1 warrior got Feel no Pain
another Fleet

Turn 1 saw me kill both his veteran warriors, He tachyon arrow-ed my Dread, stunning it. Turn 2 saw his Lord take
a wound from the Speeder. He then charged the Dread who pwned him into the ground before he got to strike. The Lord
did get back up only to be pwned back down in my following turn, never to rise again. The remaining turns saw Belial, the
Dread and the Speeder slowly but surely grind their way through the warriors, and with only 2 left, he was finally routed
giving me win #5.

- - - - -

Game 7 - Necrons

Overlord with Scythe, Orb and Phase Shifter
5 Scarab bases
9 Warriors

I deployed Belial forward but the Dread and Speeder near the back. Same Vet Skills as above. He deployed across a
broad front with everything in the open. His Overlord had Eternal Warrior, 1 Scarab Base had Rending, another had
Feel no Pain.

Turn 1 saw 2 scarab bases die, Turn 2 saw 2 more and a warrior fall, Turn 3 saw the last scarab base go. He did end up taking
down the Dreadnought with his Overlord, but in the end Belial crushing his warriors saw him routed, giving me win #6.

- - - - -

Each win was worth 3 pts, a loss 1pt. This meant I romped to victory with 19 of the available 21pts with the Dark Angel
player finishing 2nd with 17pts and the Necron Warrior swarm 3rd with 15pts.

The day was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to get my Angels up to their planned 2000pts so they can kick arse on a grander