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I need a Battlebrother

Warhammer World UK

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Hello everyone.

This is a bit of a strange request. I bought a ticket to go to the one day 40k Battle Brothers event (1500 point doubles tournament) at Warhammer World, Notingham coming up on July 14th (that's about a week away for those of you keeping score). Originally I was going to go with my wife, but she is needed elsewhere. My two regular 40k opponents both would like to go, but they both work on weekends and they won't know their shifts for the day until a few days before. This means I am trying to find a partner who can definitely, 100%, commit to going to the event.

Details of the event are on the Warhammer World website, however in summary the day starts with registration at 8-9 AM, Followed by three 1500 point games, a free meal in the staff resturant (the food is usually pretty good), a painting competition and best army judging, and then an award ceremony that finishes at about 7:30 PM. Each team shares a single regular 1500 point army (rather than having 2 seperate forces of 750 points) and the winning team is the one with the most victory points over all three games + any scores for favourite game votes etc.

The ticket I have covers 2 people, so if you want to come you would only need to get to Warhammer World for about 8 in the morning and be willing to stay there until the evening.


For those of you who may be interested, I have Chaos Space Marines (Alpha legion) and a enough for 750 points of grey knights. I also have Orks and Tyranids.

I do a blog. It has battle reports and stuff on it.