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Chaos Warlord titan

3D print chaos titan warlord conversion

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First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong thread- but I wasn’t sure where else to post.

I would like to own a Warlord Titan. I have no qualms about buying one from FW, but Ugh. They only have loyalist versions and none improved by glorious chaos (like their reaverS and warhounds).

To this end, I have been looking at possible conversions to the FW warlord Titan. I think ideally, 3D printed armor plating would be perfect, but I haven’t found any templates online. Has anyone else managed to convert a warlord titan to chaos?

Please send pics or links.

Thank you!





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There's one in Crevette's Dark Mechanicum thread, although there's no short cuts, it's all putty sculpting

gallery_48988_15465_50871.pnggallery_48988_6285_19365.pnggallery_48988_15465_13594.png sml_gallery_48988_15094_4327.pngsml_gallery_48988_16045_3749.png sml_gallery_48988_16045_1076.png sml_gallery_48988_16053_7077.png gallery_48988_10069_385.png

Check out my current and past projects HERE Heralds of Devastation

Having a Hobby Clean-out, a bunch of stuff now on eBay

Giving Fiverr a go, model Painting, Assembly and Conversion Commissions available




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There's one in Crevette's Dark Mechanicum thread, although there's no short cuts, it's all putty sculpting

Yeah, Crevette is basically the one you want to look at for ideas for Chaos'ing up a Warlord.


(also: Thank you Grot, I remembered who it was about this, but could NOT for the life of me remember Crevette's user name :lol:)

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Because only a few hundred people (maaaaaybe a thousand) worldwide own resin 28mm Warlords - and they're individually numbered so it's not too hard to find out a rough estimate - the market segment for third party Chaos conversions is pretty small.  Because there are Chaos Reaver and Warhound kits it's logical to think that FW will produce a Chaos kit in the next few years themselves if they think the market exists but you'll likely be doing a lot of cutting, sculpting, and converting this yourself depending upon how far along the path to demonic possession you're looking to go.


Maybe invest first in an AT scale Warlord to flesh out some ideas at the smaller scale?  It's also a great game in its own right. 

Blame my iPhone for typos because I'm 95% on mobile.

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