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UK 40k GT season 2013/2014 3 heats

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This is their blurb from last year's one.


"For those of you who have been attending tournaments for a while you will remember that GW used to run a GT system each year that comprised of a Heats + Final setup. This used to be the highlight of the tournament calendar where you would meet up and compete against people you had not seen possibly since last years events. Great honour was lauded on a Heat winner and even more so if you could win the famous golden 'man on a toilet seat' trophy at the final. For those of you that did not get the pleasure I’m sure you have heard some of the older tournament goers muttering about its demise !
GW decided that having 300 gamers at WW over 3 weekends did not make any sense (!) so they cancelled the old GT system back in 2009!
Your new 40KGT committee is bringing this GT system back to the UK this year!"
I Qualified last year but missed out the final due to heading to throne of skulls instead, but thought I would put this up here to share.

If you are interested follow this link http://warhammer.org...p?f=64&t=114046

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The second I start seeing stuff like this:


1. Soft scores will be in place tweaked to ensure a more fair scoring system for all.


I get very, very skeptical <_<.

I dont like when people tell me how to play my army.  And a "fair scoring system for all" is very, very subjective.

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Well they listened to feedback from last year and adjusted the scoring system to make it more fair (before mission was rolled but not objectives, so some people could win by more VP's then the other due to having more objectives in their games).