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Word Bearers 2000 pts (9th ed)

Word Bearers Chaos

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Hi all, I've been thinking of re-starting my WB army for a while now and I've had a list in the works for a few weeks, so with the release of the new points values I've quickly readjusted it and here it is. I want the army to be fluffy and fit with the WB lore, but also be good enough to usually win friendly games. Thankfully I think the dark apostle, cultist horde, possessed and daemonic allies are all both fluffy and good in-game. 

Word Bearers Battalion Detachment – 1715 points, -2CP
Pre-Game Stratagems
Daemonkin Ritualists Specialist Detachment (-1CP)
Apostle of the Dark Council (-1CP)
Dark Apostle, Warlord (Master of the Union), Benediction of Darkness, Soultearer Portent - 80
Daemon Prince w/ 2x talons, intoxicating elixir, death hex – 165
Master of Possessions w/ Cursed Earth, Infernal Power – 95
10x Autogun Chaos Cultists – 60
10x Autogun Chaos Cultists – 60 
10x Autogun Chaos Cultists – 60
10x Autogun Chaos Cultists – 60
2x Dark Disciples - 10
8x Khorne Berserkers w/ chainaxes and icon of wrath – 154
1x Greater Possessed – 65
10x Possessed – 200
10x Possessed – 200
Heavy Support
5x Havocs w/ 4 chaincannons, chainaxe and boltgun on champion – 166
2x Obliterators – 210
Venomcrawler – 130
Slaanesh Daemons Patrol Detachment – 285 points, -2CP
Herald of Slaanesh w/ symphony of pain – 55
10x Daemonettes – 70
2x Fiends – 80
2x Fiends – 80
Total - 2000 points, 8CP
Everything except the berserkers has the mark of slaanesh, mainly so that daemon units can benefit from the herald's locus, but also to use endless cacophony on the havocs and oblits when necessary. Handily, the free slaanesh prayer for the apostle will allow him to keep up with the rest of the pack when they charge.  
The plan is fairly standard  - the possessed squads rush forwards with the HQs and the herald, all of them buffing each other and using stratagems that buff them even further - with the Slaanesh locus giving the ability to advance and charge, a turn 2 charge should be pretty much guaranteed. This should be enough to destroy the heart of most armies. The cultists and daemonettes sit on objectives and perform actions, and the havocs and oblits stay in the backfield and provide fire support (both of them can move and still shoot if necessary). The venomcrawler, berserkers and fiends are there mainly to provide target saturation and overwhelm the opposing army with melee units running towards them. The fiends have the added bonus of preventing falling back, locking units in combat with the possessed and ensuring they can't be shot at. With their high movement, if the herald advances far enough the fiends might still be in her aura to advance and charge, which means the potential to get in some first turn charges that that tie up key units (although I'm not banking on this). 
Feedback appreciated! I'm open to pretty much any changes so long as they fit the lore of the WB. Mainly, I'm not sure about my shooting capacity - the havocs are good at anti-horde and the oblits at anti-tank/heavy infantry, but having only one unit to deal with everything might be a bit risky. But I'm not really sure what else I could add or what to take away to pay for it (or if its even necessary). 

Edited by DiscipleOfTheWord, 15 July 2020 - 11:05 AM.

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