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Deathwatch: Your Experiences with Apothecaries?

Apothecary Deathwatch RPG

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Only +60?  Well that changes everything.




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In my group we house-ruled that anybody could exchange their standard issue boltgun for a standard issue chainsword if they wished.




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It would make more sense to just use 5 req to get a chainsword since all the bolters come with a fire selector if given as standard issue, so they worth a touch more than that chainsword.


Also the apothcary can still easily wield stuff in both hands despite his fancy gear, all of the tools retract into it giving him the option of wielding bolters and the like. I'd expect he'd be more likely to wield a bolt pistol in that hand when fighting up close and using the other hand for the chainsword though.


battle captain corpus

battle captain corpus


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A-D-B: my 20 shillings worth...


I've played a Genesis Chapter Apothecary for a few sessions now (and also incorporated him as an NPC into my own Deathwatch group I'm GM'ing). For me the greatest strengths have been his ability to heal and also be quite a fulcrum point for the rest of the group.


The rules for Apoths (IMHO) may not be as brash or easy to use as their brothers ones, Apoths are more subtle and subdued I feel.

Weapons and loadouts? Hmmmm....personally I favour the standard issue bolter and chainsword kit. The Narthecium wont hold its own in combat, and unless youre up for giving lethal injections to the enemy....and possibly snapping the best healing tool you have! :D


As with most Deathwatch situations, the characters drive the story arc and the rules are more of a "pirates code" sometimes I think. Certainly Apoths present a very unique outlook on the squad, as they are sworn to preserve their lives no matter the personal cost etc etc.


Anyway, by the looks of the age of the thread I would guess that you have already begun your campaign etc but if this helps fractionally then cool!



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