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Word Bearers army: assorted Cult Marines any good?

Word Bearers Rubric Marines Plague Marines Khorne Berzerkers Noise Marines

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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I'm building a Word Bearers army, and I'd like to know: does anyone take assorted Cult Marines (Rubrics, Noise Marines, 'Zerkers and Plague Marines) together as Elites options, do they synergize well and how do they play all together like that? The way I figure it, Rubrics and Plague Marines are the only two who fight for a role (tough power armor unit made for close assault) because Noise Marines are for bunker-busting and tankbusting (if I'm not mistaken) and 'Zerkers are for melee horde control. What's the different roles for each, really, and do they really play nice together for a fun, fluffy army that wants to do okay? Does literally anyone take all four at once? I'd like feedback if possible.

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Regarding your comment about Rubric and Plague Marines fighting for a role, they actually don't. Yes, they both seem like a tough power armor unit made for close assault, but their differences are subtle.


Plague Marines are close-assault, and are tough as all get-out, but in a different way to the Rubric Marines. Rubrics hold up better against mass low Damage (which typically means low Strength) weapons, while the Plague Marines are better against high Strength, unless they also come with high AP and high damage like Overcharged plasma guns (and they're very marginally worse against non-charged plasma guns). Unlike Rubrics, Plague Marines can be built as melee, with a wide assortment of good options that can have decent Damage and that boost your Strength (while allowing various re-rolls), and as such they're a good option if you want slightly weaker Berzerkers who aren't as Glass Cannon-y.


Rubrics, however, are best as objective campers by being difficult to remove (for everything besides plasma/heavy weapons) - while being able to fire off armour-melting shots and maybe a mortal wound now and again. They're only close-assault if you build them with the flamers. With the new Bolter rule, they're amazing objective campers. Plop them on an objective (preferably in cover), give them a Soulreaper Cannon, and watch them mulch your enemy's troops.


As to them working together, yes. You have one that's a DEDICATED MELEE unit (Berzerkers) one that's a DEDICATED RANGED (Rubrics) and two that are switch-hitters (Plague, Noise). You can have Rubrics and Noise Marines giving covering fire for Plague Marines and Berzerkers, or all three giving support for Berzerkers. Also note: you can swap out the Rubric Sorcerer's Smite for a Power from Dark Hereticus with the Chaos Familiar stratagem.

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