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The Brazen Spear of the Emperor

Minotaurs Chapter

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Lord Tharand

Lord Tharand


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I recently was inspired by some great work in regards to the Minotaurs on these boards by Lorenzen and Midian amongst several others.  I started researching the chapter and picked up the IA12 book and several of the new kits to mix with my Forge World armor.  Beyond the inspiration by the great modelers on this board I was drawn to the fluff of the Minotaurs chapter.  I like their brutal and overwhelming deployment and application of firepower. Why deploy a small force when you can deploy the entire force?!
The other aspects of the chapter I liked was it use to the more modern or advanced pieces of equipment and possible connections to the High Lords of Terra. 
So with those thoughts swirling in my mind I created some goals for the project.
  • Use as much Mk. VIII armour as possible.
  • Veterans and Officers of the chapter will use the Sanguinary Guard chest piece at a minimum.  
  • Finally use my Tartaros terminator armour that's been sitting around for ages.
  • Build a Contemptor
  • Try to not mix different MK armour together on the same model.   Within the same squad different armour is fine.
  • Try to make each marine different in some meaningful way either by reposing or sculpting. I see so many wonderful reposing and sculpting WiPs on this board and I'd like to try my hand at it in some way.
Thus far I have created four marines.  Nothing earth shattering right his minute.  I did try creating a left-handed bolter marine that ended in complete failure.  If anyone has any tips for left-handed marines I am all ears!
Without further delay see the recently created marines below:
First up we have a group shoot.  This picture did not come out as well as I hoped.
We'll start with the odd ball of the bunch...Mk. IV bolter marine.  I did no conversation work on this at all.  He's just a mix of my Forge World Mk IV armour and the MK. IV legs from the new sternguard kit that I liked a lot.  Like all my marines I've loaded him up with his bolt pistol, extra magazine pouches, and grenades.
This next marine is something I've wanted to put together for a long time now.  He's fairly basic but I've wanted to use these Iron Hands legs on something and never had the right project.  Chest piece of a BA Death Company MK. VIII that I've shaved down and applied a Minotaur brass etching to.  
Next is running bolter marine using MK VIII chest piece from the new tactical marine box and MK. VIII shoulders from the command squad (Is there anywhere else to get MK. VIII shoulders?).  No conversation work here but I like the posing and the brass etching.  He's probably my favorite because I imagine he's itching to get close to his enemies so he can lay waste.
Last but certainly not least is an idea I picked up from these boards.  This is a pose/idea that I have shamelessly copied from Veteran Sargeant.  I A) Wanted to see if I could do it and cool.png It looks cool because clearly marines don't carry enough ammo to last long so they'd have to shift to their side arm quickly.  This guy is the changed from the original parts out of any models to start.  His legs and chest are BA Death Company that have been shaved to remove icons and other things I didn't like.  I shaved his knee pad a bit to make it more round since I thought it looked too much like a blood drop before.  I have not applied greenstuff yet because I wanted some pics of how I positioned the hands in case anyone was curious.  His bolter is currently is held in place with blue tac.  I intend to greenstuff a strap onto the bolter to give the illusion that it's just hanging there.  His arms are only pinned right this minute and moved a little while I was taking photos.  I intend for the finished model to be hilding it higher up.
That's it for the first post.  I hope everyone likes the poses so far and I am all ears for suggestions.
My next update will feature the squads veteran sarge that I'm currently calling The Hunter.  He'll be using Sanguinary Guard chest piece, repositioned legs, a converted axe from the assault marine box and a pistol I've yet to determine.  Should be cool!

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Brother Chaplain Kage

Brother Chaplain Kage


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Nice start to this thread. You've got some great poses and kitbashing going on in here.



Hope is the first step to despair.


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Very promising so far, in particular thd Bionic leg conversion, don't see those too often on non-IH Marines.

Looking forward to seeing some paint. :)







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Very nice work!
Great work on the Vet.Sarge-pattern pistol shooter!

Storm Gryphon

Storm Gryphon


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Let's see these guys with some paint on them!  Good work on the conversions.


Veteran Sergeant

Veteran Sergeant


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Haha. Nice work. It's funny that here and on other forums I have so many fans who play Minotaurs since I'd decided at some point to write/model in a vague reference to the idea that the Minotaurs and Invectors (my DIY) had some low intensity clashes at some point over the Euxcine incident.

But that's just because my guys are just loose cannon intergalactic jerks anyway. Which means they're just like the Minotaurs.


I like what you've got going on here so far.

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Lord Tharand

Lord Tharand


  • 480 posts

My efforts have met with a tad bit of misfortune after I lost/misplaced my minotaur brass etchings.  So, I was "forced" to place another order for more plus a little extra treat.  I picked up Asterion to cheer myself up!


I've finished up the basic working frame of the Sarge w/ Power Axe and a Plasma Cannon totting heavy weapon marine using bits from the Iron Hands and Space Wolf ranges.  I'll get pictures posted this weekend.


I'm also working on a scout sarge idea that has been bouncing around my brain for several years now using an old metal IG powerfist.  

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