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EdT's Thread of Stuff- Now with the sound of Thunder...

Admech mechanicus tech-priest inq28 inquisition Sons of Horus thunder warriors unification

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Mr Yellow

Mr Yellow


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Those thunder warriors are looking awesome!




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So... a quick update from me as I appreciate this thread has been a little quiet lately.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes, at least. As I mentioned previously, I've been doing some thinking about how to link the Unification Wars stuff together, and have come up with the idea of doing a series of mini-vignettes linked by an overarching narrative. This lets me have some terrain fun as well!

Here's a quick preview of the first vignette (still WIP), in which an old man recieves a visitor. Who lives in a house like this?


More soon...

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Bjorn Firewalker

Bjorn Firewalker


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Is that supposed to be a section of a defensive trench? Or is that hut above ground?
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Reasons to use the Steel Crusaders ('Codex: Space Marines' supplement) or the Iron-hearted Angels ('Codex: Blood Angels' supplement): Because you think giving Sternguard Veterans a heavy bolter wtih special issue HEAVY BOLTER ammunition is ALMOST as much fun as shoehorning an Earthshaker cannon into a Land Raider.




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Man, the hut makes me think King Arthur and Sir Bedevere are going to show up looking for answers while on their quest for the Holy Grail.


In all seriousness that is a sweet vignette you've craft. It definitely has this sweet Mad Max feel to it.

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Black Legion: The Fire Rises

Dornian Heresy: Iron Hands Raiders

Alpha Legion: The Heads of the Hydra Strike

Emperor's Children: Cult of Golden Tears


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