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Index Astartes: Harvesters

Liber Challenges

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 Index Astartes: Harvesters
Chapter Name: 
  The genetic material used to found the Harvesters came from Ultramarine stock. The only variation in their Mechanicus tithes from base-stock is a slight acceleration in the actions of the Catalepsean node, leading to excessive wakefulness and agitation, although this is within tolerable limits.
  19th. M35
  Sons of Spite (renegade)
Chapter Origins:
  The Harvesters are a codex compliant chapter of the Astartes that operate from a fleet of spacecraft primarily in the northeastern region of the galaxy. The chapter began its life under the name "Angels Inevitable", but over time became known as the Harvesters. They claim descent from the Ultramarines legion, but their battle tactics have led many in the imperium to suspect a closer relationship to the Raven Guard or their successors. In truth, there may be some acuity to this, as during the initial founding of the chapter they were attached to a battle group led by the scions of Corax, leading to the Harvesters early development being influenced heavily by the infiltration and stealth tactics utilised by their allies.
The chapter's preferred battle tactics make extensive use of mass landings of scouts and recon elements who disrupt enemy deployments, conducting sabotage and assassination missions before pinpointing targets for the main assault by the rest of the chapter. They commonly deploy thunderhawks and stormravens for rapid insertion from orbit, and are rumoured to possess other less common fleet assets. The chapter however, have very few land based vehicles, their rapid assault tactics instead relying for fire support on drop pod deployment of dreadnoughts and devastators with substantial air cover from gunships of all types.
Chapter History:
  Founded as the "Angels Inevitable", the chapter were formed from Ultramarines geneseed and trained by a cadre from the Novamarines. For the first hundred years after their founding they were engaged in maintaining the shipping routes in the Gradis expanse as part of a battle fleet under command of the Raven Guard. Adapting quickly to the tactics and practices of the sons of Corax, the Angels Inevitable were discharged at the end of the campaign with honour. The commander of the battlegroup presented the chapter with a banner depicting a skull and scythe to represent the great reaping of the Imperium's foes that they had accomplished. Over the following centuries, they marched to war so often under this device that they became widely referred to as the Harvesters. Eventually, the chapter chose to incorporate the scythe device into their heraldry and adopted the name formally. 
The Harvesters have a distinguished combat record, with many victories against all manner of enemies. The only significant black mark against the chapter was an inquisitorial investigation in M38 when the seventh company under captain Nebril disappeared in suspicious circumstances following an unsuccessful campaign in the Geferit system. Rumours persist in some circles that they were destroyed by the Harvesters themselves, although for what reason is unknown. The instigator of the investigation, Inquisitor Dalex, was slain while investigating a suspected Alpha Legion cell a few years later.
In recent years, the Harvesters have fought hard for the imperium, most recently against the awakening threat of the Nakilekh necrons, whose tomb world was shattered by the chapter following a protracted space battle. They are currently attached to the Strike Fleet "Poseidon" in combat against the tyranid splinter fleet designated Hymir. 
Notable Characters:
   Relgard, Chapter Master. Hailed as the greatest warrior to lead the chapter in a thousand years, led the fleet in the operation to destroy the tomb world of the Nakilekh necrons. 
   Aptalos, Forgemaster. Master of the chapter's techmarines, Aptalos has served the harvesters for centuries and maintains their numerous dreadnoughts with consummate skill.
  The Penitents. The dozen Harvesters bearing the name of Penitents are a formation of vanguard veterans that wear highly stylised armour and bear ritual weapons. When a penitent falls in battle, his armour will be recovered by the chaplains of the chapter and bestowed upon a new owner, whose name will be recorded on the casualty lists. In this way the penitents are regarded as dead men, fighting eternally to atone for perceived losses of honour in past campaigns. They fight especially fiercely when the Harvesters encounter the chaos marines that call themselves the Sons of Spite.
Colour Scheme and Chapter Symbol:
  The Harvesters wear battleplate divided vertically between regal purple and gleaming black. Veterans of the chapter commonly paint their armour entirely black, reserving the purple for pauldrons and trim only. 
Furthermore, the chapter maintain an elite formation of vanguard veterans known as the Penitents, who replace the purple half of their armour with bright silver. 
The chapter symbol incorporates an hourglass with the sand almost depleted, representing the inevitable demise of their enemies. Since M37, they have included the motif of crossed scythes behind the hourglass device.

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