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Knights Cardinal - BA successor project thread

Primaris BA successors Space Marines

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++Message Begins++


From: Uraan Hask, Munitorum

To: Alvael von Muriax, Gvnr. Aegina Quintus


Request for aid acknowledged. Astartes designation Knights Cardinal. V company en route. Q. Iunius Scaevola commanding.

Thought for the Day: Take certainty in servitude, that you might not be free to doubt


++Message Ends++


So, like many a hobbyist, I recently acquired Dark Imperium (last Tuesday, to be precise). I split the box with a friend, and took the Primaris half, having long been a fan of truescaling and suchlike embiggening techniques. I decided, having mainly done small projects in the 31st Millennium, to go the whole hog and make a Primaris only successor chapter. The fact that I had a load of IX legion bits lying around decided the progenitor. Thus were born the Knights Cardinal, a fleet based chapter stuck deep in the Plague Wars (for now). They are named according to Roman conventions, but with different meanings, therefore the Praenomen (first one) indicates the Company, in this case 5th, the Nomen (middle one) marks him as belonging to one of the gens, or families, of the Chapter, which function almost like lodges, encouraging inter-company and inter-rank fraternisation, although Chapter rank determines one's position within the gens. The final name, the Cognomen, is the personal name, though this may alter over time, reflecting rank, position, or exploits. 


The assembly was really easy, the only issues being the conversion work on the Captain, clipping away existing shoulder pads  to replace them with BA ones, and basing the Inceptors in a way which didn't look like they would fall off their silly flying stands every time I attempted to transport them. As a recently graduated student, I have had a lot of free time to work on them, so this post will be something of an image dump, I'm afraid. More reasonably sized updates will follow, along with incredibly long silences.


So, here are the models, in various states of completion



Quintus Flavius Victorius (left) and Quintus Iunius Scaevola (who you have already seen)



Quintus Manius Caelestius and his Intercessors (completed)



Quintus Albius Venator (left) and Quintus Aemelius Bonosus and his Intercessors


Quintus Aurelius Domitianus and his Hellblasters



Quintus Albius Falconius and his Inceptors



And currently on the painting table, Quintus Julius Signifer (also the Hellblasters)


Thanks for reading rolleyesclean.gif

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Nice colours, the smattering of blood angels parts add character well too.




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Awesome job so far, really makes me wanna change my custom chapter to a primaris successor.

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Great stuff so far, lots of ideas for me to steal draw inspiration from

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Cheers guys, glad you like them. I can really recommend the Primaris models, really good fun to paint, and their design lends them to edge highlighting really easily. Polished off the Hellblasters today, and undercoated and basecoated the Inceptors.



Also tried out taking photos without directing a light at them, which gave a nicely moody, atmospheric feel. Still not sure which style I prefer, so if you have an opinion do not hesitate to share.




Captain Scaevola leads elements of the 5th company against heretic forces, unknown location, theorised Ultramar


Thanks for reading

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Churned out the Ancient, one of the Lieutenants, and the Inceptors.



Quintus Flavius Victorius (left) and Quintus Iulius Signifer. The sword armed Lieutenant was one of my favourite miniatures from the box, and while I like the minor conversion job I did on him, I would still like to assemble an out-of-the-box version sometime. The Ancient was a bit more effort to paint, I am forever torn between thinking banners are cool, and resenting them as impractical and a pain to paint. I didn't go all out, but I'm reasonably happy with the end result, including my first attempt at some form of Gothic script. The results can be best described as "fine when weathered to slight illegibility". Took some more photos from different angles, displaying the banner and the man properly.






And the Inceptors:


Quintus Albius Falconius and his Inceptors. These were initially the low point of the box for me, but they grew on me slowly, and once I had worked out a better way of mounting them than the stands included, I began to actively like them. The sergeant in particular benefits from having some form of solid contact with the base, giving him the classic "leaping off a spar" pose. I gave these guys Sanguiary Guard shoulder pads, as a flying unit I figure these will have some unofficial elite status among their brothers. It totally has nothing to do with not wanting to freehand any more heraldry, no matter how simple msn-wink.gif


Thanks for reading

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Not dead, just employed, albeit temporarily.


Moved home from University, this time for good, so I've lost my previous work station (table) and camera set up (those bits of card from Dark Imperium). I've also changed my mind on the look of the army, after reading this post from Apologist on his blog, in which he describes his vision of a Space Marine army as "lots of basic infantry, a fairly stripped-down hero, and guns over speed."


I have realised most of my hobby ideas come from reading Apologist's stuff, saying 'That seems about right', and then going and doing it. So while the basic troops remain unaffected, I've cut out most of the characters, and built a simpler, power armoured version of Scaevola, now demoted (fluff wise) to a Centurion (Lieutenant equivalent). I'm using a non-Primaris Captain statline, giving him roughly Lt stats with the Captain bonus and access to the whole armoury, rather than a bolt rifle and power sword. He is backed up by an Optio Primus (First Sergeant, using Primaris Lt stats). The rest of the army is basic infantry and a few Inceptors. Planned army list in spoiler tags, using the new Marine codex for the moment. Heresy I know, but given that this is supposed to be an all Primaris army, besides those who haven't got their implants (Scouts), are too dead for it to matter (dread), or are pretending not to be Primaris for tax purposes (Captain), I wouldn't be allowing myself any BA unique units anyway, and so there is no advantage to using the Index.



I also allowed myself to fall behind on fluff for this army, so expect more of that in future posts, whenever those are. I shall be delving deeper into the gens as well at some point. If the board really annoys me I'll post the table of gens listing all the marines in each family.


In the meantime, some fluff.


0213hrs, 288/999 M41

Trasimene Prime, Ultramar Subsector

Six Hours after Insertion

The Eastern Quarter was clear.  Centurion Scaevola picked his way across the battlefield, winds foul with rot tearing at the cloak which whipped at his legs. Two full companies had been deployed to the city of Cassander’s Landing, two Tribunes and their Centurions and Vexilarii. Scaevola had not heard from his Tribune in nearly four hours, thanks to the vox interference. Hopefully thanks to the interference. Tribune Abito had led the other half of the company, with Centurion Buteo and the company standard, to the Southern Quarter five hours ago. The last transmission indicated that he was heavily beset by the curious walking corpses deployed by the Archenemy to slow their advance, but these alone should not have troubled him. Beneath Scaevola’s boots, the bones of similar creatures were crushed to powder, their fragile bodies torn asunder by bolt and plasma. The only transhuman targets in the eastern quarter had been swiftly destroyed by Domitianus and his Hellblasters. Scaevola had been forging a path through the undead to fight the traitor’s champion even as the man was torn apart by a volley of plasma fire. He now paused by the fallen champion, examining the ancient warrior. Some servants of the Archenemy, Scaevola had observed, regained some humanity in death, snarling features calmed, mutated limbs stilled, showing echoes of the heroes of the Imperium they had once been. Not this one. What remained of the Astartes was still hideous, fleshy growths and tainted ceramite warring to protect the man beneath. A few fragments of scorched bone and horn were all that was left of its head, plasma being especially unkind to those who chose to go into battle without a helm. Scaevola turned away, leaving the great corpse slumped in a pool of foul blood and bile.


As he made to return to his men, clustered around the route back to the drop zone, he saw an icon flash on his visor. Blink-clicking an affirmative, he opened the channel to Scipio, master of the scouts attached to his demi-company.


               ‘Scipio. What is it?’


               ‘We have found the main concentration of the Heretic Astartes in the city, sir. They are in the southern quarter’


                ‘The Southern Quarter?’ Scaevola felt a twinge run through his gut. ‘Any sign of the tribune and his men? Any sign of the rest of the Fifth?’


                ‘Yes sir.’ Scipio’s voice remained level. ‘We’ve found them as well.’



Centurion Scaevola (new version)





Thanks for Reading!

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