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Recent Game and How it went.

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I played my first game of 40k in about a year today. I used the Faith and Fury Rules as well as the most recent Chaos Marines Codex and Deamonkin Ritualists. It was a 2000 point game against Black Legion who brought an Allied Mortarion and Abaddon.  It went really well and I ended up winning. Below is a breakdown of the list I used and how the various units performed.




Dark Apostle with Apistle of Lorgar and Acolyte of the Dark Council. 

For prayers he had Illusory Supplication and Warpsight Plea. This guy was great he spent the battle baby sitting cultists and buffing a Sicarian's ranged attacks. Handing out a 5+ inv. save to cultists. He was super worth it.


Master of Possesion was my warlord with master of the union, Mefelic Tome.

For Powers he had Cursed Earth, Infernal Power and Possesion. This guy didn't do a whole lot beyond provide his warlord trait bonus which admittedly was a huge bonus. I don't think I got a single power of his off all game and he mostly stayed behind possessed marines buffing them.


Deamon Prince with Crown of the Blasphemer and Miasma of Pestilence.

I think this guy did the most by being a presence on the battle field. he hung around near my cultists essentially making them undesirable targets for a charge which worked out ok. He cast Miasma of the Storm Eagle a couple of times and gave his aura out to surounding units Never got into a fight though.


For my HQ I would say the Apostle was Awesome, I expected the Master of Possession to play more of a role but will say that Mater of the Union in a build like this is awesome.





3 Units of 15 Cultists with a Heavy Stubber. 


These guys were cheap held objectives and stuck around really well thanks the the Apostle bay sitter.




10 Possessed mark of Khorne.


These guys were the main payload and buff target of the Master of Possession and rode into battle with him 3 Mutilators and 2 Greater Possessed in a Storm Eagle. They did exactly what they needed to do. Got buffed and killed a Deamon Prince and 3 hellbrutes Abaddon and helped with a unit of Plague marines as well.


2 Greater Possessed. 


These Guys are beasts in combat and fought the same stuff as the possessed and polished it off. I'm not sure if having two was necessary but they are great.


3 Mutilators


These guys were the worst performing unit in my army they landed and charged a Helbrute and mananged to spend two round trying to kill it and then got wiped.Not impressed, would hve been better as more possessed. Thought them getting buffed would help but it didn't.


Sicarian battle tank. 2 side lascannons.


The Accelerator Autocannon is great enough said. Buffed with Warpsight plea this thing putt 14 wounds on Mortarion.


1 Contempt-or Dreadnought with Butcher Cannon.


I liked it. It drew fire and gave me another hard hitting multi role unit and it finished off Mortarion.


Fast Attack


2 Units of 5 Warp Talons


Deamon Keyword made these guys great. They deep struck and charged where they were needed and benefited from master of the union as well.


1 Leviathan Siege Dread with 2 CCW


This thing ran at Mortarion absorbed a lot of fire then died before it could hit anything, but it absorbed enoughth to e worked it.




Storm Eagle


Bare Bones cheapest I could get it. Main job was to deliver possessed and backup role was to kill infantry and it did both of those things well.




I liked the synergies in this army a lot and the overall power of CSM units is just fine. 



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Thanks for the writeup.

Yup, as you note you'd probably be better off dropping the Mutilators and getting more Possessed.

Also, I too have had games in which my Master of Possession's buffs have not gone off very much. But I've had many more games in which his buffs were very helpful indeed. So I encourage you to keep him.

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