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[30k] From the Pit

MrBadweeds Horus Heresy log.

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Greetings B'n'C !


I'm not great at presentations, suffice to say im an old time lurker on these amazing forums where the collective work and spirit that you mad people bring to the Hobby has never ceased to inspire me. The goal of this log is thus twofold, first to present my ramblings and musings on the fantastic setting that is the Heresy, and secondly , without shame, to emulate the fantastic threads that pulled me towards opening this log.  ( I'm especially looking at you In Memoriam : The Day the Palace Fell tongue.png)


Now as to which Legion i will be working on, well, im not going to tell ...... yet, but i can already say that i plan to bring a whole new dimension to an existing Legio Astartes.


I've placed my Forgeworld orders yesterday so do not expect fast-paced updates for the moment. That said i have resin lying around, so we'll see biggrin.png .


I will try to bring to this thread a good deal of narrative, background and try to weave my ideas and characters into the Heresy Canvas, it is the first time i try to flesh out things like that, so your collective input is highly important to me. My first language is French, so the prose might need rectifications from time to time .


But enough of my ramblings, im not going to start a log without giving you something to chew on am i ?





" There will always be, on every given world and at any given time, a branch of the population that differs from the general demeanor of its inhabitants. More warlike, more violent. Made so by repetitive trials or societal elements. The Skiritae of Macragge are such an example, the Hill Folk of Nostramo or the Desert-born of Colchis another. Death Worlds ? Yes, one could say that they are an exception to that rule, for these planets they seem to breed hard traits in all their inhabitants. But they are oh so wrong.''


Kyril SIndermann, On Societies . M31



'' We come from the Pit ''


Unknown M31




The taste of ash was thick in his mouth. Smokes of it drifted all around him as he walked purposefully through them, clinging to his crimson frame and curling around the newborn horns and runes adorning his Maximus battle-plate,  caressing the branded mark of the gods on is pauldrons. He did not see much, yet he strode onwards.


He spat, trying to get rid of the acrid taste, and noticed the flickering red eyes set in humanoid forms ghosting in the ash-clouds, they were whispering at him, shadowing him. A grin parted his thin lips, reaching his eyes.


''Begone wraiths, you will find no prey here'' he mused aloud while lifting his Crozius. The weapon, a heavy war-scepter blessed by the curse-thralls of Erebus himself, seemed to glint in the non-existing sunlight. The wraiths withdrew, their whisperings fading, and the ash was just ash again.


The Apostle chuckled, the Neverborn had sensed his faith, and the power that it granted him. His hand strayed to a thick leather-bound tome hanging by his hip, and gently laid upon it. The Urizen had been right, the gods were real, this path was true, and truth brought power over all. He walked on.


The ash began to clear, curtain like, and the Apostle's green eyes fell upon the theater of war.


He walked through the dead streets of a corpse. The city's skeletal remains stretched for miles, dead fingers of scorched buildings reaching to a veiled sun. A gust of wind blew, defining a path through the carpet of ash. He walked on, with the crunching of his footsteps on the calcined earth his only companions.


The path led him to the central plaza of the ruined city, and there, the Apostle stopped. There was no ash here, it did not cover the scene before him. A grand mosaic unfolded at his feet. Warrior-kings armored in cobalt and armed with lightning fighting orks, settlers laying the foundation of a future corpse, and above it all, a great bicephal eagle holding an Ultima in his talons.


The Apostle breathed a sigh, and blinked. The mosaic glittered, and slowly took on a new form, the tiles snaked around him, and truth was revealed. Where they where blue, the giants were now clad in crimson, the settlers at their feet, pleading, crying, dying surrounded by darkness from which glittered red eyes. The Ultima was broken.


The Apostle smiled, the Omens where good.


In the shadows of the surrounding dead buildings, flames flickered.





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An auspicious start, good sir. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your Bearers of the Word, both in their written and plastic form!

We badge longgone


Calling all warriors of the XIIth Legion to share their knowledge in the



Tactica: World Eaters


DIY IA: The Nephilim


"Being ready is not what matters. What matters is winning after you get there."  (Lieutenant General Victor H. Krulak, USMC, April 1965.)




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 Hi there !


Thanks a lot for the kind words, but my resin offerings will not be Word Bearers, but a much more broken Legion. Some very small nods towards it are made in the first post, but im keeping the surprise for when i have an actual picture to show smile.png . I am going to try to put a setting first, then slowly integrate my toy soldiers in it, they will quite literally √álimb out of the Pit rolleyes.gif .


Im guessing i will try to post one or two more posts of background before mt order arrives, then pictures will follow !




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''A realm I saw,

 far from the sun,

On Nastrond it stands,

and the doors face north,

Venom drops through the smoke-vent down,

For around the walls do serpents wind.

I there saw wading

through rivers wild

treacherous gods

and murderers too,

And workers of ill

with the souls of men;

There Nithhogg sucked

the blood of the slain,

And roaring in anguish

his kin tore men.''










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Ooooh! Horus Heresy Salamanders! You don't see these often and I'm glad that this has changed somewhat with the arrival of your plog :) You're off to a good start painting and modeling-wise (haven't had the time to read the fluff yet). What's next?





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Cheers ! I wanted to do a savage Legion and my first choice was the Night Lords. It was actually one of 1000heathens's posts that i read while lurking that prompted a change. It was around the lines of '' Pissed off Salamander remnants out for blood''. I loved the idea, and il'be trying to bring a dark atmosphere to the XVIIIth, breaking with the ''most humane legion'' cliche. Most of my guys believe through and through that Vulkan is dead. And that belief unbounds the whole "tempered" aspect of the Sallies, leaving them raw, burnt, and quite pissed off.


Im having Exams right now, so updates might be erratic, but on the work bench are 40 tactical Legionaries, a Preator, a Contemptor and a whole bunch of consuls ;).




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Doing an army of post dropsite massacre Salamanders should lend itself to a lot of unique, characterful and distinct models.  I look forward to whatever comes out of this thread; it should be good!


I've started a twitch channel, you can find it here !




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I really like your background and story so far. Love the Salamanders, and your take on them sounds good smile.png.


EDIT: I recommend this plog - http://www.bolterand...es-of-the-ixth/

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