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The Iron Warriors return... new report 27/05/14

Vassal Iron Warriors Ultramarines 2000pts Clan Raukaan Orks Tyranids Blood Angels

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your brand lord seems to keep digging these really clutch/amazing powers that help him a lot. have you ever gotten something useless like +1 bs?

Iron Hands battle reports


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I've got lucky with the Gift of Mutation, less so with the subsequent Boon Rolls when he's killed an enemy character.

I've rolled, for Gift of Mutation:
- Eternal Warrior (ended up being useless as he got battered by Boltguns)
- +1 Strength (Didn't end being useful as the Nurgle Lord didn't see combat that game)
- +1 Strength to Ranged Weapons (Awesome)
- Armour Save Improved by 1 (Awesome)
- He did get something useless against Clan Raukaan, but I forget what it was.

I've rolled, for Boons:
- Stubborn (Useless as he's Fearless as standard)
- +1 Initiative (Arguably useless as I6 beat everything my opponent had)
- +1 Toughness (Majority T in his unit was 5, so ended up being useless)
- Nothing (multiple times)

Them's the breaks I suppose. Who knows what I'll roll next.
I decided to trawl through the Liber Victorum today to find some of my old batreps.  I may try and update them with vassal pictures in time, as they'll make for good practice (plus it's nice to reminisce every once in a while):
5th Edition Kill Team Tournament
5th Edition Blood for the Blood God Mini-tournament
5th Edition Iron Warriors vs Eldar Corsairs
5th Edition Iron Warriors vs Mechanised Guard (updated with Vassal Pictures)
5th Edition Iron Warriors vs Tzeentch/Khorne Black Legion
5th Edition Iron Warriors vs Nurgle/Khorne Chaos Marines

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Well first off, and yes I'm gloating here, 6th edition has come and gone... and I didn't lose a single game, in fact I only drew twice (one of those a quick game where I was teaching a beginner so 1 - going easy on him and 2 - it only lasted 3 turns before we ran out of time).

Now with my smug moment done with, I managed to get two quick games in this evening. The first being a 600pt game against a Tyranid force. We both used unbound forces.

- Lord of Slaanesh - Jump Pack, Burning Brand, Power Sword, Gift of Mutation (Shred)
- 5 Chosen - 5 Flamers in a Havok-back Rhino
- 5 Noise Marines - Blastmaster in a Havok-back Rhino
- 5 Havocs - 4 Flamers in a Rhino

- Deathleaper
- 2 Lictors
- Broodlord and 12 Genestealers

We played Eternal War with 5 objectives, Standard deployment.

It was a really quick, fun, game... In fact it lasted only 50 minutes and ended when his last model, Deathleaper, was mercilessly slaughtered by my Lord, after some shameless "new rules abuse" by me. The new challenge rules are bizarre, but if played correctly, allow for some proper sneakiness.
I won the roll off and deployed first (as he'd be infiltrating everything anyway), it seemed the best chance of me getting to go first and "thin the ranks".  But...
The Tyranids stole the initiative and began... My opponent realised that this meant he would have probably have to move closer to the flamers (to have a good chance of charging turn 2)... his resigned sigh said more than an angry rant ever could... msn-wink.gif
Turn 1:
Aside from some shuffling forwards, little happened.  The psychic phase saw the Broodlord "Horror" the Noise Marines... who are Fearless huh.png .  There was no shooting and (obviously) no assault as he'd Infiltrated everything.
The Chosen went after and burned a lictor to death, while the blastmaster killed the other.  The havok launchers put down 4 genestealers.  The last rhino missed deathleaper as I needed to Snap-shoot at him.
Turn 2:
The genestealers hit the noise marines and wiped them.  The noise champion did challenge the broodlord and wounded him during the combat, but other than that... At least deathleaper failed his charge... unsure.png
Time for revenge... the chosen re-embarked, while the havocs did the opposite, promptly burning the genestealers along with the lord.  Only one survived.  The rhinos all shot deathleaper and despite re-rolls they scored no hits.
Turn 3:
The last surviving genestealer was first to charge and died horribly.  Deathleaper then assaulted, and slew the havoc champion in a challenge.  Unfortunately for him that wasn't the end of proceedings... The rest of my unit was now free to attack him, as a result the lord savaged the poor "super-lictor" hitting with all three attacks, then (thanks to shred) wounded with all three (despite needing 5s) killing deathleaper instantly.
Victory by Annihilation.
- - - - -

The second game (against the same opponent) was a 1000pt Dynamic Objective game. This time he was using Blood Angels.

After the preceding slaughter, I decided to stick with my 600pts as it was above, and added another 400pts to it.

I added:
- Sorcerer - Level 3 (Biomancy), Gift of Mutation (+1 Toughness), Spell Familiar
- 5 Noise Marines - Blastmaster
- Vindicator - Siege Shield, Combi-bolter
(The Lord got Adamantium Will from his Gift in this game)

He used:
- Librarian - ML2, Terminator Armour
- Sanguinary Priest
- 5 Scouts - 4 Snipers, Missile Launcher
- 7 Assault Marines - Meltagun in a Land Raider Crusader with Multi-melta
- Baal Predator - T.L. Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolter
- Vindicator - Demolisher Cannon, Storm Bolter

This game was a mess, and there's no way I could write it up. I can barely remember what actually happened each turn. The key points were:
- The psychic phase was good fun, although it requires some careful planning. The Spell Familiar was invaluable, being able to re-roll my psychic tests was rather handy.
- Dynamic objectives are fun, but it can be a little irritating when you get nothing useful for a couple of turns.
- Enfeeble plus Flamers = Awesome. They savaged his army, wiping his mini-star (Libby, Priest, Assault Marines who'd started in the Raider) over a couple of turns, through Shooting and Wall of Death.
- We played loose with a lot of rules(surely the motto of 7th edition), doing what made sense rather than strict RAW. This kept the game flowing and kept the game nice and friendly.
In the end, I managed to blag a win 9 VPs to 6 (with 4 claimed by me on the last turn, phew!).

All in all, 7th is good fun. It seems to be a more "Beer and Pretzels" game than 6th was, which I'm all in favour of. I suspect that competitive play will require a lot of homegrown errata in order to function in that environment. The 600pt game in particular was really quick and required some quick thinking, which I enjoy. I can imagine that getting back up to our traditional 2000pt games will take a while, we may even end up sticking at 1500-1650pts as that'll be more achievable in the 3hrs we have to play on our games night.


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Vassal Batrep added.

the jeske

the jeske


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Was there some house rule in effect that you guys took so few psykers. Not everyone has to play a demon list , but to stop some summoning you need at least 10 extra power dice per turn.

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We're just getting the hang of the new rules, so the games were ultimately friendly ones.  Neither of us brought any Daemon Models, so neither of us had that side of things to worry about.  I may want to try the summoning rules at some point - A Crimson Slaughter Sorcerer being the character I'll use - but I doubt that I'll be spamming Horrors or Heralds any time soon.


The only reason I even took a Sorcerer in the 2nd list was to try it out in an actual game (I have tried "rolling it out" at home while watching TV, but the gaming table always differs, in my experience at least).


I doubt we'll need house rules as we have a common understanding that the games we play are supposed to be enjoyable affairs for both players.




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Once again, an enjoyable read as always. 

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