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Index Traitoris: The Free Company of Gerald Asperwin Knox

traitor guard astra militarum

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The Free Company of Gerald Asperwin Knox

Song of The Knoxites

Hidden Content

Place of Origin: Quartum IV (near Armageddon)
Founded: M42
Headquarters: Nomadic Band, on board "The Undivided Wills" and other ships.
Also Known as: Free Builders, Fortifiers, Knoxites

  • Gerald Asperwin Knox: Founder and High Priest
  • Valentinian Kona: Head of Military Operations
  • Ida Semple: Captain of The Undivided Wills
  • Winthrope Hutchinson: Quartermaster General
  • Abuza Bethel: Speaker for Knox
  • "The Commissar:" Head General of Blue Company
  • Thelma Rainsborough: Leader of "The Greensfolk"
  • Lars Claxton: Leader of "The Violeteirs"
  • Spurgeion Everard: Head of "The Red Monarchy Men."

The Free Company of Gerard Asperwin Knox, is a group of Traitor Guardsmen who revolted from the Imperium during the Armageddon war. Under the leadership and ideology of its founder Gerard Asperwin Knox.


For the most part, the Company is structured in roughly the same shape as the imperial Guard. After all, the guard have known very little outside of the Astra Militarum to compare against, and neither Asperwin nor Abuzza have much interest in the Nuances of the organization. So while the Company writ large, resembles the Imperial Guard, with their ranks, and lines, and warsongs, the familiarity is deceiving. Much like an algae and grass filled pond can pass itself for solid ground, the comfort of familarity bellies a disgusting reality. All aspects of the former Guardsmen's lives have been reoriented towards the service of the chaos gods. From the human sacrifice by way of "the Gauntlet," to the pox and blight that infect the camps for the Rotfather's glory, to the fighting warbands for Khornes amusement.

The Four Cults:
Based on the original divisions created for worshipers of the "Four Wills of The Emperor" these cults eventually threw off their syncretist charade with each worshiping one of the Four Ruinous powers. These groups are considered to be small armies in of themselves. Each has its own particular way of choosing a representative who meets with the General Assembly. Members of the army are "Free to join" these cults, and the cults answer to Azuba Bethel rather than the military. It is not uncommon for spats between the Military "undivided" wing of Gerard's movement to come into conflict with Bethel's cultists. These cults are identified by the color of their banners.
The Redmen
What was originally "The Order of the Emperor's Ferocious Will," these are the Khornate worshipers of the Company.

The Greensfolk
"The Emperor's Peacekeepers" when founded. The order was perhaps the first founded, created by Abuza along with several other disillusioned Apothecaries and Hospitallers.

The Blue Company
The Blue Company never truly had an predecessor from the Guards days serving "The Emperor's Wills." Though one eventually formed right at the beginning of The Company's uprising. It was founded by The one now known as "The Commissar," along with his fellow Bullgryn revolters, pledging their fealty to Tzeentch in exchange for power and knowledge. The blue company is formed entirely by ogryns with non abhumans being lobotomized "slaves" for the Abhumans to bully as a reversal of fate.

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