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Outside of the box

Liber Day Liber Successors Blood Angels resource topic

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     The Censer Bearers chapter come from an unknown founding. Records have been lost, be it willfully or otherwise, but the chapter is nothing less than devoted to their Primarch, Sanguinius, and the Blood Angels. Like other Blood Angels successor chapters the Censer Bearers have a robust Librarium. They believe that their salvation from The Flaw lies in their psychic prowess. It is not uncommon for even Chaplains and Captains to openly exhibit some amount of psychic ability during battle, be it moving and acting with unerring precision or loosing bolts of crimson lightning upon those who would stand before them.


     The chapter does have a Death Company, however they claim to possess the power to suppress the black rage and master it. Those who exhibit signs are brought before their brothers to take the Oath of Focused Rage. From this point on they understand they must fully give themselves to the Blood Wards, psyker-priests who accompany them at all times. The Blood Wards vigilantly ensure that their bothers maintain their sanity through both psychic incantations and prayers to Sanguinius.


     In battle the Death Company is an immoveable bastion of faith. They march forward laying down a fusillade of fire from their boltguns. They are unflinching under even the heaviest of weapons fire, showing not only their resilience, but unmatched discipline in their firing lines. The Blood Wards fill the role of both Chaplain and Librarian on the battlefield. Armed with force weaponry and carrying a Censer Angelus, they must continuously chant the incantations required to keep their brethren focused. A stark contrast to the to the Death Company, who remain silent save for the rage of their boltguns.


     None outside the chapter know that the unmatched control brought by these incantations have come with a terrible price. The Censer Bearers have succeeded in a measure of control over the physical bodies of those who take the Oath of Focused Rage but The Flaw continues to burn deep within their mind, searing their very being from the inside out. What is left would be unbridled psychic rage if not for the constant chorus of the Blood Ward. With his direction that rage imbues their boltguns and is made manifest with every shell fired.


     When a member of the Death Company inevitably falls in battle it is not always because they have finally succumbed to wounds caused by enemy fire, for nothing short of complete obliteration can stop them. Indeed, the Death Company of the Censer Bearers often times see multiple fields of war, destroying the foes of the Imperium under a hail of their own psychic rage until they simply burn out. A battered suit of power armor, the smoldering dust of their former selves retrieved by the Blood Ward to be blessed and placed within his Censer Angelus, so they may continue knowing war.




So this is what I came up with today. Rubric Death Company firing bolts of focused rage.

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Frater Antodeniel

Frater Antodeniel


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Here i come, and by my words, some the secrets of the Exsanguinators will be revealed to you, my fellow brothers.





The Exsanguinators are a successor chapter, one of those were the curse is the strongest. One that walk since millennia on a strange path, a hard and secret one.


An aloof chapter that lives shrouded in mystery and secrecy often acting on his own.



Few think are known about them, aside the fact that the curse is strong, equal only to that of the Flesh Tearers.


But, unlike the Flesh Tearers, the Exsanguinators first chapter masters have foresaw the dangers that endangered their chapter very existence in the future, and had taken radical measures to ensure their chapter a future. Their millenniums of hard works appear today has a success that only matched the shadow that the chapter bears.


Nowadays, the chapter has by far more sanguinary priest than any others Blood Angels chapter and many of them are rumored to be some of the best of the all adeptus astartes apothecary, possessing advanced biological knowledge. The chapter is also known for its disrespect of the Codex Astartes, since it field two scouts company, have twice the specialist normal number, and often choose the most brutal outcome instead of the safest codex strategy.


Those decisions and many more have helped the chapters to deal with the high rate of attrition it suffer, but for all the outsiders knows, there is far more things that are kept secrets, only to be shared with the most trusted brethren chapters, and, sometimes only in the direst need.


For all is known, only a few other Blood Angels successors are aware of the true nature that the curse have took within the Exsanguinators body and soul. Indeed the curse is one of the strongest of their brotherhood, but the form it takes is a special one, for their death company isn’t composed of madmen trapped into visions of the Horus Heresy, but of those brethren who have fall to the red thirst to a point that they do not feel anymore the need of blood, but the need of soul, for, at this point they have become relentless soulless murderer that only craves for the soul of their enemy’s to devour. Due to this fact, the Exsanguinators death company is one of the most dangerous to field and control, for, if their members are aware of themselves, their soul hunger blind them once in battle, a need that only increase through time until the point of no return when a brethren cannot be control, not even by the most strong willed chaplains, and must be executed outright, before he start to kill his owns.


The Slow descend to the Black Rage, which trap more than half of the chapter brother, have led to a permanent death company, where chaplains replace sergeants and on whom the reclusiarch hold the captain place. Possessing is own battle barge, this company is only deploy when the chapter act alone in secret operation, and for the worlds were this ill-omen dark vessel have come, no survivors have ever be found to spoke about what they fought.


However, the chapter most guarded secret is not their death company, but the Red thirst that every brother feels the tied grasp every time. A secret that is kept a great cost, for the mean that the Exsanguinators use is greater than the one that the Blood Drinkers used. Within the void fortress of the chapter, tens of thousands of serfs only lives to provide the constant flow of blood that the chapter need. Exsanguinated in the way humans milked an animal, they are carefully treated, but trapped into a kind of machinery that none of them can ever hope to escape, dying after a few years of constant drain. For this reason, the chapters have claim in M35 the dominion over the entire Sub-Sector of Orchilea, whom provides all of what the chapter need since, a testament of the wisdom of the past.


But even if they look to be favorised by fate, the Exsanguinators face the twilight of their existence, for theirs many secrets are ever harder to cover, and some have appears in recent time that brings as much hope as fear. Also, the war never more present since the xenos activity in the Orchilea Sub-Sector have increased to unparalled levels, threatening the very balance the chapter have establish in millennia, and if not enough, report of possible chaos warships presence have appears, without confirmation. All this events leading the chapter into a constant secret war within its own dominion and his borders, stretching the chapter forces like never before and facing a high rate of attrition. As call for help come from Baal, the chapter face an unbearable trial that will decide of its very future.



Have mercy for my english, since i'm quite sure their is a lot of error, but i tried my best on it. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day =).

Edited by Frater Antodeniel, 11 July 2015 - 02:37 PM.

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Just something I cooked up as this seemed quite good fun! Don't really know how to represent it in games terms though...


The Blood Guardians are unfaltering in their service to the Emperor, and will let nothing inhibit it. Even the Black Rage. The Black Rage is shunned amongst the Chapter and is as much of a foe to the Blood Guardians as any xenos scum. To them, it is a barrier between them and the Emperor, one that must be destroyed. The internal battle that plagues the sons of Sanguinius is aptly shown on the Chapter's armour: a combination of bright yellow and a deep, dark maroon splits the armour in half representing the Emperor's light and the darkness that seeks to undo them.

The Blood Guardians know that the Black Rage is induced by a vicious combat or battle fervour, thus their preferred tactic is overwhelming firepower and manoeuvrability. Each squad will lay down overlapping fields of fire, often ensuring a victory without the need of melee. In this way victims of the Black Rage are kept low.

But of course, some brethren do eventually fall to madness. For a Chapter so repelled by the Flaw, the treatment of fallen brothers is unexpected. Every Astarte in the ranks of the Chapter know the horrors faced by those who have fallen, and believe it is their duty to aid in any way possible, as they would wish others to do for them. Thus, when a Marine falls, he remains in his squad, and becomes the responsibility of his fellow squad-mates both on and off the field of battle. To mark him out, a black cross is painted on his armour. It is their duty to keep him under control and suppress the worst of the rage. Naturally different squads have different approaches, though restraining the victim is generally frowned upon.

By using this approach, the Chapter is able to limit the amount of marines that fall to the flaw, whilst providing each squad with a counter-attack shock option that can be employed if needs be.

Those that are less controllable in battle are transferred to the only assault units in the Chapter: the Sanguinary Guard. The Sanguinary Guard are all volunteers who make the sacrifice of potentially losing their mind to eternal damnation. Like other squads, usually only one or two Death Company will be assigned to a Sanguinary Guard squad, yet these are often granted the Emperor's Mercy after battle as they are normally too far gone.

The Chapter has a large number of Sanguinary Priests, all with the aim of finding a cure to the Black Rage. It is said that the Blood Guardians are pioneers in the research of such a cure, a claim that is completely understandable given their view on it.
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For those that missed it, there is now full write up for the Red Sentinels over in the Liber Astartes sub-forum.


Still need a few more entries from the rest of us before Olisredan writes another!


I appreciate the advertisement, brother, though the Red Sentinels are far from finished. ^_^ 

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Doctor Perils

Doctor Perils


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I hadn't understood this was still open. I haven't written this up properly yet, but I've envisioned the Death Company of the Crimson Cohort in sort of a special manner:


When the Crimson Host change their identities from Host to Cohort, they also change their battle doctrine from mainly an army of bikers to mainly a mechanized infantry force. Since their vehicle production facilities aren't advanced, they ask for the help of the Master of the Forge (or a similar High Ranking Techmarine) from the Blood Angels to ramp up their production capabilities. This guy agrees, but in return he requests his own military unit with which he can do what he wishes. The Cohort agrees in return, but they in fact try to cheat the techmarine, as they give him command of their Death Company.


Since, members of the Cohort's Death Company are always bought back to the chapter Forge, and "nursed" back to "health" with liberal use of augmetics and such, and so they carry on living and fighting when most other chapters would simply have executed them.


In terms of play I don't know how they would be used, but probably as Iron Hands or something. They could also have specialists within the Death Company, the Forge Master possibly giving them Centurion Suits for instance...



For the moment, I'm also inclined to make my Sanguinary Guards from the Host and the Cohort be the only marines to be authorised to fly, as they are the only ones pure enough to emulate Sanguinius: they would be the only units equipped with Jump Packs, and I've also wondered if it would be Sanguinary Guards that would fly Gunships and the like ?

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One thing for sure I'd do is a Sanguinary priest in an IH command squad. Tool then how you want for 4+ FNP, could be your DC perfectly.

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