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Giga-Killa Tank (Ork Superheavy Tank)

Orks Homebrew Vehicles

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  • Location:Italy
  • Faction: Imperial Knights


Among the many e bizarre weapons that can be found into Ork arsenals, the Giga-Killa Tank already gain fame despite being a recent addition. His creator Big Mek Blazzurb Da Kreative choose to design it after he witness the destruction of his own WAAAAGH! by the hand of Imperial Superheavy Tanks . After many failed attempts followed by a bit luck granted by Gork (or maybe Gork) , he get what he need to make experiments on it which lead to the creation of the Giga-Killa Tank after many years of trials, fatal accidents and a few units destroyed for various reasons. Since then the blueprints passed down from Mek to Mek and driven by many veteran tank crews which shown how powerful it could be.

A Titan is born (915.M41) - After he saw his Waaaagh! annihilated by Imperial superheavy tanks, Big Mek Blazzurb think about the creation of something similar for his kin.

The Titan Hunt  (915 - 917.M41) - Blazzurb assemble a war band made by Lootas and Meks to capture any superheavy tank. After two years his his mission is successfully completed after a Baneblade and a Shadowsword fell in his hands.

The Experiment Takes Form (915 - c.a 926.M41) -  The first Giga-Killa Tanks prototypes are tested during a war between Waaaaghs! showing the potential but also many flaws, especially against infantry, which are fixed until the tank is considered fit for combat.

To The Best Offering (post 926 - 932.M41) - Blazzurb travel around the Galaxy to sell his invention to many Warbosses. His death slows down the diffusion but not enough to see it spread almost in every Greenskin territory.

First Contacts (932.M41) - Around this date the Imperium make the first sightseeing, followed by Chaos and Xenos forces.

Strength Test (915 - 917.M41) - The Imperial Industrial World of Last Haven become the shooting range for a few Giga-Killa Tanks, which cause many damages to the industries and PDF.

Hunting The Colossi (933.M41) - Magos Reyas lead an expedition to obtain intel abouth the new Ork weapon and if possible seize one. The expedition obtains only many useful dats but the Mechanicus is anyway satisfied.

Attack On Titans (935.M41) - A consistent Imperial force made by Titans, Imperial Guards regiments and Space Marines is sent nearby Ultramar to destroy a Waaaagh! which employed a wall of Giga-Killa Tanks which inflict heavy casualties that forced the Imperials retreat after a fruitless campaign

Abominable Colossus (957.M41) - An Aeldari task force travel to Omhaset System to destroy a dangerous Chaos artifact; discovering that  shortly before it fell into Ork hands and turned into a Warp weapon, after have been built on a Giga Killa-Tank, that opens portal whom daemonic hordes poured out inflicting heavy casualties to the Aeldari forcing them to retreat but making, Orks happy for having found a new enemy to battle.

An Ace Emerges (bet. 970 - 975.M41) - An unnamed Trukk driver kills a Giga Killa-Tank and took over his place,fight many battles  eventually gaining the nickname of Tank Boss Da Annihilatur 

Tomb Raiding (989.M41) - A Necron World is razed to the ground by a Waaaagh! despite beign defend by a C'Tan shard which is destroy by the fire of five Giga Killa-Tanks

Devourers and Butchers (992.M41) - A tendril belonging to Hive Fleet Kraken is exterminated by a dozen of Giga Killa-Tanks shortly after the consumption of a planet. 

In Wrong Hands (Late M41) - Rumors claim that Giga Killa-Tanks blueprints have been acquired by Orkimedes, the infamous Big Mek of Ghazkull Thraka's retinue.


  Technical specifications

Notice: the following data are approximated due variation found between single units and as such are based on average estimation.

Weight: around 300 tons.

Lenght: 14-15 metres, in some cases up to 20.

Height: around 6,50 metres 

Height form ground: 1,20 - 1,25 metres

On road speed: 20 km/h, Evil Sunz and Goofs units can reach 30 with 35-40 peaks. Units with 'Eavy Armor can reach 20 as speed peak

Off road speed:  10 - 12 km/h, Evil Sunz  and Goffs can reach 20. Units with 'Eavy Armon can reach 10 as a a speed peak

Range: around 300 km in optimal conditions

Main Weapons: 1 Giga Zzap Kannon and 1 'Eavy Lobba built into hull

Secondary Weapons: 1 (3 with sponsons) pair of Shootas or Skorchas, 1 Autokannon, 2 Balstas if sponsons are present. Some units mount additional weapons of various types.

Traverse: 360° (main turret and weapons in upper sponson), 40 - 45° all other weapons

Inclination: from - 2° to 28-30°, some units have shown an higher inclination.

Weapons and equipment 


Giga Zzap Kannon: a heavier variant of Zzap Kannons that can be used to destroy vehicles or infantry according to the fire mode selected.

'Eavy Shoota

'Eavy Lobba: it is the Ork equivalent of Demolisher Cannon.

Rokkits: mounted on the main turret or upper hull.

Blasta: can be installed in the upper part of sponsons or in place of hull 'Eavy Shootas/Skorcha.

Autokannon: a crude copy of Baneblade coaxial autocannon.

Grot Cupola: it is used to improve aim.

Mek Kompartment: it is installed in the rear part allowing the Mek to repair the vehicle in safety.

'Eavy Armor: increased resistance at the expense of speed.


Klan variations

Bad Moonz: the main user due their high costs (estimated in many thousand of Teefs), they mount more weapons that any other Klan.

Blood Axes: used with a certain caution and covered with additional armor.

Deathskulls: covered in lucky charms, many of them are looted and modified by Meks rather than built.

Evil Sunz: painted in red and stripped down to minimal weaponry to make them even more faster

Goffs: modified to be more suited for melee combat than shooting. All units seen have Deff Rolla.




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  • Location:Italy
  • Faction: Imperial Knights

Da Rulez

Giga Killa-Tank Lord of War 380 points (excluding equipment)

Move *  BS *  WS 4+  Str 9   A*  W 26  Sv 3+


Wounds  Move    BS    A

26-14      10"       4      8

13 - 7      7"        5      6

6 -1             4"          6        4
Weapons and equipment 
Notice: the weapons without points or profile follow the rules and point cost form Orks rules

Giga Zzap Kannon 0 pts
When selected to shoot, one of the following profiles can be choose:

R 48"  Str 14   Ap -4  Dmg 6  Heavy 4
R 18"  Str  8    Ap -3 Dmg 2  Heavy 2D6

'Eavy Lobba 48 pts

R 24"  Str 10  Ap -4  Dmg 1D6  Heavy 3
- Can be replaced with a Shokk Attack Gun

Sponsons with a pair Heavy Shootas
- Can be equipped with a Blasta p.7 
- Heavy Shootas can be relaced by Skorchas

'Eavy Shoota (pintle-mounted) 

Rokkits (on rack)
Count as Rokkit Launcha


R 24"  Str 7   Ap -2  Dmg D3  Heavy 4
On Hit to Roll of 1 the bearer suffers 1 mortal wound

Autokannon 25 points

R 48"  Str 7   Ap -1  Dmg 2 Heavy 2

'Eavy Trakks

Deff Rolla

Mek Kompartment 12 points
At the begin of the turn the unit regains D3 wounds

Grot Cupola 15 points
Reroll Hit to Roll of 1 during Shooting Phase

'Eavy Armour 25 points
Add 1 to Save Rolls but reduce by 2" the Movement 

Kolossal Tanka
The unit can shoot with Heavy Weapons without HtR penalty and shoot and charge after it Fall Back.


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  • Location:Italy
  • Faction: Imperial Knights

Special Character: Tank Boss Da Annihilatur  

Tank Boss 
Da Annihilatur is one of the most famous GKT aces among the many existing around the galaxy. Originally nothing more than a Trukk driver for Goff Klan, he choose to drive one, no matter the cost, after he saw them in combat and got the chance to make his dream true during a battle with Aeldari after he killed in a duel the Boss Tank, secure the loyalty of the crew and throw the vehicle in the heat of the battle as steamroller destroying everything cross his path, including a Wraithknight, turning the tank into a twisted pile of junk and losing most of the crew in the process but he survived; make flinch the enemy and ispsiring his fellow Orks to counterattack winning the war.
That was only the beginning of his legends made by uncountable enemies destroyed and a least fifteen wrecked GKT and many crew dead or decimated; among the most many deeds he took part a few are notewhorty like having chase down and obliterated no less than four times an Alpha Legion warband leadership, destroyed a whole IG tank company and inflict heavy casualties to an Hive Fleet just crushing it. After the Fall of Cadia his whereabouts are largely unknown but it is speculated that he created a Mechawaaaagh! made by many tens of GKT.

Tank Boss Da Annihilatur  107 points

Notice: when not embarked on a GKT he counts as a Warboss with Sugga and Power Klaw with Proper Killy Warlord Trait. When embarked the trait is applied to the vehicle. The GKT on which he's embarked have all options.


Tanks Boss veteran: Add 1 to WS and BS
I'm da Boss! Diz are mah orders!
When embarked he can give to his GKT and other 2 of them within 6" one of the following orders:

You kannot hide!: ​all shooting attacks against Vehicles ignore cover penalties.

Burn'em!: you can reroll the number of attacks of Burnaz or Giga Zzap Kannon second shooting profile.

Krush'em: Add 3 to attack rolls until the end of combat phase.
Itz not over yet!
When the GKT whom he's embarked lost its last wound, you can choose an enemy unit within 6" and roll a dice: with a roll of 1 the nothing happened and the targeted unit is safe, with 2-3 it suffers D3 mortal wounds, with 4-5 it suffers D6 mortal wounds, with 6 it suffers 6 mortal wounds. 
After this roll has been made another one to see if the GKT explode, if did not Da Annihilatur can disembark but cannot use his skills and orders.
At the begin of the next turn he can embark on another GKT within 3" from his model.


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