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=][= Invitation for the IXth: From Rage to Salvation is live

From Rage to Salvation From Rage to Salvation 2018 RTS RTS 18 Blood Angels painting event IXth Legion painting event

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For the attention of those who are collecting and painting the IXth Legion, there is currently an event in the Blood Angels sub-forum that you may be interested in. From Rage to Salvation is a casual painting competition with the focus on encouraging the Frater to finish those half-complete units in our collections, or to paint up something new to add to them. Perhaps you're working on something for the Blood Angels Legion right now; perhaps you've got a Blood Angels Legion project on hold and gathering dust; perhaps you've been looking for and excuse to paint those BaC and BoP boxes as reinforcements for the Blood Angels Legion in anticipation of the upcoming release(s)? Well, now is a good a time as any to resume or start them!

To enter, all you need is something available to Legion Astartes: Blood Angels and paint it up (or continue painting it up) in our Legion's colours and upon completion before 30th November 2018, there is an award lying in wait. For more information, either follow the link above or drop me a PM; we're certainly happy to have you should you be interested.

Looking forward to seeing more 30k stuff soon! thumbsup.gif

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