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Inspirational Friday: Timelines of Treachery

Inspirational Friday

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Inspirational Friday: Timelines of Treachery

Inspirational Friday has been running for years now here in the CSM forum and we have to date covered 83 topics. Many contributors, like myself, Carrack, Scourged, Teetengee and Warsmith Aznable (to name some of the most prolific) write their entries about the same warband, forging very long narratives.

As I have a tendency to jump around the timeline of the Psychopomps – my warband – I thought it would be advantageous (for both writers and readers) to have a companion thread to IF in which we could detail the chronology of our entries.


I will add a link in the first post of Inspirational Friday to this thread for convenience and, as/if members post their own timelines in this thread I’ll link to them in this first post.




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The timeline of the Psychopomps
Seeds Sown

The Hydra’s Fang

Chief Apothecary Podalir pt.2 - Temptation - The Stygian Guard fight Necrons on the Imperial nightworld of Golstadt.

Nantessi Insurrection – The Stygian Guard fight alongside the Black Templars against thralls of Enslavers.
Master of sanctity Angra leads Stygian forces alongside the Templars against Enslaver thralls
Purity of Purpose: Techmarine pilot Otathis, counselled by Angra
Schism I: Chaplain Dagoso preaches to a scout of the chapter

Cyprius III – The fall of the Stygian Guard.
Equerry: The fall of captain Viphic and the Bloody First
Interview with a Chaos sorcerer: Holusiax reborn
Chaos Assassin: Jinx
The fall of master of sanctity Angra and the corruption of the chapter
Schism II & III: Chaplain Dagoso at odds with the changes coming over the chapter
Purity of Purpose: Techmarine pilot Otathis’ falls to Chaos
Nemesis of Chaos

The Return to Fulcrum, homeworld of the Stygian Guard
The Promise of Apotheosis. The first spawn.
Belief. The changes which have come over the chapter.
The herald cometh – The Psychopomps are contacted by a messenger of their patron

Berolar XII – The Psychopomps, still under the guise of loyalty, fight alongside the Templars once more, but find their will tested.
Charon’s Obol
Inquisition Report on the Stygian Guard. The hammer must fall.

The Fall of Fulcrum – The Emperor’s Wrath
Nemesis of Chaos
Red sands, black lies. The corruption of the Stygian Guard geneseed is discovered
Zenelaius, awaiting reunion. The fall of the master of the forge.
The laughter of the mad: Tempestus Scions infiltrate the Stygian fortress monastery
The edification of the dead: master of sanctity Angra is shown the way
Aftermath: Interview with a warpsmith - Thenaros, student of Zenelaius
Forging the first Maulerfiend
Telling Tales

Tales of Vengeance – Dark apostle Angra unleashes the Erinyes upon his most hated foe.

A Stowaway – Psychopomp raiders get more than they bargained for when they encounter a rogue Angel.

Generoth Prime
A sermon – The fallen master of sanctity Angra turns a world against the Greater Good

War on Hodegetria IV
Profaned – The capture of Manu Imperatoris

Attack on Alceforge
Profaned – Manu Slaanesh is deployed

The reaping of Mesusid – attack upon the first maiden world of craftworld Carth-Lar
Interview with a Chaos Lord
Physes’ blade, a trophy of Mesusid
Aftermath: the Psychopomps and the Eldar of Carth-Lar
Aftermath: captain Dophesia receives the Icon of Excess

War on Phioria 7
The Battle at the Farm
Physes leads his raptors against Mentor Legion defending a vital bridge

The possession of brother Godebert
Adversity’s sweet milk – lord Sophusar’s daemonic steed, Agdistis

Satyameva Jayate – the tale of a daemon prince of Slaanesh

Blood on the shoulder of Orion: the Psychopomps face the Wolves of Fenris in an attempt to release great evil

Into The Eye
The Falx Horrificus

A Jinxed Mission
The assassin Jinx is called upon to execute a cult preacher before the Grey Knights can get to him in a test of her ability...and loyalty

Other's Concerns

The Chapel of the Host - Brother Anansi finds corruption within his own cult on the hive world of Neph VI.

From the Depths – The Psychopomps call upon daemons in a mercenary mission on Sylus V.

Showdown on Viarphia
Nemesis of Chaos
Price Paid – the Eldar pathfinder Elathrandiir during the battle. The fate of autarch Qarasion and chapter master Sophusar

The doom of Carth-Lar
Chaos Rites - The Fate of the Captive
Opening Moves – The Erinyes strike
The Psychopomps attack the craftworld in force
Trapped in the Webway - The Eldar counter attack.
The Doom of Carth-Lar – The return of lord Sophusar.

The Red Knight, Slave – the Psychopomps face a knight fallen to Khorne

Crystal and Flesh - The Psychopomps and the Scourged form an alliance
The Doom of Carth-Lar: Epilogue - The key to apotheosis revealed.
Chief Apothecary Podalir pt.1 - Curiosity
Chief Apothecary Podalir pt.3- Fall – Podalir sees beyond the veil and his loyalty is revealed.

The Last Son - Elathrandiir, Eldar pathfinder and survivor of the destruction of Carth-Lar, seeks vengeance for the loss of his craftworld.

Eibhir – maidenworld of Biel-Tan
Trinehorn Smutgrind, lesser daemon

Inquisition Report: Exalted Fecund Cult
Creation of a Noise Marine
Nal’eru of the Peris
Heraldry of the Stygian Guard and Psychopomps
Brother Anansi, cult fixer
Tactics of the Psychopomps
Credere Et Nulli, Sed Imperator – traitor titans
Lost in space
Obliterators – Gemini of Genocide
Q’tlah’itsu’aksho – daemonettes of Slaanesh
The Three Bears – a daemonic tale
Telling Tales - An envoy of the Black Legion calls upon the Psychopomps




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Oooh, Consider this post reserved for my entry.

Also, because time travels weirdly, I may create a hatchet order as well.

My Chaos WIP Thread (Bigger Pics and Foul Xenos offsite) Hall of Honour, My Storm Reavers (DIY SM Chapter) Story, My Chaos 7.5 Homebrew Codex Thread
In us burns a fire for vengeance that will only be quenched when we stand triumphant over the smoldering ruins of Terra. Our laughter on that day will haunt their survivors till the end of time. We will stride forth victorious through the shattered gates of their fortress, holding high aloft the defiled corpse of their rotting god as our prize.
Wulfkry, on 02 Jul 2013 - 3:38 PM, said: So an inquisitor is receiving SM implants using GK geneseed stolen off the fields of armageddon interesting..
Captain Semper, on 29 May 2015 - 4:10 AM, said: There is crazy and there is Teetengee crazy... ph34r.pngnuke.gif

Warsmith Aznable, on 30 Jan 2016 - 01:16 AM, said: 13. Teetengee wrote "Warp Born" and I won't even go into how disturbing the subject matter was.
The Psycho, on 26 Apr 2016 - 10:50 PM, said: That's either really disturbing or really cute, I haven't quite made up my mind yet.


I'm not dead, and I like 8th better than 7th.

Warsmith Aznable

Warsmith Aznable


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The 49th Grand Company during the Heresy and Scouring


Memories of Terra - Yes, the Warsmith was there


Betrayal - Bolverk becomes the Warsmith of the 49th Grand Company


A Call to Arms - Wherein our hero is visited by three: Mother, Maiden, and Crone



The 49th Grand Company before the invasion of Sicarus


Interview with a Chaos Lord - the first part of Irena the Searcher's story


Against the Tau - The Warsmith delivers an opinion on xenophilia


Chaos Sidekick - Brynhild the Jealous and a Khornate Terminator Lord have a duel


Berserker - Later


Geneseed - recruiting the dead


Tales of Chaos Glory - Braggar destroys a dreadnought


Relics of Chaos - Thegn Loptr's new boots


Summoning - Fabricator Volundr writes a treatise on Warp Engineering


Halloween Horror - How the fallen apothecary recruits for his squad


Against the Space Wolves - an epic duel between two tribalistic warriors


Interview with a Daemon Prince - Irena the Searcher returns


Lost in space and time - an unpolished idea


Lesser Daemons - Quartus gets lost. So very lost.


Chaos Flyers - descending to the planet to strike


Chaos Titans - The Grand Company's Dark Mechanicus allies do some grandstanding


Allies - Inquisitor Dashwood returns


Familiar - Three Ladies nursery rhyme



The Warsmith's Feud with the Dark Apostle and the Invasion of Sicarus


Replenishments - A feudal world story


Chaos Nemesis - Introducing Dark Apostle Harnak


Interview with a Dark Apostle - the Dark Apostle Harnak visits a feudal world


Tales of Hubris - about the Warsmith's (fourth) wife


Battles of the Space Marines - Random loyalist space marine is recruited into the 49th


Treadheads - Keller gets a tank


Opening moves - an unexpected party


Upon Cursed Wings - a beachhead is established on Sicarus


Campaign II - Assault - at the Dark Apostle's door


Campaign III - The Crucible - The Word Bearers are unleashed


Tales of Vengeance - Enusat the Blind seeks vengeance for the Iron Warriors invasion of Sicarus


Unit Champion - Sergeant Byrlindi looks for a place to die


Campaign IV - End Game - Izley'ci, Champion of the Word Bearers, witnesses the end of the Invasion of Sicarus



The 49th Grand Company during the 13th Black Crusade


Lateral Thinking - Warsmith Bolverk performs a task for his Primarch, but does it his way


The Mercy Song - Yannis, an ordinary fellow, meets an old friend of the Warsmith's



Stories not connected to the 49th Grand Company


Possessed - the story of Gideon, who is not feeling well


Tales of Honour - the Crimson and Blue tale


Tales of Dishonour - Brother Rifat's tale


Yours to Command - A Boy and his Rubricae

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Index of Inspiration Friday entries here.


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Yeah, I like this idea. Consider this space reserved for all things Scourged.





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I updated my post for the Psychopomps timeline now - it took a while!
I'm glad to see Warsmith Aznable has done his too :tu:




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This is pretty convenient. when I'm bored next I know where to come! :)

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