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Last but One - Black Legion warband

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The time has come, I'm starting CSM army. Right now I have only DV miniatures but I've already preordered Warp Talons and Warp Smith.... More will come later, when I establish more fluff for my warband. I want (and tbh need) some comments and advices....

Of course I'll try to put some pictures of my army later on but right now they're in the very WIP stage and I'm horribly slow (and not very skilled) painter. Right now test painting cultists, better to ruin them then my pretty Chosen or Lord....

But, back to the fluff....

The major part of my warband are the remnants of the last but one Sons of Horus company. I'm not sure how many companies there were in SoH Legion, Horus Rising said 25 companies, 600 legionnaires each but that's before increasing them x10. So does it mean that there are 250 companies? Or that each from 25 has 6000 battle brothers? Doesn't really matter. Last but One.

Last but One were lead (even before the Heresy) by a Terran captain (don't have a name for him yet). He was charismatic, kinda cynical outcast, seeing more than most (like that CSM are slaves to the Chaos Gods just like SM are slaves to the Emperor, or that civil war was inevitable after the Great Crusade), but also a pragmatic one ("we were made to wage war so we'll wage it, it's the only thing we can do after the betrayal", "we became bad guys, so we may at least try to enjoy it.... and Fateweaver, I could use this funny mutation giving the third eye"). He came under the banner of Abaddon pretty quickly but the new Warmaster didn't really trust him. Last but One was gathering many outcasts and exiles from other Legions, they were becoming more powerful, a bit too much for Abaddon's taste. That's why he send one of his trusted (Cthonian) Justaerin to watch this unnamed-yet-Lord.... and to help him of course, but his main mission was to watch, kinda like the Sorcerer from DoWII:Retribution.
After countless battles unnamed-yet-Lord and Justaerin grew closer, like brothers. They were often talking about the universe, about war.... you know, the philosophical stuff and Justaerin was beginning to see the world like the unnamed-yet-Lord.
And then the unnamed-yet-Lord died. He was trying to reach daemonhood, to see everything more clearly, to understand everything better. And he failed. Boom! Spawn!
Justaerin took over Last but One, after a bit of infighting against other pretenders of course. From Abaddon's watcher he became a leader of a powerful Chaos warband. And then the Warmaster stopped to trust him....

Last but One elite (Chosen) are all Sons of Horus.... ex-Sons of Horus.

There is of course Justaerin, he's a Lord, TDA and.... not sure yet. I'm not sure if I want to buy Chaos Lord plastic kit, to convert him, to use different model (sth from FW maybe?) or to wait for a new Lord from GW.

Cultists are cultists, or something.... I'm not sure yet but there are in. Right now I have two leaders (from DV), the one with the axe is called Red Hood while the one with the sword and shotgun is Black Mask.... those names are not copyrighted, right?
Also I'd love to use those FW models http://www.forgeworl...UE_PSYKERS.html but I believe there are no no-PA psyker cultist guys in the new codex. What then? Allies?

Also I want to convert DV limited Chaplain into the Dark Apostle. Ex-Night Lord. Not that hard. Clean DA symbol from the helmet. Change the winged statue from the crozius (I'm thinking about a skull with bat wings). One shoulder is a skull, which is fitting. Second shoulder is.... well, I'll need to cut it out.... Basically the front armour part is the hardest one.... I'll thing of something. And there's also a cloak with a big DA symbol. I'm leaving it. It's a trophy from the Thramas Crusade.

There'll also be a Sorcerer. Kinda Sindri like, directing it all from behind but not really working against the Justaerin. His origin will remain unknown, only with hints here and there like "Knowledge is power" or "I am Legion" or "My Primarch would enjoy it". Not sure about a model yet. New Sorcerer? Older one? Chaos Lord kit?

And there's one unit I'd like to use your help. I want Berserkers. But not those Khorne-bunny-ears-World-Eaters. I want to scratch build them with a lot of kit bashing. They're basically a loyal Space Marines that got lost in the Warp for a really long time. I'll use bearded helmetless heads from Flagellands, Marauders, maybe Space Wolves and try to make them as wild as possible. But I'm kinda torn about their origin. I'd like them to be from a noble SM Chapter, like Ultramarines but on the other hand something more brutal fits as well.... maybe Space Wolves just to annoy SW players? They are adorable when annoyed.... But on the other hand 1st Founding Chapter is kinda too obvious and popular. Maybe something different? I'm not good at those later Foundings. Minotaurs sound fun for a brutal chapter.... but maybe some UM successors? I don't want to have a lot of them, just a squad or two. Any ideas?

Then there's another aspect of Last but One. Their ship.... or main ship, not sure how many would they need. Is one sufficient for a warband?
Their (main?) ship is called Void Siren (a bit cliché, I know). It was a ship of some Khorne forces that was captured by Slaanesh and kept in the Warp for thousands of years.... The ship now is "infected" with Daemonettes that are breeding (from some kind of cocoons (a bit like those in Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman)) Space Marines. They're more like an amalgam of a Space Marine and a daemon, twisted version (even for CSM standards). They'll be my Warp Talons. I'm so happy for those new models and rules, they're fitting my fluff well. I was planning to use Raptors but WT are even better.
This daemon infested ship would also allow me to use some allied Chaos Daemons. However I've heard that Daemonettes are not worth it in current edition.... I've also seen a beautiful model of a pregnant female daemon that I could use count-as Daemon Prince. But that's a plan for later.
Oh, and one more important thing, the ship is called Void Siren because it has a female spirit bound to it, it's former captain. Would using the Conqueror (Angron's flagship during the Heresy) be too much?

I also plan to use some Possessed Marines. No idea about their origin. I was thinking about something like Honsou, Imperial Fists gene-seed used by Iron Warriors, but then trying to be the best and using everything that was possible, like daemons, then exiled.... or being mostly killed off with only a few that got away and joined Last but One.

And now there's also a Warp Smith. Son of Horus? Another Legion? Maybe a Chapter? I plan to buy him a pet (Maulerfiend) or two (Forgefiend as well?)....

Oh, and I'd love to use a Nurgle Dreadnought from Forge World with a squad or two of Plague Marines. They found him buried on some planet and he infected them. Now they more or less worship him.

Then maybe a squad of Fallen Angels....

And a renegade Tzeentch Sorcerer with a few Rubric Marines. There may be a cool rivalry between him and the main Sorcerer....

And what about some basic CSM? The old (current) kit is not bad. Maybe a fallen DIY SM chapter?
I don't really want to use a Legion/1st Founding Chapter for an every unit. I'm not sure I want to have every unit from an established Legion/Chapter. Some less known or totally unknown stuff would be great as well.

Also Last but One was playing an important role during the 1st Black Crusade (the one that Dorn died in it.... that was the first one, right?) and because of that they're being chased by a young Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor. He uncovered something pretty important about it and managed to unite a pretty big "IF with Successors" army (a company here, small BT crusade there, two squads here, two Librarians there, maybe a whole DYI IF successor Chapter).... that'll be a theme for my next army. Last but One Imperial Fists Crusade. The last one will be at the very end of time, with the reawaken (or dead) Emperor, returned Primarchs (or Daemon Primarchs)....

Damn, that's a lot of text.... I hope at least someone would enjoy (or at least read) it and advise me a bit.... Am I breaking fluff too much?
And sorry for my english, I was not using it in writing for a pretty long time.


Last but One - Black Legion Warband




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Well, you can really mash as many different warbands together as you want, there's plenty of precedent for powerful lords leading diverse groups. Generally you'd expect chaos forces to operate in small fleets - each warband having its own ship, and the lord commanding the biggest one. Sometimes you'll find several small warbands aboard a cruiser commanded by the toughest champion, but a lot of large warbands have ships of their own. Fluff the smaller ones to use frigates, maybe.

The FW renegade psyker is a gorgeous mini, but you're right, there's no unarmoured psyker in the codex. What he is absolutely stellar for, however, is a primaris psyker from an allied traitor guard contingent.

I'm not sure about a night lord apostle, as the NL are the least into the whole "worshipping the gods" deal, but if he's ex-NL maybe he converted and that's why he left? Maybe the cultists are his. Maybe they're servants and servitors of the dark mechanicum following the warpsmith around. You could theme each of your cultist squads differently and "attatch" them to different characters, fluff-wise.

Its lonely cry comes shivering through the dark,

As beasts roar at the great biting flames,

"Blessed are the chains that bind him to the darkness

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If you have the DV box as you said then that's your Fallen squad right there! You'll be needing to swap the plascan for something else, though.

I'm thinking the DV librarian would make for a cool sorcerer - already got that hooded/Emperor Palpatine vibe going on with him, though cleaning the logo from the front of his tabard might be tricky - he'd look good as a Word Bearer, I think.

As to the loyalist squad turned Berzerkers, how about Charcharadons? Brutal and uncompromising as you please with a predilection for tearing other Marines a new one, in CC if possible. Sound just about perfect.

"I once met one of our cousins in more peaceful times, a noble captain of the Ultramarines. He branded me a cur and a soul-less butcher without even the merest shred of honour. I laughed full in his face and asked why that surprised him."