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4th Annual Gentlemen's GT at Rock-Con

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Rockford, IL: October 26-27, 2013

A Warhammer 40,000 Tournament for the Discerning Player

A five game, two-day 40K tournament reminiscent of the Grand Tournaments of old! For one blood-soaked weekend, there is only war.

PLAYERS: Up to 32 players may participate. Sign up early to reserve your spot! You may register in any of the following ways.
  • * Online at the The Last Square's ticket shop
    * Emailing info@rock-con.com and paying your registration fee
    * Calling The Last Square at 800-750-4401
FORMAT: 3 games on Saturday, 2 games on Sunday. Start time is 9:00 AM both days.
Opening round pairings will be determined randomly, Swiss pairings thereafter.

ARMIES: Armies may be selected from any currently published Codex book from Games Workshop.

Allies and fortifications are allowed.

The official Games Workshop Errata/FAQ documents are required and will be employed at the Gentlemen's GT.

Forge World rules are not allowed at the Gentlemen's GT. If you employ Forge World models in your army, you may only use them in a "counts as" fashion using the rules from your army Codex.

POINTS LIMIT AND ARMY LISTS: Army lists shall total no more than 1,750 points.

Players must use the same army list for the entire tournament. Players must supply six copies of their army list: one for each opponent and one for the tournament organizer.

MODELS: All models must be fully assembled.

All models must be painted, based, and flocked. Any model that is not fully painted using at least three different colors and/or is not on a painted/flocked base (for models that require bases, of course; don't worry about mounting your Defilers!) MAY NOT BE USED FOR ANY REASON.

All models must be WYSIWYG. This rule is primarily focused on wargear and similar upgrades. The in-game abilities of every model should be apparent and represented.

Conversions and "counts as" are allowed and highly encouraged -- and might even earn you a special prize! -- but the "Reasonable Gentleman" rule will be in effect. Conversions and "counts as" substitutes must be clearly discernible and must be done either for necessity (e.g., because an official model does not exist) or for artistic effect. Lazy "counts as" conversions will not be allowed. I.e., You cannot mount a shoebox on a post and call it a Stormraven. Nor can you substitute combi-meltas for combi-plasmas on your Space Marines just because you don't actually have combi-plasmas. On the other hand, building a detailed Stormraven out of cardboard or repurposing Tau plasma rifles or missile pods to represent Ork big shootas or rokkits for your characterful Ork Waaagh! are perfectly acceptable.

If you are concerned about any of your conversions, please contact the event organizer rather than wait until the day of the event.

Finally, all players must supply 3 objective markers between 40mm and 60mm in diameter. Players are strongly encouraged to build and paint custom objective marker models themed to match their army, though this is not required.

MISSIONS: Each round will feature a unique combination of rules and objectives primarily derived from the standard missions in the Warhammer 40,000 rules. There will be Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary objectives in each mission. Primary objectives are worth 4 Mission Points, Secondary objectives are worth 3 Mission Points, and Tertiary objectives are worth 2 Mission Points. A player must earn more Mission Points than his or her opponent to win the game. Mission Points will be used to aid in pairing opponents and for tiebreakers.

PRIZES: Prizes based on attendance. Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, appearance, best sportsman, not dead yet, and more.

BE A GENTLEMAN: This event respects all aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 hobby: gaming, painting, modeling, and sportsmanship. Players are expected to conduct themselves as "proper gentlemen" even while wearing their game faces and slaughtering their foes. After all, the slaughter is all in the name of having fun and appreciating the skill and labor our fellow gentlemen (and ladies) have poured into their armies.

Players who cheat, collude, or who have otherwise violated the tournament rules may, at the discretion of the event organizer, have their scores modified or, in extreme cases, be ejected from the event entirely and rendered ineligible for any prizes.

Similarly, players who, in the judgement of the event organizer, demonstrate egregiously unsportsmanlike conduct may also have their scores modified or be ejected from the event.
RIP Warhammer 40,000: 21 Sep 1998 - 24 May 2014




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As of Sep 27, we've already got 17 players signed up!

1 Thomas Rychlik
2 Nicholas Holt
3 Alex Kasper
4 Nolan Woods
5 Ernesto Salas
6 James Moy
7 Tom Curzi
8 Tim Gorham
9 Dan Celletti
10 Daniel Young
11 Russell Ford
12 Kyle Fjerstad
13 Jeffery Allen
14 Kevin Pearson
15 Ian Pearson
16 Philip Dubbe
17 Brad Townsend
RIP Warhammer 40,000: 21 Sep 1998 - 24 May 2014




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I hope this thing fills up! We need to make sure Tim can't 3-peat! ;)
6th Ed. Record:
BA: W: 10 L: 4 D: 0
GK: W: 10 L: 5 D: 1
5th Ed. Record: W: 22 L: 14 D: 8

5th Ed. Tourney Results: 3rd(1/21/12), 27th(2/19/12), 6th & Best Sportsman(3/31/12)
6th Ed. Tourney Results: 9th & Best Sportsman(10/20/12)

Blog Updated 10/30/12 Finally Back!




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Despite a low turnout -- several last-minute drops, unfortunately -- I think the tournament was a terrific success! I love seeing new players ... who then tell me they're interested in coming back again next year. smile.png

Below are listed the final tournament standings based on the participants' records. As noted in the tourney rules packet, where W/L/D records are identical, the total number of mission points earned -- followed the number of primary, secondary, and tertiary objectives earned -- serve as tiebreakers. Actual prizes awarded are listed next to each participant's name. (At the Gentlemen's GT, you don't have to win your games to win prizes!)

1 Tim Gorham (Necrons) 5-0 -- Well Played, Sir!
2 Phillip Dubbe (Space Marines) 4-1 (25 MPs) -- Perfect Gentleman
3 Thomas Rychlik (Eldar + Tau Allies) 4-1 (24 MPs)
4 Jeff Payne (Chaos Daemons) 3-2 (28 MPs)
5 Brad Townsend (Grey Knights) 3-2 (25 MPs) -- Man for All Seasons
6 Shawn Hook (Eldar) 3-2 (25 MPs) -- Distinguished Gentleman
7 Jeffrey Allen (Tyranids) 3-2 (21 MPs)
8 Alex Kasper (Orks) 3-2 (14 MPs: 3 Pri)
9 Chad Lindsay (Necrons) 3-2 (14 MPs: 1 Pri)
10 Nick Powell (Dark Eldar + Eldar Allies) 3-2 (12 MPs)
11 Justice Moy (Space Marines) 2-2-1 (14 MPs)
12 Thomas Curzi (Chaos Space Marines) 2-2-1 (9 MPs)
13 Dan Celletti (Grey Knights) 2-3 (16 MPs: 1 Pri, 2 Sec, 3 Ter)
13 Daniel Young (Eldar) 2-3 (16 MPs: 1 Pri, 2 Sec, 3 Ter)
15 Kyle Fjerstad (Imperial Guard) 2-3 (15 MPs: 2 Pri)
16 Nolan Woods (Space Wolves + IG Allies) 2-3 (15 MPs: 1 Pri)
17 Nicholas Holt (Chaos Daemons) 2-3 (5 MPs)
18 Hans Kreuger (Necrons) 1-2-2
19 Ian Pearson (Imperial Guard) 1-3-1
20 Farshad Maltes (Space Marines + Dark Angels Allies) 1-4 (7 MPs)
21 Kevin Pearson (Eldar) 1-4 (5 MPs)
22 Andy Carrick (Chaos Space Marines) 0-4-1 -- Stiff Upper Lip
RIP Warhammer 40,000: 21 Sep 1998 - 24 May 2014