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Battle of the Bay 2015 - 40k - PE - SOUTH AFRICA - 12 & 13th

south africa warhammer 40k port elizabeth

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Battle of the Bay 2015 » 40k Tournament » Port Elizabeth
The time has come to fight for control of the South...
DATE: 12th & 13th December 2015
WHERE: 15 Newton Street, Newton Park, PE, South Africa
General tournament details:
» 1850 points 
» 7th ED
» Tournament WILL count towards National Rankings on Warhammer Generals
» No Unbound Armies
» A WYSIWYG army but conversions will be allowed as long as it does not add to any in game advantage and are within reason...
» Forgeworld models are allowed, only if the model's rules possess the OFFICIAL "40k" approved stamp...
» 6 Games ("best bang for your buck")
» Bring everything you need, dice, your codex, pen/pencil and anything else you will need in the course of regular play INCLUDING 3 objective markers
» A separate printed army list is required for the judges and each of your opponents
» All armies must be drawn from the latest version of their codex
» A codex must have been available for at least 30 calendar days to be legal for this tournament
> 1st - R1000 voucher  :thumbup: 
> 2nd - R500 voucher  :thumbup: 
> 3rd - R300 voucher  :thumbup: 
> The inaugural EC Warlords, Battle of the Bay Cup 2015 will be up for grabs, the tournament winner taking home the cup...and keeping it.  :thumbup:  
> Other prizes to be won are currently at the value of R3000 (we want to try and see if we can have everyone attending not to leave empty handed)  :thumbup: 
> Anyone driving from out of town has the chance to win one of two R200 petrol vouchers as well to help towards your petrol costs...
The tournament pack will be released soon...
» The Battle of the Bay 2015 will be split into 3 games on Saturday, 3 on Sunday
» Do your best to win, but win nicely
» Event T-shirts will also be available, if you are interested please let me know, price & design will be confirmed soon
Please email me on kewanvoysey @ hotmail . com if you would like to attend...
None of this would be possible without help from the following sponsors:
The Den (Port Elizabeth) - https://www.facebook...?ref=ts&fref=ts
A huge thank you goes out to Greg at Dark Aura, Mark at the Den, Jules from Durban and everyone helping out at EC Warlords...  
Facebook event page:
Club page:
Kewan Voysey
EC Warlords
Please email me on kewanvoysey @ hotmail . com




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looking to make the trip up.  rwar.

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