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Tyranid tactics in 8th

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What? No general tactics thread here? That cannot be! tongue.png



This thread is for people to share wisdom, suggest new builds and synergies for units, and ask questions about tactics for Tyranid armies in 8th Edition. In time it would be great for us to create a community Tactica which would collect all of the information from this thread and present it in a clear, concise manner for all to consult and use.


The first things that caught my attention is the rules which encourage big units by granting bonuses to units with more than x models (Hail of Living Ammunition for Termagants, Hungering Swarm for Hormagaunts, and Flurry of Claws for Genestealers). These bonuses aren't game-breaking but they are definitely worth considering to improve the chances of your bigger units to hit their targets.


Something else I noticed is Scything Talons giving To Hit re-rolls of 1 in close combat... which basically means that you've got an 83% chance of hitting your opponent with this weapon when you equip a Tyranid Prime with them (for example). The only downside is the lack of AP modifier which makes me think I'd only use Scything Talons in two pairs just to have the extra attack on top of the re-roll bonus. If I'm going for a choppy/shooty Tyranid Prime, I think the Boneswords are a better option.


Anyway, that's it from me for the moment. Feel free to share any nuggets of wisdom that you have uncovered and/or ask any burning questions that you may have. thumbsup.gif

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Take a brood of 30 Termagants and support them with a Tervigon. Hide some Devourers in your Termagant brood, and remove the Fleshborer ones as casualties while having the Tervigon continually reinforce the unit. This allows your Termagant brood to reliably hold onto the Hail of Living Ammunition rule, and with the Devourers their damage potential is high, considering. In addition, the Tervigon provides synapse, psychic support and can potentially threaten away anything seeking to fight the Termagants. 

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