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Order of the Emperor's Grace

WIP Adepta Sororitas Progress Log Sisters of Battle

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Well done!


Which Conviction and Sacred Rite(s) were you using?

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I went Valorous Heart for the ignore -1 AP, doubled with the imagifier for ignore -2, but it didnt come up too often suprisingly. The FNP was helpful though. 


I also went for, i think it's called Spirit of the Martyr, that allows you to shoot to fight on 5+ when the model is destroyed. This was really useful, helping to finish things off where we'd not quite managed it first time round etc. 


It's a good job it was a friendly game though, I forgot to roll for miracle dice at for a couple of rounds etc, but we just went back thankfully. 


They really are a fun army to play, I enjoyed it a lot. They feel so different to my Ultramarines (obviously), it just gives so many new challenges.

Armies: Ultramarines, Deathwatch, Custodes, Imperial Knights, Sisters.
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  • Location:Manchester, UK
  • Faction: Ultramarines, Deathwatch
So it’s been a very long time since I updated this log, apologise for the lack of update.

I have continued to add to the Sisters collection and now have a fairly sizeable force, ready for the next wave which should hopefully be announced today.

I have played a couple more games with the Sisters, but not as much as I would have liked given the COVID situation here in the UK. In only their 2nd outing I took on the new Death Guard and managed a victory. Unfortunately this was quite a while ago so I don’t remember many details.

More recently I managed to play only my 3rd game with the Sisters again vs the Emperors Children again. My list was as follows:

Canoness - warlord - blessed Blade & condemnor boltgun; relic - iron surplice, trait - impervious to pain (5+ FNP).
Canoness - chainsword and plasma pistol; relic - litany of faith, trait - beacon of faith

5 squads of 5 Sisters - 2 squads with 2 storm bolters, 1 squad with 2 meltas and 2 squads all with boltguns.

9 Arco-Flagellants
9 Repentia + Superior
Imagifier - tale of the stoic
Zephyrim - pennant
Celestians - 2 meltaguns, superior with maul and inferno pistol

Seraphim - 4 inferno pistols, 4 bolt pistols, plasmas pistol & chainsword on superior

Retributors - 4x Multi-Melta; Combi-melta on the superior
2x Exorcists with missile launchers

Immolator with flamers
2x Rhinos

I also took Ephreal Stern and Kyganil.

I took banners, attrition and engage while the EC took assassinate, engage and thin their ranks.

A few of the key moments in the game were:
- a rhino making a save in a 6 to survive a further turn, enabling me to keep my arch-flaggelants safe and box in his advance on my right flank.
- The Retributors killing a venom crawler, disco lord and a rhino in one turn (using the cherubs).
- chaos spawn killing my Immolator without much difficulty (never played these before they were good)
- warlord Canoness taking a charge from a chaos lord with the daemonic lightning claws relic. She managed to survive on a wound thanks to her relic and shrug. The Lord was then dispatched by he Celestian bodyguard.

It was quite a tight game points wise scores were as follows:

Turn 1: EC 0-6 Sisters
Turn 2: EC 21-20 Sisters
Turn 3: EC 46-34 Sisters
Turn 4: EC 49-50 Sisters
Turn 5: EC 59-75 Sisters

Really enjoying the Sisters and I’m looking forward to the new releases whenever they finally come round.
Armies: Ultramarines, Deathwatch, Custodes, Imperial Knights, Sisters.
For the Emperor!

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