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Skitarii Alpha HQ Conversion..?

Conversion skitarii ad mech

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I have a spare Enginseer figure, and I want a TPE to support my - but since I returned to 8e, all my models have been converted, and I don't want to break the streak.

How would you convert the Enginseer into a Skitarii Aloha in the old BL of an HQ figure? What weapns would you give him, and how would you justify the "counts as" compared to the TPE loadout? All I'm set on so far is a Vanguard head.




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Well, I can only tell you what I would do if I were you...

Vanguard Alpha

Ranger Alpha

Infiltrator Alpha

Supreme Command

The only exciting bits, I think are:
Vanguard is basically the tank-commander Skitarii torso on the spindly extra arms from the Kataphrons.

The Ranger, the simplest, is a modification of the Cybernetica Datasmith.

And the Infiltrator? Some Skitarii body bits, on Chaos Cultist legs.

So for converting the Tech Priest Enginseer, I think there are a couple of questions:
- how "big"? Because bits from Kataphrons can be glued on quite absurdly!
- count-as (grab gun & stubbedr on the Infiltrator) or WYSIWYG
- Omnissiah Axe, or "count as" weapons?

With that in place, keeping the torso & legs, but changing the head might work well. Getting some extra arms in there, either from the sicarian kits, other TPDs, off the servo arm, or something stranger still would all work.

But I also think simple is good. A Skitarii arm swap to let then hold the axe on the TPE model? Maybe chew out the head & backpack as well as the arms? All might work well.

And also have a thought to future conversions too.

If love to get a TPD on some Kataphron tracks, as well as using the Sicarian Ruststalker Princeps as the basis for a real Badass, with honking great axe.

Maybe even a proxy for Carl.

Though I've been fond of the idea that my True Carl proxy will be one Kastellan Robot Primogenitor.


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  • 373 posts
  • Location:Nottingham, UK
  • Faction: War Wolves
Nice conversions! I plan to change the head and backpack to make him fit in better with the line troops, so I think will need a 'counts as' to replace the servo arm and maybe the axe.
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