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[Fanmade] The Last Night Lord: A Horus Heresy Visual Novel

fanmade video game night lords horus heresy space marines warhammer 40k warhammer 30k fan fiction konrad curze chaos space marines

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Thousand Eyes

Thousand Eyes


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Well I know what I am doing later.

My B&C WIP Thread is this one (but more pictures generally end up on the blog).


Son of Carnelian

Son of Carnelian


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Well I know what I am doing later.


Thank you brother! Please tell me what you think.


Well, I crossed the 500 downloads mark, so I think it's safe to say I can do some thank you's now.


My brother Bluebelly1863 remains my greatest inspiration in this life. Without his enthusiasm for this crazy hobby, I would never have started on this journey. Fifteen years later and I still can't think of a better way to spend my free time. Here's to more battles in the future! 


Soldier of Dorn listened to my ideas late into the night and helped shaped much of The Last Night Lord. His perspective on the setting is unique and always valuable. I see in him the future of this board and this hobby. Keep an eye on that one. 


Obviously this entire game is a massive love-letter to AD-B's entire catalog. From the subject matter to the first-person narration, I owe so much to AD-B and his writings. (Please don't sue.) And if he ever does read this, I still want your thoughts on Zaraphiston!


Basically, all of the B&C deserves a thank you as well. You folks always bring me out of any hobby funk with fan fiction and project logs that get my brain firing again. Brother HeinrichJeffTibbettsMidnight RunnerIsengrinApologist, and too many others to name here all inspirations and I aspire to create as you do. Thank you. 


And lastly, Hyaenidae deserves my thanks. His models and writing are a constant source of guidance. When I feel lost in the hobby or in my writing or sometimes even out in the world, I ask myself what he would do. I was actually kind of hoping that this project could draw him back to the board upon release, but it seems like his exile is a permanent one. Until next winter then, brother. 


Ave Dominus Nox. 

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Oof wow I just saw this. Hit me right in the feels. Love you brother, you've been a hell of a role model my entire life! 

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