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Getting Data from BS...XML Guru needed

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I am trying to get my hands on the Battle Scribe Data for all armies. My problem... I don't know Horus about XML. 


WHAT???? You ask...


I am working on a little DataBase and instead of doing my own labor intensive data gathering and entry, I figure Battle Scribe already has all of the data readily available. They do, it's open source, and available on GitHub. My problem; it is only accessible via XML and I know nothing about XML.


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is getting this data and putting it in a form I can use. lol. I'm looking for either excel or db if you are able to help, or point me in the right direction. I'm relatively sure it is an easy task for someone familiar with programming. IDK, maybe it has already been done and I am just ignorant of the data's location. Thank you!






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XML is a basic but capable way transfer data, and very standardised so even for a non-programmer it shouldn't be difficult to grasp how it works. I'm sure there are tutorials and code to be found on importing XML, but if that's still beyond your interest/time then you'll need to source more direct programming help - asking the coders working on the GitHub repo would be the best approach as they'd know the BS data best. Either way, this isn't the remit of the B&C.

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