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The Iron and the Lion (Prologue pt. 2)

DIY Dark Angels Iron Lions

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Finally began this endeavor. I will be updating periodically with the next parts. 1st post will be info, and an intro to characters as they are presented. Please give critiques on how I can improve.
Legion of the Iron Lion
+Lord Vecdid, Master of the Legion
Chapter Master of the Legion of the Iron Lion, M36.XXX
+Lord Essax, Grand Arbiter
Master of Sanctity of the Legion of the Iron Lion
+High Oracle
Chief Librarian of the Legion of the Iron Lion
+The Legion Guard
Honor guard of the Master of the Legion

Forge World Crilia

+ Resplo Telfa, The Avant Garde

Magos Explorator



+The Shade of the Lion




Part 1


Part 2



Part 1:

WIP, to be linked.

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"Honor the Legion" - Warcry and Motto of the Legion of the Iron Lions.




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Prologue pt. 1:


“I see you have come to visit me once more, Shade of the Lion.” Vecdid said, looking towards the shadow creature in the corner of his chambers. “I wonder, what omen is it that you bring me this time?” The creature did not reply. Vecdid leaned forward on his throne, right elbow on the armrest, his chin tucked into his hand. He observed the shadow creature. It was small in stature and seemed to absorb all light. Its outline, shaking like fire. An aura of dread surrounded it, and Vecdid did not understand its existence. “Silence once again?”  The creature stood, its silhouette shaking. It began to move effortlessly along the perimeter of the chamber, as though it was gliding. Vecdid followed it with his eyes. It stopped before a shadow cast by his terminator plate. It moved closer to the armor and appeared to take interest in it, even laying a hand on it for a moment. The shaking silhouette turned and faced Vecdid. A voice spoke out as though it was 3 whispers, each heard both in mind and in body.


“What is the price of your duty?” Vecdid was surprised. In the 6 times the shadow had visited him, this was the first time it had spoken to him. 


“What is my duty, Shade of the Lion?


“Loyalty, but to whom is your loyalty, Master of the Legion?” Vecdid stood quickly. He balled his mechanical arm and raised it towards the shadow creature. Blood vessels began to swell across his body, the vascularity appearing like poorly healed scars. His two hearts beating faster, his temper quickly leaving him.


“To the Emperor of Mankind!” Vecdid asserted. “To the gene progenitor and to the Legion! To whom is – “


“The Legion,” hissed the whispers, cutting Vecdid off mid-sentence, “which legion?” The creature stepped into the shadow and faded from existence. Vecdid stood alone. He looked at his terminator armor and took a few paces towards it. It was an ornate suit of cataphractii plate passed to every Master of the Legion. No Master had ever been slain while wearing that suit into battle. The Armor of Liamane. Tall and heavy, its armor plates the color of stone. The left shoulder, colored red, a crux terminatus resting on it. Brown leather tassels hung from it. Adorning the ends of each tassel, a winged sword, made of bronze. The right shoulder, colored black, the sigil of the Legion of the Iron Lion resting on it. Brown leather tassels as well, each adorned with a silver 12-point cog. Bronze trim adorned the edges of the armor, polished to a mirror finish. On the right knee, a silver and bronze checkered pattern, and hanging from the back, a black cloak, to symbolize his ascension from Cohort Ferrum. On It, the Sigil of the Master of the Legion. On the chest, rested the Imperial Aquila, the feathers alternating in bronze and silver, and a scroll reading the Legions motto, “Honor the Legion”, in the clutches of the eagle.


“Honor the Legion.” whispered Vecdid as he ran his fingers across the scroll, “Which legion?”  Vecdid faced about and walked towards the doorway of his chambers. With a hiss, the doors opened, and the two Legion Guard posted at the entrance raised their spears and slowly lowered the blades to just above the ground, in salute. Vecdid returned the salute.


“Brothers,” Vecdid said, “Find the Grand Arbiter and the High Oracle. I must see them at once”


“Yes, Lord Vecdid” said the two astartes. Both spears were simultaneously raised and returned to the carry position. “Honor the Legion.”


“Honor the Legion, brothers.”

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"Honor the Legion" - Warcry and Motto of the Legion of the Iron Lions.




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Prologue pt. 2:

Incense fills the room, as the thurible hangs by its chain.  Wrapped around the hand of its wielder, the chain sways, persuading the thurible to swing to the cadence of the prayer. Held between the index and thumb, a rosary, beads of different sizes guiding the wielder in his spiritual journey.  Prayers of judgment and redemption, litanies of hate and contempt, petitions for blessings from the Master of Mankind and the Omnissiah. Laid out before the kneeling supplicant, a meter long black staff topped with the skull of the first Grand Arbiter, service studs denoting 230 years of service to the Legion. Engulfing the skull, a halo in the shape of the Omnissiah’s cog. Besides the staff, a black helmet with the visage of death. Red lenses stare back at the owner, in them, his reflection. Knelt at the altar, the black armored astartes moves his lips, but not a single sound leaves them.


“Traitors of the Legion, know who we are.  In my hands hangs the scale of justice, and you have been found wanting.

Traitors of the Lion, know me. Your days have been numbered, there is no escape for your kind.

Kinslayers, I am near. The hour of arbitration is at hand, confession is your salvation, death is your redemption.

Angels, I have arrived. Wrath and hate incarnate, your sins, as your flesh, will be splayed out before me. I will revel in your pain, and take joy in your suffering.

You are now in the clutches of the Arbiter.”


He opened his eyes and raised his head.  He opened the thurible, and snuffed the life from the incense. He stood and walked forwards towards the altar and opened the chest sitting on it. Spots cut out for all the components of the thurible revealed themselves to him. He carefully put every piece in its place and secured the lid of the chest. He pulled the rosary over his head and hung it around his neck. He returned to where he was knelt and retrieved the crozius arcanum and his helmet. He slung the crozius on his hip, and placed the helmet on his head. The red lenses bloomed with light as they powered on. One by one, he put all the candles in the chapel out, until not a single source of light besides his lenses was present. He made his way out of the chapel, and began to make his way to the sparring cages.

“Grand Arbiter!” He stopped, and turned to face those who had called him. The Legion Guard. The two astartes closed the distance and saluted with their spears, the arbiter returned the salute with a fist to his chest. “Grand Arbiter Essax, Lord Vecdid has requested Lord Aithak and yourself meet with him at once.” The face of death stared at the two astartes, unmoving. Essax turned to look down the direction he was heading, then back to the Legion Guard.

“Honor the Legion, brothers” Essax said as he began to make his way to Vecdid chambers.

“Honor the Legion Lord Essax” replied the two Legion Guard.

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"Honor the Legion" - Warcry and Motto of the Legion of the Iron Lions.

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